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Chapter Two
Days had passed, the tavern keeper had Scarlet on a bed in a rather moderately sized room, and had treated her wounds daily which was something he was trained to do quite well given the amount of bar fights he dealt with. He had come in to check on her that day. "Still sleeping, huh?" He shook his head β€œYou challenged the Sea Witch, I've never met a captain so bold, or perhaps foolish to try and take her on." He spoke to himself as he thought back on the days prior. He had witnessed the fight. Niltah held back massively compare to what she usually did, or so it seemed to him but what the hell was her game? Why was she playing with Scarlet like this. It certainly wasn't the fact that she liked her, right? "Scarlet, are you awake?" He asked, tapping her shoulder gently in an attempt to awaken her. All was black, silent, and...cold? What was this? Hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Whatever else people called it, is this what death was like? Probably, many a times Scarlet had experienced this, but not to this extent. Suddenly her eyes flickered open and she bolted upright, gasping for air. After a few panic breaths she regained her composure and took a few deep breaths, and looked to her side to see the all too familiar inn keeper. "O-oh..." her voice was scratchy and dry, "Sorry...D-didn't scare you, did I..?" she asked genuinely, another thing to note, Scarlet was a kind hearted and genuine soul, which is also why her crew were also favored, they were good people that cared for others, just had a reckless lifestyle. She tried to sit up more, a numbing pain had taken over her body causing her to only lean against the bedframe, "Could...Could I get a drink? Whisky or rum, if you can..." she asked as she kept the silk sheet and navy blue bed cover over herself, as her immune system was still slightly off, as well as being cold and having a sense of decency and privacy. "Aye, it's already on its way up. Give the new lass sometime." He said lightly, sitting down on a stool "So you learned why she is called a Witch, huh? I'm amazed that you are alive, and I'm not saying that as a joke. You went up against a woman of reknown terror. The fact that Pirate Haven is still beyond me. I wonder what she sees in you. Here, she left this for you." He said handing the black spot to Scarlet. "She's a strange one. She's acting different with you, leaving you with only cuts and not just a missing head. But I'll bet she brought back painful memories, didn't she? I've experienced that whisper before, I think the only reason I live is because I was the barkeep and wasn't actually getting involved in the fight!" he laughed at the comment he had made, finding himself a little amusing.

Scarlet nodded at the notion of drinks being on their way, as a good drink always helped numb the pain, or the loneliness. She sat up more as she accepted what the bar keep gave her, raising an eyebrow in utter confusion, putting it aside on the table beside her. "I wouldn't know... Just a thrill seeker with a soul for the sea..." she said softly as she answered the man. She coughed slightly, then spoke up again, "Yes..I had visions of my father dying...even though he was never found, just told that he was lost at sea when I was a child... He raised me with the notion and hope I'd follow in his footsteps of becoming a pirate... Sometimes I wonder if I would have made him proud.." she said as she looked at the small locket that was on the bedside table beside her, it being the last thing her father gave her before his disappearance twelve years ago, only a few days before her twelfth birthday would have happened. She looked back up at him, "[color=maroonWould never have a clue about her..Have only ever heard tales until today...[/color]" she crossed her arms slightly, and took steady breaths as she tried to not cause stress to herself, just yet. The old inn keeper spoke up again, "I know about as much as you do. Well...maybe a bit more than you but here's something I can tell you that you don't know. Her obsession with ripping throats out and the reason she's so hateful to everyone. When she was younger, the...lower existing pirates as you may know them by, attacked her home port. Many managed to escape and she was captured but...she wouldn't talk to them so as a result they cut her throat out, taking her ability to talk. Ever since then she's been spiteful, she wants nothing but revenge and she's gone to no end to get it, case in point, she has no heart in her body, she is a Jones after all." he said with a somewhat somber tone.

