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xxxxxxxxxx[ dialogue: #CE7D9A ]

"You don't need to quit, but my father can be very persuasive. You could have your job, and still, put forth full-time effort into this. I'm not gonna risk my future as a senior, for your need of a job. If anything, my father has paid internships at his law firm." he spoke rolling his eyes. He didn't care for the male's needs, he cared for his own. Much like how his father taught him, take care of yourself first then others. He didn't feel for the boy, so what? He had to work harder to get things? Santiago didn't, and he was still a decent person. The Your Highness thing was starting to really irritate him, but he calmed himself down to not let it be seen as much as he looked towards Cameron.

His tone was something of bitterness. Nothing Santiago wasn't used to from the lower class. They all seemed to have some sort of irritation with him. They should work on that, he rolled his eyes. "Antony will pick us up after school, and take us to the guest house. We can discuss more there.
he spoke rolling his eyes as the bell rung and he would head to his last class.