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located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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After a while of Lolly dancing around Jason, they took a break and she sat in his lap. She was glad she finally stopped running from this--him. She was able to enjoy herself with him now. Jason noticed her gaze. "Wow." He said. "What are you wowing about?" she asked expecting some cheeky response. "You haven't looked at me like that for a while...not since Mireya was born really." He said and she smiled. She was just admiring him is all but she wouldn't tell him that. "Oh it's nothing..." She said and leaned in. "I'm just trying to decide where my lips will be first." She said mischievously. "Does your dad know you talk like that." He said laughing. Before she could respond, Gunner sat down. Lolly actively ignored their conversation until Jason choose Remmy over Nicky. A red flag went off in her head. Something was wrong. The only person choose over Nicky...was Her. So what the hell was this?

Jenni practically kidnapped Gunner and Lolly looked at Jason. He sighed reading her thoughts. He was always good at that. "Before you say anything, all I'll say is this...I told you I'd tell you everything and I will. But, Just make sure befofe you ask that you really want to hear the answer." He said looking into her eyes. She knew what this was. He was unsure of something, it involved Nicky. She didn't have all of the pieces but regardless, she could put it together. He supspected Nicky of something. Of what she could be sure, apparently neither could he. She smiled at him softly. "You'll tell me when you've figured it out." She said quietly. Suprisingly enough, She wasn't in the least worried he wouldn't, a few weeks ago, she would have but now, she trusted Jason wholly, and she just knew he'd tell her, when the time was right.
"Lolly! Listen!" Joey called pointing up and Lolly grinned. It was one of her favorite songs. "In the meantime..." She said, slipping out of the booth and tugged on Jason's arms. If anyone ever wondered where Mireya got her energy from, There is was. Lolly could dance for hours and not tucker out. That always translated well for Jason.

Ae-Jin lay on Nicky's chest. That was truly amazing. It had been a good while for her but she'd moved like it hadn't been.
Still breathless, she smiled up at him."That was fun, You don't think we woke the neighbors?" She asked and Nicky remarked, saying something about HIM not waking up the neighbors. Ae-Jin give him a pound to the chest, before laying on his chest again. She wondered what this was. She wasn't one to hook up but at the same time, he'd seemed to be only just now moving on, She knew it would take some time for that so she decided she'd let come what may. Even though, deep down, she wanted more.