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located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Jenni and Gunner were dancing on the floor, mainly Gunner kinda just stood there and Jenni danced around him like he was her himan dancing pole. But Jenni loved just dancing, and Gunner enjoyed the way she worked her body against his so he wasn't going to say much to protest. After awhile Gunner told him he was going for a smoke, and she said she'd join him to keep him company. Gunner leaned against his Harley, holding Jenni as he had a cigarette. " the risk of ruining everything...what is all this?" Jenni asked him. "You mean, are you my Ol' Lady or not?" Gunner asked as Jenni nodded. "Well I'd probably fuck up any guy who tried to touch you" Gunner said with a grin, as Jenni giggled, taking that as a yes. "And you don't I do for a living?" she asked softly. "Baby, I'm an Outlaw...who the hell am I to judge somebody's career choices" he said with a grin as she laughed, "So guys gotta pay to watch you do your thing...I get it for free at home" Gunner said laughing. Jenni grinned, "Actually...I talked to Raymond, and I'm going to be doing just girl-on-girl videos're going to be the only guy I sleep with" she said with a grin, blushing a bit. "Can I join in some of those videos?" Gunner asked with a grin as Jenni punched his arm, she never thought she'd find a guy to accept her like Gunner did, and treat her like he did too.

As the night moved to the wee hours of the morning, the group got back on their bikes and headed back home. Jason realized how much looser and free everyone had been, he figured they'd have to do some more of these trips in the future, even if it was just Jason and Lolly. They stopped at a gas station to fill up. Jason said he was going to get some things inside and as usual Gunner tagged along. Jenni looked at Lolly with an odd look, she really liked Lolly and they got along good now, but she realized that Gunner's job was to protect Roach, and if needed, take a bullet for him. She'd lose her man so Lolly could keep hers. She wasn't really mad, or even upset...but it did give her an odd view of Lolly she realized. She jumped a little when Lolly asked her what was wrong. She figured it was best just to get it out there, so she took a deep breath.

"Well...I mean....I dunno....its just, I just realize Gunner, being the Sargeant and all, his job is to keep Roach alive and all. And I mean, it's just weird...thinking I could lose my you could keep yours" she said, she saw a look on Lolly's face, "'t get me wrong...I'm not mad or anything, really. It's just...I dunno...I mean it's the way it is. I dunno...I just figured I'd put it out there...I don't want there being anything between us....I mean with Maddy I've seen what that kind of shit can lead to" Jenni said. She sucked in some air a little, not really knowing how Lolly would react as she replied to Jenni.

After the pit stop the group was back on the road and headed home again. They rode back into town right around the time most people in the town were starting to wake up in the morning for their jobs.