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located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Character Portrait: Lola 'Lolly' Walker
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A few days had gone passed and Lolly's mind was reeling as she was out shopping with Baby Jack for the upcoming move to LA. For one, this whole Nicky thing. Why did Jason suspected him of anything? Jason wasn't the paranoid type so it was really rather strange. Second, Nicky and Ae-Jin, she wondered how Nicky was handling this. Her father never got with anyone else after her mother so it made her wonder. Also if it weren't for Nicky's punch to the gut reality check, she probably never would have forgiven Jason. Then Jenni, She was worried that Gunner would lay down his life for Jason, and she'd lose out. All the Ol' Ladies went through that. Lolly always feared one day she'd get that call but it was different because she never worried about Jason's life being traded for someone elses. She sighed as she strapped Jack in the carseat. "Vroom Vroom!" He cheered as he played with his toy Harley. Lolly smiled. She didn't want to think about that now. Not when she had her kids to think about.

She did want to ease her mind some though, so she decided to call up Nicky, to thank him and to see how he was doing. Ae-Jin seemed happy but she didn't lose a lover.

[To Nick:]
[Hey. If you aren't busy, come and meet me in the Square. I wanna talk to you about some stuff.]

With that, she shoved her phone in her pocket and put the groceries in the back. Jack cheered again. "Vroom Vroom!" Lolly looked up at him from behind the car. She smiled and giggled.


Just then a loud screech could be heard behind her and she turned around just as the grill of a Cadillac smashed her body up against the back of the truck. Lolly was slammed forward on the hood of the car and when it pulled back, she crumpled to the ground below. She was barely conscious as the driver stepped out of the car, walked right passed her and toward the car. Lolly heard Jack screaming but her legs wouldn't move. She couldn't even feel them. She tried dragging her self but it was fruitless. Jack's screams grew closer and Lolly looked up, just before she felt a boot to her head and everything went dark.