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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere's a place for us,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSomewhere a place for us.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPeace and quiet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWait for us, somewhere


Chloe giggled lightly when James mentioned that they shouldnt, well couldn’t, rush into it. Chloe, and her family, wasn’t one to think things through or to plan before they did something, most of the time just rushing in and making it up as they go. So it made sense that James would want to think and plan it out. Plus he did mention that he still had things to do. In all honestly and theory, it would be easier for Chloe to pick up her things and run than it would be for James. She didn't really have anything in Roseville tying her down besides her family, while James was currently doing school for his degree and attempting to manage his life.

Chloe face started to turn red after James kissed her again. Even though she just kissed him, it still made her feel warm being in his embrace and being close to him. β€œI promise darling. But I do want to be with you, there’s something about being with you… I just, don’t want to lose.” Chloe said, squeezing James’ hand she was holding gently. She nodded in response of him saying he needed to go. He was right, they weren’t in neutral ground and he wasn’t exactly safe right now. A thought popped into Chloe’s head before James left, tugging on his arm one last time. β€œOh! This might sound clichΓ© and weird, but I feel like we should have some sort of code word for when, I mean if, we do this James. You know, just in case?” Chloe said smiling and shrugging her shoulders.

Before James left, Chloe looked out of the alleyway to make sure it was clear and looked back him nodding that it was all good. As he left, Chloe leaned against the wall and watched him walk out of sight, smile on her face. "I think I love you James Devereaux..." She said under her breathe to herself.