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located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Character Portrait: Lola 'Lolly' Walker Character Portrait: Jason Walker "Roach" Character Portrait: Merc Character Portrait: Johanna 'Joey' Miller Character Portrait: Ae-Jin "Jin" Young Character Portrait: Derek "Gunner" Gunman Character Portrait: Jenni Starxx Character Portrait: Nicky Rhodes
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As the others went off. Ae-Jin was left with Nicky. Her feelings for him were growing stronger but she'd been holding back. He was a widower basically. It wasn't fair to either of them. "Are you sure you don't wanna go? It sounds fun?" She said. She would have liked to but she had to keep a clear head, school was starting soon. "Nah...clubs aren't my thing...besides, I have to stay back and keep my eye on the naughty babysitter." Nicky said and Ae-Jin just grinned. "You offering me a ride, Nicky?" She said cocking her head some. Mocking the accidental innuendo from a few days earlier. "Well, we can't take the bike out...but if you come over here I can probably find something almost as big for you to ride." He said with a smirk and Ae-Jin laughed. "Well aren't we cheeky?" She said. She knew she should bait him on like this but he was going to same to her. Was he ready for this? Maybe it was just harmless flirting? She thought that until Nicky moved just a bit closer, it almost look like he just shifted to get comfortable. She decided he'd stop her if he weren't ready. She bit the side of her lip before crawling over. She leaned in close, hesitating some but to hide it she looked up at him and whispered. "You better not be lying." Then softly pressed her lips against his. She was nervous at first but it eased when she realised he was kissing her back. His hands rose to her waist as the kiss got more and more intense. Pretty soon, Ae-Jin was on her back as Nicky hovered over her, her arms were around his neck as his hands went to her jeans. This was about to happen but guilt was weighing on her and it got even worse when Nicky stopped to look at her. "We can stop." she said, still breathless from the kiss. "If you aren't ready we can stop."