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located in The Tundra, a part of Impending Pursuit, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Tundra

Cold, cold, very cold


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Character Portrait: Bandit Sephilan
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Bandit Sephilan
Location: Station to Father
Username: forever2b Speech Color | FC: Ayer from Granblue Fantasy Thought Color
ImageThe bustling place of the station was an exciting scene for Bandit. There were so many people, with so many shiny objects to take from. The Arctic Fox's tail wagged, as he went left and right sifting through pockets of other creatures, and snatching people's possessions every now and then. Finally Bandit made it to the front desk, his pockets saturated with pocket watches, necklaces, and the like. With a big grin, Bandit looked over the table to the human sitting on the other side.

"I'd like a ticket to Father, please!" The human was not amused. She stared at the short creature, annoyed.

"Kid, not everyone gets to go up to the Father, okay. Go back to your parents and tell them to see me."

Confused, Bandit put his hands up to his head. He tilted his head as he spoke "Well, if I visit my parents now, they probably will shoot me dead. So I can't go back now. Here, I have my ID. I have been chosen for the game!"

Maintaining the same expression, the lady at the counter looked over. She snatched Bandit's ID and ran it on her Holo Tab. In a few seconds, the machinery responded with a short beep, confirming what he had said. Responding to the machinery, she let out a sigh before returning, Bandit his card.

"Poor thing." She muttered.

"What do you mean poor? I'm gonna get rich off of this you know!"

"... congratulations on being selected for the 100th Game of Pursuit. Your shuttle to Father will arrive shortly, by that I mean now. Please give me your support item."

Gleefully, Bandit dug through both of his pockets to reveal all the booty he got from the hunt inside the space stations. The lady looked over and gave the arctic fox an "are-you-serious" look.

"You can only have one supporting item..."

"Oh... then I guess this will do." Bandit replied, holding up a shiny golden pocket watch. As he held up the watch, a low voice came shouting.

"There! That's my watch!"

Turning around bandit could see an old gray mutant covered from head to toe in gems with three or four overweight mutants in leather and varying colors of Mohawks giving him the stink eye. Uh oh. That's not good! Bandit thought.

"Get him boys!" The old mutant said, as the big boys tried to make it over to Bandit. The thugs, however, were intercepted by the human guards in full riot wear. They slammed the ends of their guns at the big mutants to fend them off.

"Stop causing a ruckus, Muties!" One of them said. The rich old mutant came in front of the mutants with his hands together.

"Sorry my good sirs." He said. "You see, I happened to lose my precious valuables to a thief..."

Bandit put his two hand on the desk, "Actually, I think I will have no support items thanks!" he blurted out snatching the ticket from the lady's hand, while putting on his hood to run as fast as he can towards his shuttle.

"Look! He's getting away!"

"Calm down, and tell me from the beginning."

Getting lost in the crowd, Bandit gently shoved the golden pocket watch into another person's back pocket, similar to his size. Sorry man. he thought as he scurried to his destination. The shuttle was about to leave; they were closing the doors. Bandit got on all fours to ramp up speed. Nimbly, he weaved through the crowd and jumped for the entrance.


The arctic fox collided with a girl with brown ears, hazel eyes, and grayish black tail. She held her forehead and let out a soft "oof", as Bandit rolled over, grasping his head in pain. Coming to his senses, he made a quick dash into the closing doors, but to his surprise something grabbed him from behind. Everything went in slow motion, the girl he crashed with was hanging on to his cloak to boost her own momentum. Aw, crap. Bandit thought as the he went face first into the shuttle's floor, with the girl landing on top of him. The shuttle door closed and they were off to the Father.