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The Spicy Jackal

One of the finest Taverns in all of Ebozon! Grab a bit to eat, a swig of beer, and pass out in a cosy candle lit room lined with wooden floor boards.


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She stopped caring about the old man, about what was said. What mattered now was how enjoyable it was to punish the little mage for his mistake.
So... she couldn't help but grin underneath the old mask, grin until one man - the... warrior as it would seem decided to open his gaping hole, that others would see as a mouth, to speak.

“Excuse me, my lady, could you please stop torturing my brother that much? I know all too well what an asshole he can be, but there is no need to resort to this kind of treatment, even in a case of him obviously intruding into your privacy.”

Asshole? Certainly. Intrusion of her privacy? Not just hers, but all that he thought were interesting, she's sure of it.
What's worse is, that he lacks the right touch for these things - he's just utterly dumb, and blunt when reading minds of the others. - For that he should be punished. So...

"No, why would I do that? Better, what will you do now? Squirm, and beg me to stop? - She paused, and let out a light laugh - That would certainly amuse me. Hmm, best you start begging.

The woman certainly wanted to humiliate both brothers, Dranten knew such people all too well, always trying to hide how small they actually felt behind cruelty. Even though the warrior was a proud man, he knew only this could actually save his brother from further torment. He was ready to beg for his brother's life on his knees.
"DON'T YOU EVEN DARE GIVING THIS TO HER, BROTHER!" Kerph's angry voice filled the warrior's mind. The mage felt the pain, of course, but humiliation was way worse than that. Dranten stopped his movement. He looked at the woman once more.

"Causing him pain won't teach him an actual lesson. He surely will do the same thing again and again, just to annoy you." he said, sure she didn't expect this.

Baffled she stood still, with an open mouth beneath the mask, taking in air slowly, although needlessly... she began to laugh. - Loudly, and almost insanely.

"I could kill you both if I wanted, I could leave him in a state far worse than death, and yet he refuses to bow..." She smiled, mage looks like a buffon, but she likes his final attitude.

"Like a rock... - she muttered, then said louder - Fine." with the latter, spell was lifted.
erph sighed when the pain subsided. He looked at the woman with a smile. "I already saw and touched things that are more than death. This pain wasn't even close enough to the lowest levels of them. And it'll take much mire than that to kill any of us." The mage pointed at his chest, with blood slowly making his way from underneath his nose.
Dranten looked at his brother for a moment and said, hitting the mage's head with an open palm: "How many times did I told you to not rape brains during your mind scan? I thought your teacher told you doing this should be like having decent sex and not gang-banging people!"
Kerph took a hit with another smile. His brother was right. But he also liked to see reactions and being absolutely sneaky doesn't cause any of those. He didn't need to read minds to know more about people. He could invade their minds and their reactions to it would tell him more than any thought he might have fished out of it.

Strange words, strange look, weird way of treating each other. She didn't understand them at all.
"I don't get you two..."

It happened all while Gaveth noticed the grin, and quickly realized his mistake, with a bit of help in form of a finger.
Ohh - he reacted, then reached with one hand behind the back, to massage his neck. Not the kitchen work, but a bandit problem.
"Darn, that's embarrassing." He muttered, and almost immedietly heard the eerie voice once more.
Ohh, don't you give me that, we both kno- shut up, he quickly cut her off.
Then just as his new companion was about to take the note. Scream caught their attention.
Of course one of the brothers, and of course... one of the more stiff friends of his had a noteable play in this.
The masked girl... what the hell are you doing, with all these people staring at you. - he thought and silently watched. Not for long though. Lucky him.
Quickly the silent woman beside him returned to her... ideas? Well, what her goal is right now is something unknown to him. Kinda.
Bit of chaotic waving, signs here and there, bit of unhappy grimaces, and then the warrior woman and the rougue went into a thinking mode, or so it would seem.
Huh, wondering when to wash or what?

"So we all set? Up for the adventure stuff, and money earning?"