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The finishing battle. Val vs. Ka!

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

The finishing battle. Val vs. Ka!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Dec 12, 2005 10:04 am

OOC: Just to clear things up. This was supposed to happen at the tournament that Jyotika had planned, but since that never happened and Ka did come after Val, I see no reason not to post it up. This takes place before the formation of the Trinity Alliance during the time period when Blace Lowe was still in power.

Val was alone in the training area. Midnight had come and gone like it was nothing. Val didn't bother to check the time but he was sure that by now it was at least three o'clock in the morning, and he hadn't even thought about stopping. Val had been training, pushing himself to the limits to make sure he could win the tournament. Because the longer he lasted, the longer the other teams had to do their jobs. Val stopped and stepped away from the punching bag he was working on. After taking a few breaths, Val slowly strolled over to the bench where he had tossed all his things and grabbed a bottle of water. Taking a few sips, he looked around. Only a few hanging lights light the room, it wasn't much, but it was enough for what he needed. During the day, sunlight filled the room to make for better training with multiple people, but for just him, this was all he needed. Setting the water bottle down Val turned and looked at the ring that was situated in the middle of the room. With a slight smile Val began to walk over to it. After two steps, the lights flickered and Val hear a swoosh from behind him. He quickly spun around and saw only the wall and his things. A cold breeze ran across his back, and when he turned, Val saw a man standing in the middle of the ring with his arms crossed. The man was dressed in almost complete black including a black mask with slight eye slights and from what Val guessed was staring at him intently.

"So, you&#39;re Ka are you? I&#39;ve been expecting you. I didn&#39;t think it would take you this long, I have to say I&#39;m a little disappointed in you."

The man leaned back slightly and tilted his head, apparently he didn't expect Val to know his name, or maybe even to know that he was coming.

"Oh that&#39;s right, I know about you. And I&#39;ll tell you how I know as you gasp your final breath!"

Val ran forward and jumped, sliding feet first into the ring under the bottom rope. He had expected the man to attack, but he just stood there. Val studied him for a few seconds. He was going to wait for Val to make the first move, so be it.

Val jumped into the air slightly, bringing his left arm down in a chop towards Ka's neck and threw his right fist towards Ka's gut. Almost as if he had been expecting it, Ka lifted his left arm to block the chop and used his right hand to catch Val's fist. Ka twisted the hand that was holding Val's fist and threw his arm out to the side, causing val to spin around. Ka used that time to step back and throw his left foot out, which caught Val in the chest as he came to a stop. The resulting blow sent Val back into the ropes. Val used the ropes to hurl himself back towards Ka, again, it didn't look like Ka was expecting this as he back peddled for a second then back flipped out of the ring, completely avoiding Val.

"So, so don&#39;t like me showing you the ropes then, huh? Very well."

Val walked to the edge of the ring and used the top rope to hop over and land with a soft thud, again, Ka did nothing, but wait.

"Oh come on, this is going to be boring if you don&#39;t attack."

As if he had been waiting for permission Ka lunged forward, which caught Val completely by surprise. Four quick strikes hit Val. A right fist to the gut, a left elbow to the face, a left foot at his knee and then a quick and powerful right foot to the face, which sent his sprawling to the ground.

'So this guy is good, really, really good. Looks like Takimi wasn't lying. I guess there no room for playing around which is a shame, because this could be fun.' Val thought as he rolled onto his hands and knees and coughed. From what Val had gathered, Ka worked on the system of honor, and would't not attack an opponent when they were not ready. Vell, the next move proved that Val had gathered wrong. Ka brought his left foot under Val and fell backwards, lifting his right foot and bringing it down into Val's back, which caused Val to fall onto Ka's left foot.

Val let out a few swears and a cough. Just as Ka was beginning to lift himself, Val made his move. He moved like lightning, spun and grabbing both of Kan's legs. Jamming his left leg between Ka's legs he, brought Ka's left leg across his knees and bent Ka's right leg over his own left leg which was across Val's leg. Spinning once again, Val forced Ka onto his stomach and Val pushed down on Ka's foot, sending pain through both legs. This didn't last long as Ka quickly worked his feet loose from val grip and almost effortlessly slid away. Val couldn't believe it, nobody had gotten out of that hold so quickly. For the first time, Val seriously began to question his chances.

