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located in Dogs in God's Vineyard, a part of Dogs in Almighty God's Vineyard, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Charles scratched at his beard with a wordless grumble as he considered. It was certainly wiser not to go chasing off with guns drawn after an unknown suspect, especially when the dying woman had indeed made it abundantly clear she was far from alone. After all, two Dogs had likely gotten far closer than he and Sonia had thus far, and their own skills hadn't been enough to save their lives. After another brief moment of thought, he managed to crack a faint grin. "If they've got numbers, then at least they'll struggle to hide 'em for long. Like rats, eh? Just gotta light a fire under 'em in the right place and they'll scurry out."

He then stepped towards the doorway to the hall, revolver in hand. "Maybe we take a back door out quickly, yeah?" He quickly poked his head out just long enough to look back and forth for any signs of moving before leaning back into the relative cover of the doorway. "Ready?" Charles asked, with a quick look back to Sonia, still listening carefully for any sounds of footsteps coming down the hall.