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located in Questrios City, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Questrios City

Don't let the seemingly full modern and futuristic look fool you, as this place is full of magic, adventure, and mystery as well. Homecity of the current Royal Knight Commander, one can see magic used and imbued into this city daily.


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Demor wasn't too talkative as they came closer to the target, but he knew his role, and was going over what he had to do in his head. As Kathryn moved to the gravity beam opened up, he followed right behind her. If they were to play the power couple, he might as well stay close, right? He smirked to himself - he'd wanted to go out with an Aschen woman, but didn't exactly foresee having to go undercover as one of their operatives to do so. Oh well, he supposed. Maybe there were more perks to this job than he thought?

Besides money, anyway.

Unused to the Gravity beam, he sort of flailed briefly before calming down, body and tail stretched out for a moment within the confines of his outfit, which thankfully was comfortable and formal enough for this mission and its setting. As soon as his feet hit the ground, Demor followed Kathryn to the SUV, and offered her a smile, beginning to get into character.

"After you, my dear." he offered with that mischievous smile.