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located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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I promise to intervene divinely

Season: Dry | Weather: Cool | Location(s): Anywhere and Everywhere | Event: N/A.

In the jungle. The mighty jungle, Long Tale slept tonight. Or not, depending on the cat. Today has been the most spontaneous in a very long time. Nevaeh, the last remaining Zorlin descendent, has decided to break tradition. And set forth in a new era. One of the first new members of this new era was Kanta. A leopard that had the whole pride running around circles. Even Nina got worked up. However for different reasons.

The sun disappeared behind the horizon. The moon could finally show half of it's face. The stars twinkled over their favorite pride. Herds of beast started becoming still, hoping that the predators were resting tonight. Babes of all kinds cuddled close to their mothers. While the true nocturnal creatures awaken and enjoyed the comfort darkness brought.

It was night.

Who would sleep?

Who would stir?

Who would fight?