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Snippet #2424260

located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Character Portrait: Randall "Remmy" Hart Character Portrait: Madison "Maddy" Hart.
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Remmy came home to find Maddie standing in their living room, rocking a baby in her arms. He asked her what the hell was going on.
"Hi!" She said cheerfully as she bouncing the quietly sobbing little boy in her arms. "Momma." He whimpered. Maddie pouted. "I'm your momma now. How about Randell Junior? That's what will call you. RJ for short." She said happily. Remmy looked horrified when he realised who's child that was. He started barking at her, calling her crazy and anything else he could think up. "Shh, You'll scare RJ."
Remmy yelled at her, telling her that Jack Walker. JASON Walker's son. "Not anymore! He threw me down a hole, Made me leave you. I didn't want to. He made me, They made me, they took everything from me. But It's all better now because we have little RJ." She said tickling Jack's stomach, he was not amused. Then a thought occured to Remmy. He asked her how she got Jack. "RJ. He was in the car, all by himself while SHE was sleeping on the street. She's a horrible mother." She said rocking the weeping boy. "Momma, Momma. I want Momma." "I'm right here. RJ. I'm right here."
"MOMMA!" He screamed, scaring Maddie some. "Shush shush, or it's a time out, for you mister." Maddie said. Remmy stood in shock.Maddie had seriously gone crazy. He didn't know how to react. She turned Jack to Remmy."Say hi to Daddy. Hi Daddy." She said waving his hand at him. Jack pulled his hand away and began pulling on Maddie's hair hard and then yanked out an earring, splitting her ear lobe down the middle. Maddie yelped and handed him off to Remmy before running to the bathroom to clean her wound.

There Remmy was left with the baby, his wife, or whatever this girl was had just kidnapped, and wondering what had she done to Lolly?