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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2814032

located in Cascadia College, Washington State, a part of ad infinitum, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cascadia College, Washington State

A small, prestigious college, located in Washington State. Previously, it only accepted students with strange and mysterious gifts, but ten years ago, it opened its doors to all.


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Character Portrait: Harmony Cunningham Character Portrait: Isaac Fox Character Portrait: Isabella Vayne Character Portrait: Monet Grey Character Portrait: Carla Delgado Character Portrait: Lucia Luciano
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outfit : herex|xhex: #082a27
xxxit always seems to slip away
xxxi’m taking back what’s mine
xxxwhat is left stays here
xxxto haunt you
Hatch just raised an eyebrow as Isabella mentioned her family's gala. Hatch knew full well that her family didn't tend to be invited to these things. A lot of older Arcane families viewed her bloodline with vague disdain due to the fact that the gift wasn't present in every generation and was only ever present in women. And to be honest, she was totally fine with that. Isabella's family's galas just sounded like her own family events but so much worse.

Isabella's comment about her outfit just made Hatch chuckle. Really, if she was having to resort to comments like that, Hatch had basically already won. Being called Harmony really just concreted that for her. She scanned the room as Isabella walked away, looking for people she hadn't already greeted that she actually wanted to talk to. That was a notoriously small group of people. So when she spotted Lucy and Carla talking to Monet and some guy she only recognised in passing, she decided that was better than nothing.

"Well, look who we have here!" She called as she reached the small group. "Monet, my dear, you look as adorable as ever, that look is just too sweet!" She said. "Carla, you are rocking that look. And Lucia, bringing some sparkle to all of our lives," she said with a grin, and wrapping an arm around her friend's shoulders as she turned to look at the man. After examining him for a minute, she thought she'd seen him hanging out with Monet a few times, but she didn't think she'd ever really crossed paths with him, but his outfit was different enough to what every other guy seemed to be wearing that he intrigued her. "Hatch Cunningham. A pleasure."

outfit : herex|xhex: #7b78b4
xxxwe start with stars in our eyes
xxxwe start believing that we belong
xxxbut every sun doesn't rise
xxxand no one tells you where you went wrong
Isaac pouted as Monet gave him a stern look, telling him off for not having been around sooner, before laughing as they admitted to missing him and complimenting him on his jacket. "I don't know, you could probably get away with it as a dress," he teased. "You'd rock it, but not as much as you're rocking that cute ass hat," he said. He rolled his eyes as they asked him about not eating. "I totally meant to, I just didn't have time, mom," he teased as they made their way over towards the food. He was impressed by the selection, it was better than the pizza and chips that most parties just offered.

"Oh, I can only imagine. My holidays were... nice. Quiet, really, I kinda missed the chaos of college life," he admitted as he piled some chicken fingers onto his paper plate. [color#7b78b4]"Even if I'm now running between class and workshops and auditions, I wouldn't change it for the world."[/color]

He grinned as Lucia and Carla appeared, both of them looking absolutely fabulous. He returned the hug enthusiastically, before popping a chicken finger in his mouth. However, the presence of a new person almost had Isaac feeling on edge. She gave off an intimidating aura, even if she was a little shorter than him. She greeted the others before turning to assess Isaac, and he had to resist the temptation to shrink back under her gaze. But apparently, she deemed him worth her attention as she nodded and introduced herself as Hatch Cunningham. Hatch was such an unusual name that he was about to ask her about it, but another look at her and he decided against it.

"Isaac Fox. A pleasure to meet you," he said. "Is this your party?" He asked, and she nodded, those steely eyes unreadable. "It's pretty great. The food is really good," he said, and she nodded again in what he presumed was thanks.

"So how was your holidays?" She asked, but Isaac got the impression that the question wasn't particularly directed at him.