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located in Portland, Oregon, a part of Hero Service, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, Oregon



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Character Portrait: Jordan Reyes Character Portrait: Kieran Mac Niadh Character Portrait: Lucas Halloh Character Portrait: Katherine Mac Niadh Character Portrait: Leonida Armel
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“I just plan accordingly. I even trained with Kat and got here before you,” Lucas’ response was curt, as it usually is, and he said it with a twinge of boastfulness. Although Leo didn’t appreciate that, that wasn’t what their attention was drawn to. For a moment, something flashed in Leo’s eyes as they looked, no, glared as they met Lucas’ gaze. Leo likes to be aware of what they feel; it helps them keep control of their emotions and appear more calm and pleasant in general. But for a second there, they had no idea what had happened. They had no idea what they were feeling. They blinked, and their stare was reverted, returning to the usual relaxed smile with a mischievous gleam in their eyes.

“Damn! Without me?” They chuffed, putting on a fake and exaggerated pout. “Invite me to the party next time.” The pout faded back in a wide grin.

Before seeing what Lucas would say in response, Jordan entered the room, and all of their attention went to him. He closed the distance between the two of them quickly, resting his head on their shoulder before whining, “Leeeeooooo it's too early for this,” and pulling them into a hug.

Without hesitation, Leo wrapped their arms around Jordan and hugged him back. “I know, I know, mon coeur.” They cooed, stroking the back of his head with one of their hands. Leo cared greatly for their friends, and Jordan was one of the closest and most precious to them. There was something about seeing their friends in distress that brought out their inner guardian. “Did you get enough sleep? Did you make sure to eat breakfast?” They asked, their voice full of genuine concern.

There was something about Leo’s presence that always instantly made Jordan feel better. Or maybe it was just their amazing hugs, the type that were the closest thing you could get to hugging sunshine. They were the perfect thing for a too early morning and Jordan felt better the moment Leo wrapped their arms around him, let alone stroked his hair.

“Mm. Never enough sleep, Leo. But I ate breakfast,” he mumbled back in response. “They had those nice chocolate pastries.” He straightened up and released Leo just in time to see Kat come in and returned a lazy smile at her. Kip’s arrival, followed by his departure, followed by his return managed to lure a laugh from Jordan’s lips despite the early morning. “Long night, Kip?” He quipped with a smirk.

Leo’s smile became more warm as they heard about Jordan’s morning. “I know it can be hard, but you need to try and go to sleep earlier. But it is good that you ate breakfast!” They chirped as Jordan pulled back, scanning his face with the usual gentle gaze.

People started to enter the room, including Kat, who immediately caught Leo’s attention. She waved and smiled at them, a simple act that made Leo’s chest feel light. Without hesitation, they beamed right back at her, giving her a small, playful salute. After doing that, Leo couldn’t stop their stare from lingering on her for an almost awkward amount of time. After several seconds, they blinked, realized what they were doing, and tried to act nonchalantly about the fact that they were staring at Kat.