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located in Woodbury, South Carolina, a part of The Claiming, one of the many universes on RPG.

Woodbury, South Carolina



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Remus Jaeger

Remmy was out in the garage, had been pretty much all morning, working on his bike. Considering how old his bike was and how well used over the years it wasn't surprising that there was always something to fix. His slick motorcycle was leaning to one side as Remmy sat crossed legged next to it. His mind almost completely on the bike, almost.

When he paused every now and then, and when his thoughts weren't on "tightening this, straightening that", they were focused on the boy he claimed, or rather was going to. He was trying to figure out what to say that wouldn't end up leaving his claimed absolutely terrified, it was hard considering that he had just kidnapped him

The two had met in town a couple months ago, at first it was mostly just bumping into each other as that's hard not to do in a town that size, but then Remmy had gone to the bookstore in need of a new copy of Hamlet. Not because his old copy was getting too worn, which it was, but because he had filled in the margins so much there wasn't any room for anymore thoughts. Overall Remmy has two copies of Hamlet; the first one filled with his initial reactions and the second filled with all the literary elements contained in the story, but he now felt he needed a third one to fill out his deeper thoughts on it. When he arrived in the bookstore he finally and officially met Benjamin Hall, the boy he had been running into for about a week.

First came the, "Can you point me to your Shakespeare section?", and then the two got to talking about the story as well as other works by Shakespeare. Remmy had been impressed by Ben from that talk and after that was when he had decided to claim him. Remmy was the kind of wolf whom liked to get to know the person he was going to claim before the kidnapping; he felt that it would help soften the shock of being kidnapped, or at least easier to talk to the person after the kidnapping. Develop some trust and hopefully even a friendship to have a base to build off of.

Of course after the initial meeting, Remmy tried to get Ben out of his shell little by little, and even though they weren't the best of friends, Remmy had felt that there was possibly enough trust to start his plan.

The tools Remmy was holding had stopped there work and the scraggly wolf found himself staring off into space. With a sigh of defeat he stood up and headed towards the kitchen to wash up and do a little more thinking before heading to Ben's room, situated strategically across from his, and explaining everything. Remmy had put this part of the claiming off for as long as he could, but now he knew he was pushing his time limit.

While in the kitchen Remmy ran into his Alpha, the two weren't particularly close so there wasn't really a big need to have too much small talk. Just a "Hey, how's work?" before quietly turning to washing his hand. When he felt clean enough, mostly just his hands and face the rest of his arms and shirt were still covered in biker grease, he grabbed a beer and soda and headed to second floor and the North side where Ben's room was. He knocked on the door twice trying to give a warning to Ben if he had waken up, before entering.

"Alright Hot shot time to get up," Remmy said, setting down the soda on the bedside table before sitting down in a chair across from the bed and cracking open his beer, "We need to talk, but take your time and ask any questions."

He took a swig of his beer, "I brought you a soda, figured it would help calm your nerves and your stomach if it's at all upset."