She nodded, taking in all he said. It would make sense, anyone that was scorned for no reason would try to get revenge, and scorning a pirate? As well as a Davy Jones? One would only be selling their soul at that point. "[color=maroonWell, would you blame her[/color]?" she asked as she slowly got to her feet, visible fresh scars as well as old ones that ranged in size, shape, and severity littered her body, slowly dressing herself as she threw on her shirt and pants, not really caring if anyone saw at the moment, as she did live with about twenty or so men after all. "Anyone scorned would get revenge. Need I remind you about my blade?" she gestured to her rapier that was in its sheath by the bed, "After that serpent took down my first ship, I took out its heart. And since then my blade has been dyed that...maroon color?" she said casually as she struggled to put on the other articles of clothing that she had with her. The serpent in question was one that bombarded her first ship, The Valiant after her crew accidentally passed through its domain, taking the ship and half of her crew with it, only for her to have disappeared for a few days, to return with the beast's heart in hand and a red blade dyed from the beasts blood, as serpents tend to hone special properties in their blood, what properties did her's hold, she wasn't sure exactly. But perhaps she could eventually find out, one day.

β€œYou needn't lass. I don't forget that easily as you well know. But she's been nothing but bloodshed. I've seen her shot, stabbed, hell! I've seen her lose an arm. She doesn't even bleed the same colors as we do. In fact...she doesn't bleed. Then she shows up, weeks later with her arm just fine? She's cursed. I wonder if there is even human left inside her. I'm sure she can't love, not that she cares I'll bet." He stood up and sighed "She's another being all together. She kills to kill and I doubt that will ever change. But I hate to see the lass so scorned. I feel like she'd be a great person if she had never had that even happen to her. Wouldn't you agree Scarlet?" He stated moving to the door, just before exiting he spoke one last time, "One more thing. Her ship hasn't been spotted since the day she disappeared when she brought you down. That's uncommon for her." he said as he placed his hand on his chin again, in thought. Scarlet nodded all the while, "So I've seen...I will keep my men aware of what she is capable of...Thank you." she said as she finished getting dressed, "And perhaps..." she answered his question, and finished getting all her things, slowly hobbling down the hallway, and down the stairs. She sat down at one of the tables, and waited patiently. Soon a screech sounded, an all too familiar one, she smiled and soon a spider monkey jumped onto the table in pure glee. She gently pat his head, letting him climb up her arm and finally sat on her shoulder, "Good morning, Oscar. Miss me?" she asked her pet with a smile and a small pat. "One final thing, none of your men were harmed, she actually stayed away from them. I'm sure you have questions, so if you wish to track her down, I'd advise doing so with this." The inn keeper handed her a map with a section circled that would be best know as her domain. "I'm back to work now, lass. Best of luck, but be warned, this is a risky run." he said and went behind the bar counter to do his normal duties, leaving Scarlet to her own decisions. She nodded at his confirmation of her men being safe, and accepted the rolled up map, putting it on the table. "Thank you. But you seem to forget, me and my men are risk takers, we like a challenge." she said with a soft chuckle, "But yes, we will heed warnings." she pet the monkey that was on her shoulder, and looked up as a girl of the age of, what, eight teen, walked over to her table with a tray of drinks. "Sorry, but here is your usual, the Bloodcrest Rum? And a pint of ale, on the house." Scarlet smiled at her, "Thank you, love. Here." she gave the girl a flirtatious wink and dropped five golden coins into her hand. The girl nodded shyly as a blush appeared on her face, and quickly walked behind the bar. Scarlet softly chuckled to herself, and slowly drank her order as she overlooked the map.

