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located in Portland, OR, a part of KOA: The Return, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, OR



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Character Portrait: Lola 'Lolly' Walker Character Portrait: Jason Walker "Roach" Character Portrait: Madison "Maddy" Hart. Character Portrait: Nicky Rhodes
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Lolly was in and out of consciousness as she was taken into the ER. All she could remember was Nicky, Jack and not feeling her legs.

Whilst in the ambulance, she regained consciousness. "Jack, Where's Jack." She breathed but Nicky calmed her down. "Jack's gonna be fine." He told her and she lay back on the gerney. "My legs...Nick...I can't feel my legs..." She managed before falling back out.

Once in the hospital, Lolly blinked in and out again. "Jack..." She muttered as the doctors wheeled her into the operating room.

After a while, The doctor walked out to find the man that brought her in. He saw him with who he assumed with his brother as they looked alike. "Um Are you the husband?" The doctor asked Nicky. Jason answered quickly and somewhat defensive.
"Oh I'm sorry, Well, I'm not going to lie to you, Mr. Walker, She's still in critical right now. Her pelvic bone was crushed, there's internal bleeding and there's been some damage to her spinal cord..." He said and didn't know how to tell him the rest. "Mr. Walker, She'll live but even after surgery, she may never walk again." He said and swallowed afraid of the man's reaction. He didn't seem like the type to take bad news well.

Maddie walked out of the bathroom with a bandage on her ear but smiling. She walked outside. "Momma's all better R-" She looked around for Remmy and Jack by they were gone. "Remmy? RJ? Where'd you go?" She called and as she looked around her grin faded into a frown.

She sat in the middle of the yard, sobbing. Even Remmy was against her too.

Hours Later, Lolly was out of surgery and conscious but not all that lucid.

Jason offered to tell Lolly the news and was the first to see her. "Hi." Lolly said meekly, her voice was strained, her face brusied from slamming into the car's hood, her legs were in casts. She was a wreck.

Jason sat beside her. A frown crossed her features. "Jack." Jason told her he was fine and Lolly relaxed some but was quiet. Jason started to talk but Lolly- by mistake really, spoke his turn. "Where's Jason, Nick, I can't feel my legs. " She said softly. Jason laughed a little, she could hear the humorlessness in it. He told her he was Jason. Lolly narrowed her eyes, and her vision finally cleared. "I never thought you two looked alike until now." She said with a snicker. Jason was quiet."What's with the face?" She smiled softly. Jason took a breath and told her the news.

Lolly's eyes widened. "Never...Wa-" Jason quickly told her how they said she couldn't get pregnant. "But I can't feel my legs, Jason..." She said and started sobbing. "I can't feel my legs..." She said. This was devastating, she was a dancer, her legs were her life without that, she didn't know what she'd do. "Who took Jack?" She asked after a moment, Jason told her not to,worry about it. he was fine. "Whoever took Jack, took my legs too." She said bitterly. "Who took Jack?"