Again Ka came at him with the same four moves, and again, all four caught Val, first to the gut, second to the face, third to the knee and fourth to the face. And once again Val was laid out on the ground. With each bout, they were moving closer and closer to Val's trench coat, where his Katana was. If he could get there, he could end this fight, no problem. Val lay on the ground for a few seconds breathing hard as Ka circled him like a shark. He was being toyed with, and it didn't feel good. Ka stopped on Val's left side and looked down at him. Spinning his right foot back, Ka brought it up over Val and down towards his chest, but this time didn't connect. Val caught Ka's foot with both hands and pulled the leg to the right, trying to knock Ka off balance. Letting go with his left hand, Val managed to bring his left elbow into Ka's inner left thigh. This added to the pulling of his leg, knocked Ka down and gave Val the time he needed to scramble towards his trench coat. val reached hi trench coat and grabbed the handle of the Katana and drew it from the scabbard and turned to face Ka.

"No more games, this ends now!"

Ka nodded, reached over his shoulder and grabbed the handle of his own sword. Val groaned, how had he managed to miss a sword strapped to this guys back? But it didn't surprise him too much.

Val lunged forward bringing his sword horizontally towards Ka, which he easily blocked. Val then brought the sword down from Ka's left shoulder down to the right thought which again was easily blocked. After several more swings and slashes it finally occurred to Val, Takimi had been right, there was no way he was going to beat Ka. On the next swing Ka managed to knock the sword from Val's hands. Val watched as the sword skidded across the ground away from him. Ka slowly walked forward, holding his sword out, pointed at Val's neck. In a single fluid motion Ka moved, but didn't make for Val's neck. The sword pierced Val in the left shoulder, not even pushing an inch in, Ka was going to make him suffer. The next blow came across Val's right leg, just above the knee. Again, not deep, just a small slash, but that, combined with the breathing he had taken, forced Val to fall to one knee. Four, five and six came down Val's left arm, up his right arm, and across his chest. Finally Ka brought the sword completely to his right side, holding it outstretched with both hands. He was going to finish this the old way, by decapitation. Everything appeared in slow motion to Val, Ka began to move the sword towards his neck. Val reached deep inside himself and found what he needed, something to make him keep fighting. With a yell, Val threw his left arm up and connected the the blade, bouncing it up and over his head. Using his right hand, Val mustered up all the force he could and hit Ka right in the gut. Standing up, Val used his left fist to catch Ka in the side of the face. Once Ka got over the shock of having his sword deflected he began to gather himself again. But before he could act, Val grabbed Ka's right wrist, lifted it about their heads and spun around as hard as he could. Val continued to spin until he heard a crack followed by the sword hitting the ground. Ka stumbled backwards, holding his wrist and val cam at him full force. Val wasn't even thinking anymore, all he was doing was fighting on instinct, the instinct to live. Punch after punch found their way to Ka's face, chest and gut. Each time, Ka stumbled back more and more until he was leaning up against the way. Blood dripped from under the mask, Val had broken his nose several times over. Both men stood there, Val breathing extremely heavily, Ka coughing up blood and doing his best to stay standing.

"There&#39;s no chance now. I&#39;ve won. And soon, we&#39;ll take out Jyotika. There&#39;s nothing you can do about it."

Val put his right foot out behind him and took a deep breath.

"Good bye Ka. If only we&#39;d meet at another time. Nan Shin Shadow style, Heart Break Palm!"

Val could see Ka's eyes widen as his palm closed in on Ka's chest, but there was nothing Ka could do, not anymore. When Val's palm hit, the air was pushed out of Ka's lungs and his Diaphragm expanded, not allowing the lungs to fill with air again. Ka dropped to the ground and twitched as he slowly suffocated to death. The door to the training room opened a few seconds after Ka hit the ground.

"Val, are you here? I couldn&#39;t sleep and just wanted to......."

Takimi's words were cut short as she saw Val standing there, blood dripping from his wounds and breathing heavily.

"What happened to you?"

She had her question answered when she saw Ka, twitching on the ground. Ka saw her as well and stared up at her.

"Yeah, Takimi is still alive. That&#39;s how I knew. It appears that Jyotika can&#39;t do anything right. I told you, that I&#39;d tell you as you took you last breaths. Now, good bye Ka. Maybe I&#39;ll see you in the next world."

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