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Snippet #2554196

located in Johto, a part of Pokémon: Journey Through Johto, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jodi Dane Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: Rick Otto Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon Character Portrait: Alan Brook
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ImageNestled between two buildings was a rather makeshift little bit of shelter, something that resembled a fort that a child might make out of their blankets and chairs. This little 'fort' however was the real deal for inside rested young Rakaya, curled up under a blanket, sleeping peacefully well into the morning. Sleeping outside came with a few disadvantages, namely the lack of an alarm in this case. She had intended to get up early to meet up with her friends as today was the day they were to head out on their new adventure, but she hadn't been able to get to sleep on time thanks to her excitement and thus with no alarm but her body's internal one, she had overslept.

When the girl finally began to stir and realize what had happened a feeling of panic washed over her. "W-What time is it?!" She exclaimed to no one in particular, though her shouting finally caused Meringue, her Joltik, to bounce up awake in surprise at her sudden shout. The little bug began to stretch as Rakaya crawled hastily out from her shelter and looked up at the sky, she was most certainly late by now. "Uuugh... Mer-Mer you should've woken me up!" The Joltik only tilted his head curiously at Rakaya as she dove back into the shelter and began hastily picking things up and stuffing them away in her bag, she was going to have to leave most of her shelter behind but she would at least take one blanket and her pillow.

After double-checking and seeming satisfied that she had collected everything she needed she dug into her pack to retrieve some cheap looking pre-packaged cream puff, unwrapped it, and stuffed it into her mouth. From the same pocket she pulled a small helping of Pokechow and dropped it inside her large orange hat. "C'mon Meringue! Hop in, we'll have to eat on the move!" The small yellow bug chirped happily and leapt into Rakaya's hat before munching away at the meager bit of food, luckily he was quite small and didn't need to eat much. Rakaya gave a confident nod and slung her bag over her shoulders before picking the hat up and placing it atop her head, taking care that neither Meringue nor any food fell out in the process. With one final glance back at the old fort she took off out from the alley in a sprint.

The run wasn't a long one but, Rakaya never was an athlete. Her legs burned in protest of the uncommon exertion and her chest heaved in an attempt to catch up on breath as she continued to run down the dirt road towards their meeting spot. After what felt like an eternity she finally spotted her four friends standing off in the distance waiting for her. She knew they wouldn't leave her behind but she felt relieved nonetheless. As this relief washed over her she slowed from her run to a walk and reached an arm up high in the air and waved towards the four others, she wanted to shout to them but something told her that would be impossible in her current state.

Sweaty and still out of breath she finally arrived amongst the group and came to a stop before leaning forward, hands resting on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. From under her hat peaked a curious looking Joltik, its four blue eyes scanning over the group of people and Pokemon alike before giving a curt "Jolt." in greeting. Rakaya followed up after recovering somewhat and finally standing up straight, "S-Sorry I'm late guys..." She spoke between breaths and opened her eyes, smiling lightly at the group before her. "I don't suppose any of you has some water you'd be willing to share? Heh..." She rubbed the back of her neck nervously but smiled regardless. It was only now that she had finally finished panicking and rushing the gravity of this day fully dawned on her. It was another important day in her life and she knew not what awaited her, normally such a thought or feeling would leave her anxious but she felt comforted in the presence of the four friends that stood before her. They could all rely on one another so something told her that everything would be alright.