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Maggie Mae Archer

"Just try to keep up."

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a character in “A Different Life”, as played by Jynxii


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”


Full Name:
Maggie Mae Archer

Mags, Mae, Archer, Sunshine, Barbie Bitch.


Twenty-one year young.

Sexual Orientation:

Nurse, and part time Yoga instructor.
She also volunteers as an assistant track coach.


Hair Color:
Honey oat blonde.

Eye Color:
Summer day blue.

Five foot five inches.

One hundred and twenty-three pounds.

1.On left pinky“Promise” in cursive. [ ** Open to another one of the girls having this same tattoo on their right pinky?**]

2.Birds on her left shoulder blade.

Two holes in each ear, on her lobe.
⚓ A scar across her right eyebrow, it’s very faint now.

⚓ A couple light scars scattered across her body from various sport [cheerleading, track, and softball] injuries.
Character Color: Darkgreen #254117

Maggie's hair is a golden blonde that falls well past her shoulders. When running, which is most of the time, she prefers to wear it in a high pony tail, or braided in twin braids down each side of her neck. When going out, she spends the extra hour curling her hair, or straightening it to perfection. Her skin is a creamy tan, thanks to good breeding. Her eyes favor her mother in their warm blue color. When she is angry or feeling any form of intense emotion her eyes darken into a deep sapphire hue. She has an athletic build, which she keeps up to par with daily runs in the morning. Blame it on her OCD, but she has to get a morning run in, if she doesn’t her whole day s off. Her ideal casual attire is a pair of skinny jeans or high waist shorts. For tops, she enjoys loose fitting over lays and tank tops, or fashion forward blouses. Around the house she enjoys comfortable yoga pants and sports bras under a colorful tank. Maggie's fashion obsession is long hanging jewelry, and hoop earrings. Her favorite pair of running shoes are bright pink, and kept spotlessly clean despite the miles she's put on them. All of her outfits must match. The only exception being her bright pink running shoes.

For Better Or For Worse

Maggie is a bit of an over-achiever. She turns a lot of things into a competition, even if everyone else doesn't realize they’re in the game. She's a bright girl, with a lot of ambition. Track was her way into college, and she still lives and breathes running. In high school Maggie wasn’t your stereotypical jock. She wasn’t an outright bitch for no reason, she actually enjoyed school and studying, and she had friends that ran in all the different circles. When confronted with a problem, Maggie tries to take a logical, although sometimes dramatic, approach. She's a planner, and she doesn't mind being in control. Maggie is a natural born leader, and people tend to just gravitate to her. She has an easy way about her that seem to draw people in. Mags is a great friend to have and a pain to fight with. Speaking of friends, she is one of the rare ones. The come-to-your-house-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-bring-you-hot-chocolate type of friend. Even if you aren't particularly close to Maggie, if you've ever been nice to her; she's on your side.

Maggie is incredibly black and white- she either likes you, or she doesn't, and it only takes her a couple of moments to figure out exactly where you fit. Maggie was picked on in elementary school for being so long and lanky, and when she grew older, she began to defend any kids getting picked on. She hates bullies and will stand up for the 'little guy', because she remembers what it was like to be a little 'different'. Speaking of different, Maggie suffers from both Bipolar and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. This being so, she has to have things done a certain way sometimes. She has medication for both, which she takes…. Most of the time. When she starts to feel better, she stops taking her medication believing that she’s fine and didn’t need them in the first place. Her disorders can make her hard to handle, but have never stopped her from being an outgoing person. She will openly speak her mind, and depending on the day; it could be showers of praise, or a storm of curse words.

Furthermore, Maggie is a fantastic liar. She does tend to exaggerate on things like her SAT score, her date’s cuteness, the time she will arrive, her breast size, and her artistic skill, but overall she’s a pretty honest person to her friends. To other people, though, it’s all fair game. Her quick wit and love of the dramatics combine in a deadly dose of sarcasm. Maggie is a fighter, never one to give up on herself or her friends. That said, she has been known to push herself a little too far sometimes. Maggie feels things in huge, sometimes dramatic, swings. She will rise to any challenge, but she is not a graceful loser. It's not that she thinks she's the best, she just wants to be. Her mother puts a lot of strain on her to be perfect, and sometimes the stress can cause her to snap.
Explosive || Leader || Sarcastic || Girly || Competitive|| Perfectionist || Loving || Outspoken || Black and White || Dramatic|| Loyal|| Over-achiever ||

Playing guitar

∞ Rubbing her hands together when she’s nervous.
∞ Falling for the wrong type of guy.