"Captain! Thank the gods that you're awake!" Scarlet nearly spit out the drink at the sudden shout. "God dammit, Carmen! Of course I'm alright. But what is it now?" The captain demanded an answer as she looked up at the pale, blue eyed, ginger haired boy that was her trusted companion. "The men and I, have been worried sick. We hoped you would awaken soon." the boy said with a smile as he sat down in the chair across from her. "It takes more than that to keep me down. Now, when we're ready we will be departing here." she pointed at the spot on the map, and sipped her drink. After a few minutes of conversation, Scarlet stood up, Carmen quickly following suit and they left the tavern, "Again, sorry for all the trouble. And thank you." she said as she placed down a bag of coins on the bar counter, "Use this to help repay for any costs that I was responsible for, and for anything else you may need." she gave a wave of her hand and left. As they made their way to the docks, "The Captain! She is awake, boys!" one of her men shouted from the ship, causing her to chuckle and shake her head, "You truly would be lost without me, wouldn't you, boys?" she said with a smile as she boarded the ship. "You're our Captain, of course we worry." another said. "Your loyalty is to a fault, and I swear it's going to get you killed one day." Scarlet said, and another piped up, "Like a dog doesn't recognize its own tail?" Scarlet looked at him, then back at her men, "Know how many bitches attack their own tail?" she said with a deadpan tone, then a smile crept across her face and soon everyone broke into a joyous laughter. "Well men, to new places we shall set our eyes on. Prepare for the sea, for she calls to us." Scarlet said as she stood on the front of the ship, looking out on the water, the sun still high in the sky, and a smile on her face.

The wind blew through the cabin of the Queen's Meridian. Stepping out on the deck, Niltah was as pale as a ghost she dropped to her knees, tears running down her face, the voice echoing in the fog, coming out as a scream of pure pain and agony, "I'm so alone! No matter how hard I've matter how much I'm always nothing more than a killer...I'm no pirate. I'm a wretch who can't even die!" The voice echoed across the sea, carrying on the wind. "No...I must uphold who I am. I am Davy Jones, the most feared pirate of the sea, my name shall never be's all I shall ever be known for, my bounty growing larger every day. None will accept me, ever." her tone was a mix of cold as ice, and riddled with pain and sadness. A very large typhoon of emotions that would bubble up and over any day now, if you wish. As it seemed to go on for hours, as the sun did begin to slowly set, one of Scarlet's men walked up to her, "Don't mean to be rude, but are you sure we are going in the right dir-" he was cut off as Scarlet pointed ahead of them, a dark and looming fog covered the upcoming water. "What do you think?" she gave him a now serious look. "Men, look alive. If things go south, it has been an honor being your Captain, and I wouldn't ask for a better crew. But we are the Omen! And we never back down from a challenge, now do we?" her men gave a cheer, and went to arm themselves with armor and weapons. As their ship slowly grew closer, the surrounding temperature began to drop, even to the point of Scarlet being able to see her own breath, she adjusted her coat so she could be warmer, and held Oscar close, "You with me, Osc?" she looked at the monkey on her arm, he nodded and gave a fearsome growl, "Good...At least that makes one of us.." she said to herself softly as she looked on at the ever growing darkness that slowly engulf the area.

"If I am destined to be alone...why do you hunt me like a dog? Why do you keep coming back...I just want you gone...I want to be alone!" The voice in the fog screamed, that alone was enough to rock the ship as the Queen's Meridian emerged from the mist. This time however, it was pointed straight at the opposing ship with Niltah at the stern. "Even at sea....I can't be I'll make the most of dying it red! Come! Let your bodies float upon the water...let hell drag you into the deep..." At the stern of the Queen’s Meridian, she stepped forward but her blades were not drawn. Her face was down and her eyes were even more sad than the first time. She wasn't even caring. She had gone cold and the fog seemed to freeze once she showed herself as she exited her cabin. "I'll carve your ship in two..." She signed to Scarlet, "Or...leave...please..." her voice spoke out as a whisper to only who it was desired to be spoken to.

