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Snippet #2676487

located in Meg & May's House of Wonders, a part of Mundus alter || Remake, one of the many universes on RPG.

Meg & May's House of Wonders

Meeting hall of the six riders. Also the place the six beasts are reincarnated in.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Meg & May Character Portrait: Amir Taheri Character Portrait: Trytheus Morrela Character Portrait: Enyo Custos Character Portrait: Dae Valen Character Portrait: Jilpryis Isaara
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It took Trytheus a moment to compose himself. Of course that northern wildling would defend the desert rat, seeing as they both seemed so eager to rush towards each other thinking without their brains. Both of them held an insufferable sense of self righteousness, as if their positions as Riders was simply enough for them to cast judgement upon him. Him! The eldest living Rider and easily the most experienced in such matters of blame and the undertaking of orders, were they sworn to vows? Were they bound to the people as they were to their beasts? He had no shadow of a doubt if they were both to swear any form of vow their attitude would turn around far quicker than any words he could try to drill into their thick skulls.

He slowly sat back down, it was evident that starting a fight was the least important matter to be addressed here. These new Riders were the anomalies that were certainly the priority. Still, he glared at Amir and his stupid grin that looked all too like he had been struck in the nether-regions. If looks could kill it was fairly certain to assume that Trytheus's look could melt stone. He focused on his breathing, long and slow, in an attempt to resume some form of decorum.

These new Riders, if they could really be called as such, were a pressing issue to say the least. If they were given their beasts fully fledged and they themselves having already lived lives outside of the cycle, then what did that mean for their next lives? Had the rules been altered so they no longer are reincarnated to newborn children? Was this the end of the age of Riders as they knew it? What would come of the kingdoms if every few years a fully grown Rider was able to take control? Doubtless war and anarchy would be the result. And who could say how many countless would die from the resulting strife?

His attention was brought back to the Riders as one of them spoke, the one calling herself Jilpryis. It seemed indeed that Serafina was truly gone and was not returning. It was a sad thing to be sure, but in the end it was inevitable for their lives to die and be replaced. Even he had died in a sense to become Trytheus. The Pegasus-Rider was attempting to approach this from a position of logic and reason, it was clear that her presence was not one of malicious nature. Yet she also understood so little about their own natures. Did it really mean so little that she was replacing another person? Yet he realised he couldn't comprehend what it must be to replace the one before you with an entirely new person. He never had to endure that internal conflict.

It was the other one however, this Enyo, was a polar opposite. She spoke with arrogance and acted as though she, an outsider, was deserving of some form of special treatment. As though her presence was something to be worshipped and respected just by virtue of her being here. Once more he felt his irritation rising, and almost disgust at the disrespect these half Riders were showing. What did she know of showing respect? To act as if she was deserving the same levels of solidarity as a trueborn Rider was an insult of the lives that had come before her. Could they even be considered a part of the cycle if they were not even born to it.

And surprisingly out of the chances in the world, it seemed Amir also shared in his sensibilities. The fact the boy had managed to think of these thoughts without any prompting from himself only reinforced his own standpoint. His listened to Amirs angry rant, agreeing with the message behind it, if not with the words themselves, and he was about to voice his support when Amir was forced into his seat once more. He blinked in surprise as the Ladies Gemini held down the boy, he had not even seen the pair move and it was evident that they possessed great strength. If they were the danger that sought them harm he knew even more than before he would have to watch his words now.

"As utterly deplorable as the boy is. I am forced to agree with him." He turned his head to look at the half Riders, his muddy brown eyes switching from first one, then to the other. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Trytheus Morrela, the three hundred and thirty second incarnation to hold that name. Let tell you about choice. We three Riders, Amir, Dae and I, were born to this role. You two were simply given it at a whim, having already led a life as a freeborn. We did not have that luxury. You have led lives without a purpose. Without the duty of a Rider to defend your people. You have been one of our number a few scant days and act as though you should know what that even means." He kept his voice calm and steady, well aware that he was being watched by more than just Riders.

"The fact of the matter is you are mistakes, accidents in the cycle of rebirth. In the time I was made to endure in the presence of Amir, I learned that although he could do a far better job of it, he has spent his life combating banditry and outlaws in one aspect or another. I have lived my life sworn to vows of servitude to the people and to the Order. If you think yourself something special for being born a Rider, or that you are deserving recognition for the fact allow me to educate you on how the cycle of the Griffon-Rider works. I was not born under the name Trytheus, indeed I do not even remember my birth name. I gave up all semblance of choice, all illusions of leading my own life free of the difficulties of doing the good and right thing. Understand that none of us wished to be born to our paths, indeed how could we even wish to be born at all? Yet you have had the freedom of lives we have not, and could not have. You are errors, and will be given respect once you have proven yourself worthy of it." He looked up at the Ladies Gemini, aware they were still watching him with that unworldly grin. He attention shifted down to Amir, hopefully the boy didn't start getting attached to him now that he was being sided with, before he turned his gaze back to the outsiders "You may indeed be welcome here. But you are not Riders born and made. You have no more authority over us or your beasts than a stablehand his lords warhorse."