She is Obsessive Compulsive and Bipolar.
She carries hand sanitizer with her everywhere she goes. [goes with rubbing her hands together. She uses hand sanitizer when she’s nervous and will have an episode if she doesn’t have some and she feels like she needs it.]

Likes Dislikes
Playing guitar and the piano Letting people down
Running Second place
Winning Not having hand sanitizer
Blue M&Ms Smokers
Working/being busy The color orange
Animals Spiders and other bugs
Fairy tales –secret pleasure- Guns

Stuff You Shouldn't know...

Strengths and Weaknesses

Character Skills/Talents: What is your character good at doing?
  • Running and Yoga
  • Playing the guitar
  • Getting people to like her
Character Flaws/Weaknesses:What is your character bad at doing?
  • Keeping on her medication
  • Being sympathetic to people outside of her Sisterhood
  • Losing

Her brother, Waren and her Mother caused her father to commit suicide. [PENDING who knows]

She rigged the poles at her senior prom to be prom queen. [The Sisterhood knows]

She’s a masochist. [No one knows]

Maggie is crushing on Mike. Hard. [The Sisterhood, aside from Christy]

Fear of germs. (Only when she doesn’t have sanitizer with her)
Fear of squirrels.

Looking Back At The Years...


July 4th. Happy birthday, America.

Maggie grew up in a small town near most of her friends called Dune. She looks at Dune as a quicksand town, that once you graduate if you don't get out-- you'll sink into the ground and root yourself forever. Maggie has always loved people and decided after working as an intern at the local clinic that she wanted to become a nurse. Ever since high school she has volunteered and worked at various clinics around the state. She thoroughly enjoys joining marathons because it’s a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.

In her sophomore year of high school her father committed suicide. Maggie coped with the loss of her father by running every morning and every night, as if she could out run the memory of finding him in his study with his brains decorating the soft orange wall paper. The doctors say it’s what triggered her OCD. Maggie blamed herself, but the true cause of her father’s emotional outburst was her mother’s infidelity with Maggie’s brother. Both her mother and her brother took her father’s passing out on her. Her brother took out his own inner hate through his fists, and her mother through her razorblade tongue. Maggie’s house became toxic, and she was the happiest girl in the world when she got accepted into university on a full track scholarship. She rigged prom so that she was set to win; and was crowned Prom Queen. Her king? None other than her biggest high school crush; Mike. Maggie never thought she'd be so lucky. They shared a dance together that started at prom and swept through into summer. For Maggie, it was magical. If she could just forget her home life and disolve into the handsome man before her, everything would be perfect.

But life is never perfect. With the fall came time for her to leave for college, which meant she had to leave home. As badly as she wanted to stay, she knew she had to go. She had to escape the abuse. So, she packed up her life and with a very emotional send off she left home and never looked back. She became a nurse in a town an hour or so from her friends, but managed to keep in touch. She found that being busy was when she was the happiest, so she took on a volunteer job as a track assistant coach, and then another part time job as a Yoga instructor. She doesn’t hear from her biological family much, so she considers the Sisterhood her true family. She began to make trips to visit her friends as often as she could, and bought an insane amount of lottery tickets. The silly slips of paper, with randomized numbers, would be her ticket to the life she never got to have. A happy ending with her Sisterhood, is all she ever wanted.

Family Tree

Mother | Alive
Father | Deceased
Brother Waren | Alive


Mike Genette ~ High school crush.
Danielle Woods ~ friend in the Sisterhood.
Jayson Goldsworthy ~ friend in the Sisterhood.
Ashlyn Winters ~ friend in the Sisterhood.
Christy Nelson ~ best-friend in the Sisterhood.
Emily Rose White ~ friend in the Sisterhood.
Augustus Lavara ~ [pending]
Marcus Giovanni Moretti ~ [pending]
Luca Dante Mariotti ~ [pending]
Alessia Carla Mariotti ~ [pending]
Julian Savano ~ [pending]

Winning The Lottery


With the money I will... [How does your character want to use the money she won?]
Now that Maggie is a billionaire, she wants to throw all of her responsibilities away and live the high life. She wants red carpet events, the finest wines, the sexiest men, the biggest yacht money can buy.
“What’s the point in having all this money if I can’t spend it?”
Photo Gallery:



How often can you get online?
Every day..... sadly.. LOL Does this mean I have no life? o.o

How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
... God, I have no life... Every day. xD

So begins...

Maggie Mae Archer's Story


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As soon as Emily opened her eyes, she pinched herself again trying to figure out if she had dreamed everything that had happened to her for the last month. She remembered getting up early and, as always, getting ready for school doing her regular morning routine when she had exams. She tried being quiet as her roommate was still asleep, while looking for something to wear, she decided to dress comfortably, instead of heels some flats. She bought herself a coffee from Starbucks and she bought a doughnut at the cafeteria that she worked in. She had already memorized the whole content but she couldn't be at ease, not if she wanted to keep up with her scholarship, so instead she kept studying while she waited for the test to start.