All of The Omen crew covered their ears, as all they heard was a deafening scream, but for Scarlet? She heard it. She heard what was screamed. She felt the emotion. The anger. The loneliness. The...sadness? Yes, Scarlet nodded to herself, moving slowly to the center of her ship. She spoke above a whisper, but knew she could hear her, "I would just like to talk...If you wanted us, me dead...You would have done it by now. If you were a killer you would have had us eaten alive, drown, or cut in two. But no. What killer would?" her men looked on in confusion, some aiming their crossbows at the opposing ship, she looked at them, "No. Not unless I say, or may the gods have mercy on us." her voice was cold and demanding. She looked back at the other ship, awaiting a response, one of attack, or possibly an acceptance of her offer. "There is no talking...all will tell you that you can not reason with a Witch. So listen and open fire...this is your only chance. Or run...I'll not say it again." the voice seemed to come cold and calm. In the distance she could be seen slamming her boot against the stern as the ship took to full speed ahead. One with an expert eye would notice the the front of the ship was sharp like a blade. "Besides...why talk to me. I attacked you. Come and exact your revenge...put me out of my torment. Or be valiant and die trying." The voice sounded. Her ship was still a distance off. Scarlet sighed, and examined the oncoming ship, her men anxiously awaiting orders. After a moment, "Turn the ship around!! But don't move!" She demanded as she headed towards the back of the ship, her men looked at her in confusion, "Do as I say! Do you trust me?" her men all nodded, "Then get to work and turn this ship around, you bastards!" with no more instructions they immediately did as ordered and began to make their ship turn back around. Scarlet looked at the opposing ship as it drew closer, "Come on..." her right leg shook with anxiety, not of fear but as she was trying to limber herself up as for what was about to happen.

"Run...go...flee. Don't stay. There is no trusting one who's painted streets in red, one who's sent many to a grave, one who makes the rain of the sea red with the sheer blood they have spilled...just...go. if you stay, you die..." She said as that whisper from before started to bounce around the fog, she drew both of her Cutlasses but did not leave her ship in a black mist like before. The next words resounded sadness "I don't...want to kill you. But I will...go! Get away from me!" The voice screamed. As the ship drew closer, Scarlet closed her eyes, remaining as calm as she could. As it got as close as she needed it to, she got a running start and leapt off the boat as hard as she could, pushing herself off, as she fell she managed to grab onto part of the boat, "So it is..." she said with a whisper and began the long climb upwards. As she got to the side, she paused, took in a deep breath and continued the climb until she grabbed onto the edge of the boat, pulling herself up and rolled onto the boat, and jumped to her feet. She looked at the white haired woman who was at least five or so feet away from her, "Then do so. Drive your weapon through my heart. Cut off my head with one fell swoop. I will not stop you. But leave my men out of this." she said as she slowly approached, keeping her guard up all the while. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at Scarlet, "I....didn't want to...but now you are aboard my ship...feed the sealife..." She growled as she disappeared. The moment she did reappeared, a Cutlass was driven through Scarlet's back, exiting from her stomach. She was so close. The true pain and sorrow was in her eyes. It emanated off her like an aura. She was truly a shattered, broken being who knew nothing but bloodshed and there was a distinct scar on her throat, just as had been told. When the voice came it was broken but her lips didn't move "I'm...sorry." she said and kicked Scarlet in the back, off the ship and into the water, the sword being violently pulled out as she fell into the waters below. Scarlet's eyebrow quirked as Niltah disappeared as she walked to the edge of the ship, looking around in confusion, but before she could even blink, a piercing hot pain of a thousand lightning bolts jolted through her back, as the sword was driven through her. She gasped aloud, as blood spattered from her mouth, coughing up some as she tried to speak. Her ability to breathe began to slow, and all she could do was try to stop the bleeding, to obviously no avail as the weapon was removed, and she was violently kicked off the boat, her vision beginning to blur. Her men began to fire ballistas, cannons, and arrows at the ship, Carmen dove into the frigid waters below to retrieve their captain. As per request of the captain, The Queen's Meridian did not attack the ship or the remaining crew, "Goodbye..." The voice sounded as the ghost ship dove under water and disappeared, the last seeable thing was her standing in the stern before the ship was nowhere to be seen once more.

