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located in On Luk Yun, a part of A Fool For You, one of the many universes on RPG.

On Luk Yun

A popular cafe.


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Location: On Luk Yun Cafe
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He wasn't going to let anything stop him doing what he wanted, even if this was a cup of coffe during this afternoon, when he was suppose to be attending a meeting at his father's company. He didn't care - Big just wanted to play and do his own bidding, whatever it was. Even Robin wasn't going to stop him from doing whatever he wanted. No one was going to stop Big enjoying his free style of life that he was living and that afternoon was no different.

Dressed sharp and having only expensive clothes on, this handsome young man turned heads wherever he went. This was also the very reason it was always so easy for him to change his mind when it came to his partners and not have one person for too long - having a permanent partner scared him, made him mad and he wasn't going to let his heart being ripped apart again. This time around it was going to be him doing that... and if others became broken after he was done with them, Big was more than happy..., yet he was strongly ignoring the fact that in this repeated process, he was the one hurting the most out of anyone.

Walking into On Luk Yun, he was looking around and took a seat in one of the last empty tables. Even if it had the label "reserved" on, Big didn't care. He was there to have a coffee, and it was his favorite spot. He could easily pay that someone off without causing a scene..., but drama followed him, and he was prone to create one.