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"Please, this way. Don't shove!" Lo-muna called out sharply to the crowd of fleeing citizens as she directed them away from the approaching Tengus. She kept moving constantly, shouting orders, and redirected them whenever she foresaw them going into a Tengu's path. Her ears moved constantly, alert to the sounds of the enemies

Even if Fortune had been lying, that didn't mean there wouldn't be danger. Lo-muna could see that clearly and while the others distracted the Tengu, nearly all of them going on the attack rather than defense, she would deliver as many as she could to safety. There was plenty of room to hide in the forest nearby and cover to run across without being spotted. Lo-muna couldn't make sure they made it all the way, at least not alone, but it would have to do for now.

The sobbing of a small child distracted her and Lo-muna quickly turned around, a small child having tripped and scraped it's knee. She ran but was quickly intercepted by a Tengu who immediately went for her head. With a spin, she went to the side and leaped over to where the child was, quickly enveloping him in her arms. The air whooshed behind her and she could hear the Tengu's weapon strike the ground she had knelt on moments before. Another swing and Lo-muna jumped back yet again, the small child clutching her jacket and crying even louder from fear.

"Shh, shh," Lo-muna cooed to the child, trying to remain calm even as she had to avoid another strike. The bag was not an option since she didn't want to let go of the child, even for a second. Running would only make the Tengu switch opponents to the defenceless citizens. Seeing no other option, Lo-muna jumped as the Tengu began raising his weapon once more. She flew over his head and landed behind him. A swift roundhouse kick sent the Tengu flying and as soon as he landed, he would feel the weight of Lo-muna on his head. That, and the force of her jump and legs which would surely knock him out a the very least.

Lo-muna chuckled and turned her attention back to the citizens, a majority having been safely evacuated. Two stuck out however, trying to go against the mad rush and crying out a name. The child responded and within moments he was safely within his parent's arms again.

"Get moving!" Lo-muna shouted, already on the move for any other Tengu who got bright ideas.