As Carmen dove into the water, the men had the ship turn around and head straight towards the two in the water, sending a rowboat down for Carmen to bring Scarlet up with ease. Carmen had to dive down as her body began to sank into the darkness below. He grabbed her by scooping his arms under hers, and pulled her up, with obvious struggle, he placed her body in the boat and the others quickly pulled the boat back up. They rushed Scarlet to her cabin, wrapping her wound as best as they could, keeping constant pressure on it and keeping her warm in her bed, and had the boat go back as fast it it could to the nearest land mass, being the northern coast of a rocky range, known to be a place of healers and merchants. Aboard her ship Niltah tried her best to scream as she thought to herself Why!? Why wouldn't she leave!? I didn't...didn't want to hurt her...I'm so wonder everyone wants me dead. I can't even control my urge to kill...I hope she lives so that one day her blade can end my life..., she thought as she fell to the deck floor and just cried for hours. The weather over head turning to rain as though reflecting her pain and sadness.

Back on land a small group of people had amassed around the ship known as The Omen, assisting Scarlet as best they could, she would live and that was the best they could manage for her. "Who...did this to her? This wound is ghastly." an elder man stated, a sage of sorts. As she was laying on a makeshift carrier, Scarlet waded in and out of consciousness as the wound had caused massive damage to several organs and tissues surrounding the entry and exit wound. Carmen, who was of the youngest of the crew was by her side all the while, his face stained with tears, "Th-The Witch... S-Sea Witch.. Scarlet tried reasoning with her..and she tried to kill our captain." he said through sobs. "We will have our revenge. No one attacks, let alone tries to kill our Captain." said James, a much taller, stronger and older man in the crew, as he stepped forward from the others. The old man shook his head. β€œYou are foolish. Your captain does not want that. The fact that you are all alive after such an attempt means she showed you some semblance of Mercy. Do you truly wish to see her at her worst? I have...she's sent the kraken to swallow a whole Port City once. I think there's something you all are missing, whether it's merely flying over your heads or your captain has figured it out I do not know. But...I thinks she's seen something in your captain. Perhaps take that knowledge and use it." he stated and knelt down next to Scarlet, β€œYou are a brave yet foolish woman. But you may as well give up. You'll find nothing but misery from challenging her. She's spared you three times now, news travels very fast. I doubt she will make for a fourth. There is something to learn." Scarlet was still in a daze, not fully there mentally still as she was incredibly weak. Her voice was weak and fragile, but had a sense of determination in it, "N-no...I will not...give up... I need see her...again.." her voice faded as she slipped back into unconsciousness, having kept herself awake for as long as she could. "Do not, child. You face an unimaginable foe.'ll not listen." He looked up at the crew, "It makes me wonder what she saw. None have ever been so close to the Sea Witch and lived. What did you see child...what did you see..?" he said looking back to her, "Bring her to the Village Gentleman, we will get her patched up better then we can here."

Two of the men nodded, and gently picked up the makeshift bed that was made for her in haste, and placed it on a cart, and the crew left for the town that was directed to them. As they entered the village not five minutes later, they managed to come across a small house, as it was marked as the town's local 'Herbalist and Doctor' they called for the man, hoping he would be able to help with her wounds. The doctor came out and did so right then and there "The Sea Witch's bite, eh? I've seen this precise injury. You’re lucky you survived it, lass!" A lady said kindly as she did her work. "I take it this was β€œHer" doing, right? She's shown her face around here before. We are known for a large library of maps and knowledge, I'll bet she enjoys reading. It's sad, while she was here she was such a sweet woman...but I don't know why she's snapped so hard." The woman explained to the crew kindly as she finished with Scarlet, "There ya go! Now you just need to keep her rested, fellas." They nodded, and gently carried her to the local inn and got her a room, while they all stayed back on the ship at the dock. They visited her everyday for the next two weeks while she was in a comatose like state. Until it was the 16th day.