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Snippet #2554220

located in Johto, a part of Pokémon: Journey Through Johto, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Jodi Dane Character Portrait: Rakaya Lavier Character Portrait: Rick Otto Character Portrait: Lila Sheldon Character Portrait: Alan Brook
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Jodi was fiddling with the strap of her backpack when Rick had come tumbling down the rode. She grinned at the sight of her friend while Ty looked on a bit curious. 'Hey Rick! I'm suprised you got here before anyone else. Expect me of course.' There was a light playfulness in her voice but it wasn't a lie Jodi had gotten there very early. Despite her many efforts to explain she was a very mature person, Jodi's young nature seemed to explode at the moment. True she felt a bit quilty, like her being the youngest was keeping her friends from leaving earlier, but right now that thought didn't come to mind.

By now Rick had joined Jodi on the ground and Ty had stumbled from her lap. Without any hesitation he leaped into Rick's lap and poked his stomach. After making sure the boy knew he was there Ty glanced up at Jug. His back burst into flames for a moment. 'Cynda!' The flames slowly dwindled and with a confident nod that he showed the fellow Pokémon he wasn't to be messed with he jumped back to Jodi's lap. She chuckled and patted his head. 'Ty don't be rude to Jug.' She turned to Rick with an amused but apologetic smile. 'I'll introduce him once everyone else gets here okay?'

Lila came next and at once gushed over Ty. He puffed his chest out proudly and Jodi rolled her eyes. 'Hey Lila. Others will be here soon I'm sure.' Her voice sounded even as she adressed her friend but there was an excited of impatient glint in her eyes.

To Jodi's suprise Alan was the next one to walk down the rode. He greeted them in his normal Alanish way and Munchlax sent his own greeting to the other Pokémon before his eyes found Ty. The Pokémon sounded excited upon seeing him and Ty bounded from Jodi's lap. 'Cynda! Cyndaquil!' He hopped around Alan clearly ready to met a Pokémon excited as he was. 'Wow Alan, you're here early,' She teased before glancing down the rode. 'She probably overlsept. Rakaya will show up soon.'

True to her word the hat wearer almost skidded into view. Once reaching the four of them she doubled over to catch her breath. Ty eyed her warily and his flames puffed up for a moment at seeing the Joltik peek from under her hat. While his flames died down Jodi rummage trough her backpack before she let out a triumphant whoop. 'Here!' She tossed the cold water bottle to the gasping girl. 'Don't exert yourself Rakaya.'

With all her friends present Jodi stood and grinned out at all of them. 'Well everyone, here we are. Before we get started I'd like to introduce someone.' She scooped up the Cyndaquil who was still watching Meringue and held him out. Seemingly forgetting the other Pokémon he puffed out his chest yet again and let out a loud cry. 'Friends! This is Ty!' Enjoying the spotlight Ty jumped to Jodi's shoulder and let out a, 'Cyndaquil! Quil! Quil! Cynda!' Both trainer and Pokémon grinned happily and Jodi pointed a finger at each of them. 'That right! I'm no longer the only one without a Pokémon! And Ty and I will be the best!' Ty nodded, clearly agreeing and Jodi clapped her hands. 'Now....shall we proceed?'