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located in New Orleans, a part of Dancing with Demons, one of the many universes on RPG.

New Orleans

Welcome home!


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Daliah, after answering the door for the last and final time, felt the need to give the speech she had been waiting twelve years to give. With the speech full of the hope and soul of Dimoni kind, was also sadness as it was something she had never wanted to speak in her life. If she never had to speak the speech, well, it would have meant that the war itself had never even occurred in the first place. What a blessing that would have been, on all nine of them and those fallen and past. She prayed for their souls every day. Making sure that everyone was counted for within the living room area, she checked around corners and such, only seeing a stray Tyler. Flicking her hand, she said "Come along, dear. You will want to hear this with the rest of us."

When everyone had gathered up within the wide, warm space of the living room, she began. "Let me start off by giving an apology." She sighed, her eyes resinating on Shiloh for a moment, the most angered of them all. "It was never my intention to hurt you, nor to make you lose touch with your own selves. It was only my intention to save all Dimoni kind from absolute genocide. The reason all eight of you had to be separated, was so that the pieces of the puzzle could not be so easily found and connected. I can almost garentee, if you all had been kept together, that you would not be alive despite your very best efforts." Daliah stopped momentarily, before making her way over to a hutch which lay next to the fire place, her black heels clacking on the wood floor. Opening up the latch, she pulled out a stack of pictures, before setting it on the coffee table in front of all of them. "Some of you, as I can see, remember who you are. Who you are bonded to. That you are Dimoni, but some of you may need memories jogged. I managed to salvage before utter wreckage some pictures from your homes. Family ones of when you where a child, pictures of your parents, or pictures of you and your bond mates. You are free to keep them. They belong to all of you."

Daliah gave them all a moment to look through them, before starting back up again. "Let me officially introduce you to your bond mates, for the last time. You all shall never be separated again." Walking up to Shiloh and Malakai, she gave a soft spoken smile. "I am very happy both of you remember each other. Malakai and Shiloh, you are a very strong pair." Moving towards Fletcher and Archer, she grinned. "Well, Fletcher and Archer, it's glad to see you two together again. I hope you continue to be as great of friends and bond pairs as I remember you as when you where toddlers." She made her way over to another pair, grabbing one of Azalea's hands softly, and one of Paytons. "You darlings, Azalea and Payton, are sisters by soul. You have a bond so kind and tender." she said joyfully, before moving along to the last of the two. "Now you, Ara and Tyler, are one of the happiest pairs I've seen, even as toddlers. Care for each other." She finished off, before moving back in front of all the four.

"Gathered here, we have Water," She said, gesturing a hand towards Stormy, "Fire," she smiled, gesturing towards Hale, "Wind," She spoke lightly, gesturing towards Malakai, "And earth." She grinned gesturing towards Azalea, so perfectly named after a flower. "All of you combined, complete the balance of the earth, and feed it with your light.". She continued along seamlessly, "Not only that, but we have some brilliant souls with some talented gifts. Tyler with your persuasion, Peyton with your blood manipulation, Shiloh with her necromancy, and Archer with his Telekenisis."

She was almost done with her spiel, and so she sat herself down on a lounger in the corner. "I do hope you all become reconnected and happy. But there is one thing I should tell you. The reason I gathered you all here, was because I came into attention of a threat from someone who recalls Dimoni, and doesn't believe they are all eradicated. I now, more then ever feel it safer for you to be under my watchful eye. You will all start high school tomorrow in your designated grades. You each will have someone you know in every one of your classes, so please watch out for each other. I just so conveniently happen to be principal of this school, so if you sense any sort of danger, please come to me immediately. Do you have any more question?" She finished off with, crossing her legs and smoothing out her skirt.