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Snippet #2424311

located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Character Portrait: Lola 'Lolly' Walker Character Portrait: Jason Walker "Roach" Character Portrait: Randall "Remmy" Hart Character Portrait: Madison "Maddy" Hart. Character Portrait: Nicky Rhodes
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Nicky got to the square and couldn't find Lolly, but he saw her SUV. When he saw the back door open and nobody nearby he quickly rushed over, "Fuck" he muttered as he saw Lolly on the ground. "Lolly...Lolly...wake up" he said but she was out. He saw a dent on the SUV and could put two and two together, he quickly dialed 9-1-1 and gave their location. "Lolly...Lolly it's Nicky...Lolly" he said but she wouldn't wake up. Nicky called Jason's phone. "Yeah what's up?" Jason answered, seeing Nicky's number, "Go to the hospital right now...I just found Lolly in the square, don't know what happened but she's hurt, 9-1-1 is on their way, just meet us there" Nicky said. Jason's mind was spinning, "Okay...yeah...okay, is Jack hurt?" Jason asked. Nicky looked confused for a moment till he saw the back door and the car seat, "Jack's going to be okay" Nicky said. He knew Jason would freak out if he found out Jack was gone, at least in person Nicky least keep Jason somewhat calm, maybe not calm but at least in this orbit. Nicky then texted Gunner, "Lolly's hurt, get everyone to the hospital now" Nicky then waited as he heard the ambulance down the street. He then texted Ae-Jin, "Lolly's been hurt, keep the girls distracted till we know more". The girls were with her for some more tutoring sessions.

Jason's head was spinning, he hopped onto his bike and was flying to the hospital. He made it there in record time, and probably set a new record in traffic violations as well...maybe even a new personal best for him. Jason got to the hospital and saw some members already there, they told him they'd just pulled up but the ambulance wasn't here yet. Shortly after Jason arrived, Gunner's bike was roaring into the parking lot as well. "Boss, you need anything just say the word" he said, Jason nodded "yeah...I just need my wife in one piece" he mumbled as they went inside. They could hear the distant sound of sirens as they walked in.

Nicky rode with Lolly on the ambulance, her legs had been crushed it looked like by a vehicle of some sort. Nicky couldn't put it together, there was no beef between them and anyone at the moment, and to target the KOA President's Ol Lady and take his kid, that was a hand-written invitation to an all out war which made no sense either. As they rode Lolly's eyes fluttered open a moment, "Hey...don't worry, you're going to be fine" Nicky said. Lolly tried getting up, saying something about baby Jack. "Shhh don't worry, Jack is going to be okay" he said stroking her hair. She seemed to calm down a little, she said something else to Nicky, but before he could reply she had passed out again.


Remy got home and he saw Maddy in the living room, sitting with a baby. "Hi!" She said cheerfully as she bouncing the quietly sobbing little boy in her arms. "Momma." He whimpered. Maddie pouted. "I'm your momma now. How about Randell Junior? That's what will call you. RJ for short." She said happily. Remmy then saw the tiny size KOA shirt the boy was wearing, "holy shit Maddy" he cried out as he realized the baby in her arms was Jack Walker. "What are now officially a crazy ass bitch" Remmy shouted, "what the fucking hell are you thinking!" he shouted. "Shh, You'll scare RJ." "Are you on fucking drugs! That is JACK WALKER for shit's sake. That's Roach's kid...." he was shouting, "Not anymore! He threw me down a hole, Made me leave you. I didn't want to. He made me, They made me, they took everything from me. But It's all better now because we have little RJ.". "Okay...I don't probably even want to know this answer...but I'll ask it anyway. Where...HOW...did you get Jack?" he asked, knowing the answer wasn't going to be good no matter what. "RJ. He was in the car, all by himself while SHE was sleeping on the street. She's a horrible mother." She said rocking the weeping boy. "Momma, Momma. I want Momma." "I'm right here. RJ. I'm right here.
He screamed, scaring Maddie some. "Shush shush, or it's a time out, for you mister." Maddie said. Remmy stood in shock.Maddie had seriously gone crazy. He didn't know how to react. She turned Jack to Remmy. "Say hi to Daddy. Hi Daddy." She said waving his hand at him. Jack pulled his hand away and began pulling on Maddie's hair hard and then yanked out an earring, splitting her ear lobe down the middle. Maddie yelped and handed him off to Remmy before running to the bathroom to clean her wound.

