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located in On Luk Yun, a part of A Fool For You, one of the many universes on RPG.

On Luk Yun

A popular cafe.


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location: On Luk Yun Cafe
dialogue: #FF0000
outfit: his uniform

To Ren, it felt like one of the longest days in history. Not only was he swimming in a pile of schoolwork he had yet to complete, but his boss was needing extra shifts covered. As much as the twenty-year-old didn’t want to work more than he already had, he had no choice but to accept. His apartment’s rent was soon due, and he was falling just a little bit short.

But Ren was no stranger to hard times. He’d been fighting his way through life for as long as he could remember. Started working odd jobs from the age of ten, and never seemed to have a day of vacation in his life. His best friend Q always offered to help him pay for different things, but Ren in his good conscious never accepted no matter how persistent the boy was. He’d made it through life by himself thus far. Surely he could continue to do so, But he needed to make a few adjustments.

It was for this very reason that Ren had started looking for a roommate. As much as he enjoyed his peace and quiet, and absolute privacy, he couldn’t have that luxury. He needed a roommate to help pay the rent. He’d put out an add, and a few had responded, but none had stuck. With a sigh, the young boy locked his phone and slid it into his back pocket, deciding to focus on work, for now, the shop wasn’t particularly busy, but he’d been told there was an inspector coming by. They had even reserved a table for her.

A sign that was promptly ignored by one of the customers. Ren immediately recognized the face. He’d only ran into him once before, but it was unpleasant enough to never forget. ”Can’t you read?” he stood across the table, looking down at the familiar face with crossed arms. ”This table is reserved for an important customer. In other words, not for you.”