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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Requiem Lethera: Victim # 1

Requiem had leaned against the wall, swallowing thickly as she pressed herself against the hard wall surface and rested her cheek against it. Her heart was pounding hard, and her hair fell in her face as she was trying to get herself under control. She heard someone speak, calling out hello... it was a male's voice. She instantly sprinted to the metal door, grabbing the bars and looking out the small window as she looked around. She saw a boy sticking his head out across from her, her eyes growing wide.

She was about to speak before she saw another male walk over. He had dark hair, and she saw a glint in his eyes as he began to speak.

"Are you guys alright?" He said gently.

He leaned against the back wall where he was visible to both of the two people who where awake. "Im really sorry this happened to you, but I promise that I will make sure that he won't hurt you." Lies, all lies, but hey, he loved acting. "Oh, but you probably won't believe me... will you?" He quivered a little, biting his bottom lip like a small lost child. "Listen, I am truly sorry for this... if I could stop him, I would." He looked at their doors and at the boy who had peered his head out of the bars. "I am Mathew." He gave out his innocent smile again, this time, he put a bit of misery into it, so it looked as if he wanted out himself. "Is it alright if I ask yours?" His voice as well, sounded like a lost child, yet, it had a cruel tint to it if listened close enough to.

She had listened to his words, but she didn't dare speak... she just listened, her ears perked up in sharp pursuit as she stared at both of them... who was he? Why was he out of a cell? Did he work with... this other guy? She didn't hear any other sounds. She wasn't going to give her his name.... hopefully his attention would remain on the boy.

She jumped, letting out a small scream at the noise of a male's voice coming from behind her... but she looked up at the speaker in her room. It was coming from the ceiling, and she was hyperventilating from the scare it had given her. She saw her door slowly opened, and she could only lean her back against the wall as she closed her eyes, trying to get her chest to stop going up and down so hard.

She knew if she didn't follow the directions from the speaker, she's probably be dragged out... she should go with the flow for now, see what was going on. She looked down at her bandaged arm before her bare feet slowly walked across the hard floor and she made her way out of the cell, looking around. She saw a hallway that wasn't extremely long, and dim ceiling lights lit the way. She looked over at the male who had been standing outside, and she slowly slid past him, keeping herself against the wall as she walked down. She had tried to be as quiet as she could since he was standing closer to the other boy's cell.

As she made her way down the hallway, she looked around, trying to memorize any doors or exits she saw. She slowly made her way to the end of the hall and saw two wooden doors that were held open, and saw a large round room that was lit up more brightly then the cells and hall way. She slowly hid behind the wall, looking inside carefully and she saw five chairs in a circle; and her eyes moved over to a man sitting down in a leather chair... he looked about in his twenty's, but she couldn't completely see his face. But she did notice something interesting.... she saw items. A piano; a laptop... art supplies... it was interesting and curious, but creepy at the same time in a way.

She stayed hidden behind the wall, though someone could easily spot her. She was... scared. And skeptical. She didn't want to move.