As Remmy held Jack his cell phone went off, he check the text message, it was from Gunner "Lolly's hurt bad in hospital, everyone get there ASAP". Remmy shook his head, he knew this was Maddy "fuck what did you do" he muttered to himself. Jack was crying some more. "Hey's Uncle Remmy" he said in a soothing voice, Jack seemed to recognize Remmy's cut, recognizing it was the same as his dad wore, which seemed to calm him down, even as little as he was he seemed to realize that meant he was a safe person. " about we go for a ride and go find your dad huh?" he whispered to Jack. Remmy figured he'd play off Maddy's craziness, "Hey honey, I'm going to go go play outside, I think it'll cheer him up" he shouted, Maddy said something about knowing how this would make him happy, and that she'd be right out.

Remmy took the keys to his truck then walked out. He didn't have a baby car seat or anything, he knew it was probably bad, but he held Jack in his lap as they drove. "Vroom, vroom" Jack said as they drove off, Remmy grinned. He really did want a kid, especially a son...but he wanted HIS own, not one his crazy wife had kidnapped. "She should have just stayed away" he thought to himself as they drove.


Lolly was rushed in as Jason and everyone was told to wait in the waiting room. Jason then looked at Nicky "Where's Jack?" he asked. Nicky pulled him aside, "I....I don't know WHAT happened. Lolly texted me to meet her to talk...I got there...I found..." Jason cut him off, "Where's my kid Nick!" Jason snapped, Nicky paused, "I don't know....the car seat was empty" he said quietly. "You told me he was going to be okay!" Jason said grabbing Nicky and pinning him to the wall as the other members rushed to brreak it up. "You're fucking lying to me now!" Jason yelled. Gunner and Merc pulled Jason back as Fat Bobby got in front of Nicky to seperate them. "I wasn't lying...I just knew you'd freak out if you found out over the phone" Nicky shouted back. "So somebody took my son, is that it?" Jason said, almost shaking, Nicky didn't have an answer. "Why are you all still standing here...somebody go find who the fuck took my son!" Jason shouted, it was a ridiculous request as there were no leads, but nobody was dumb enough to question Roach right at the moment.

Just then Remmy walked in holding Jack. Jason rushed to him grabbing Jack holding him, "where'd you find him" Jason asked as Jack clinged to his dad's chest. Remmy looked around, he figured the story would get out anyway, "Maddy did all this...I got home and she was holding him like he was her kid...she's fucking lost it brother. I thought she was gone...I had no clue..." Remmy said, Jason and Nicky both looked at Remmy, "Maddy?" they asked. "Yeah she's gone Loonie Toons brother...she was blabbering about you throwing her down a hole and stuff...and I dunno...Jack seems fine, and....fuck bro, sorry about Lolly" Remmy said, he had no clue what else to say. "Thanks...for bringing him back" Jason said nodding as Remmy went to sit down.

Nicky pulled Jason aside, "I thought she got on a bus?" Nicky asked, "well she damn won't be now will she" Jason replied, "but I don't want to be mean to her right? I mean she did almost kill your fucking step-daughter and all...but hey let's just say it's water under the bridge right?" Jason said glaring back at Nicky. Nicky was a little thrown back, he realized trying to keep Maddy alive probably threw up major red flags for Jason. He didn't want to kill Maddy, but now he had no choice, if he tried to protest any type of hit on her now...he'd for sure be made, if Jason hadn't started suspecting him already. "Okay...I was wrong...look...we'll talk about this later" Nicky said, Jason nodded "yeah we will" he said as he sat down with Jack.

He had his son back now, now he just needed to have his wife back.