As usual, as she and her friends made the tradition, they had bought another bunch of lottery tickets. She had kept some of the tickets with her as she had been one of the first who came with the idea and even though it was impossible she thought that maybe one day they would hit it big. Of course, some of her friends were not as optimistic and considered the whole thing as their private joke, which at times Emily did too, but that didn't stop them from buying tickets. All of them had different lives, that much was obvious, and there were times where they had grown somewhat apart. Yes, it was true that their friendship would always stay strong, but that didn't mean that life had gotten in the way.

All problems seemed to disappear as Emily connected the dots, more like the numbers. She was just about to take her final on advanced physics when she decided to check the lottery numbers, as a lucky charm, she read the numbers on her telephone screen and read them out loud. One by one, the numbers matched the ones in the ticket. In shock and unable to contain herself she got up screaming like a madwoman, tears of joy overflowing and a smile that she couldn't contain. She called the girls immediately each and everyone, not willing to tell them on the phone as maybe they wouldn't believed her, though she would never lie especially not about something as important. At the end she told the girls, still in tears, still hoping that their promise of traveling around the world remained intact as when they first made it.

- 1 Month Later -

Emily woke up from her daydream of what had happened just a month before and still couldn't believe that they had gone to Italy, Verona, everything was just like a dream come true. It had always been a dream of Emily's to travel somewhere else than a 3-4 hours drive from home, and now that she was here she only wished that she and her sister would have won the lottery sooner. "We are really here!" she said excitedly to the girls with a big smile. They had just gotten out of the cab as they arrived to the hotel, "La Rosa sul fiume Hotel". In one of the cabs there was Mike, Marcus, Christy & Maggie, while Emily, Danielle, Ashlyn & Jayson had taken another cab. They had all agreed to meet up at the hotel to leave all their luggage and then eat something, but neither the guys or the remaining girls were nowhere to be found.

"Where are u?! We're already at the hotel" Emily texted Mike before she turned her eyes away to see the hotel once again. The pictures of the hotel on her cellphone did not even by the slightest compared to what she could see, everywhere she turned her eyes there was a lot of green from the garden to the beautiful flowers that surrounded everywhere she turned her eyes to, it all seemed very... 'romantic' on Emily's eyes.


Marcus tagged along when Mike invited him to Italy, he had saved enough money as he planned to buy a new car but at the end going on a trip seemed much better. Besides, he was comfortable around with most of the girls, he knew Emily well through Mike, and he had talked a couple times with Christine. He had just finished a photo shoot and the new movie project he had would not start until months later so he had free time. He had barely told his parents about his plans on leaving for Italy on vacations when he left with Mike and the girls, after all he didn't want to bring his younger sister and didn't want them to worry themselves unnecessarily.

Marcus didn't say a word on the way to the hotel, he kept starring outside his window out in the city. 'so this is where she lived?' he wondered remembering his mother. It wasn't until he noticed that they had already taken more than fifty minutes on the cab, being the cautious person that he was he knew before they had arrived that the hotel was no longer than 30 minutes from the airport. They were all crammed up in the cab, and he was sitting too close next to Christy, Maggie on her left, and Mike was at the other side of the door. He didn't say anything, so instead he talked to the cab driver.

He made a cough-like-noise trying to make himself noticed, "Excuse me? Are you sure this is the way to the hotel?" but the man kept on driving ignoring his every words or simply not understanding a thing he was saying. "si" the man said in Italian with a whole bunch of words that Marcus did not seem to understand whatsoever."La Rosa sul fiume? Marcus asked again, the man smiled and kept on driving. Everyone unaware for the moment that the cab driver was driving the longest way in an attempt to charge them more.


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Jayson remembered the day as if it happened just moments ago. She had been up all night the night before and decided to stay home for the day. She was about to indulge in a habit she'd rather not speak of when suddenly her phone buzzed signalling a phone call from one of her friends (more like sisters) and when she had picked it up she heard the sobbing voice of Emily, unsure of why she was crying Jayson had agreed to meet her up later. When all the girls had met up never in Jayson's wildest dreams would she had guessed that they won the lottery. Jayson didn't cry. Even if it was for tears of joy she wouldn't allow herself to cry. Instead she burst out yelling like a madwoman in shock, excitement, and joy. For once in her life she didn't feel worried about the constant problems plaguing her or her horrible habit but she was utterly joyful and was happy to be alive. She of course agreed on travelling the world with her sisters like they had promised and their first stop was where her family originated , Italy.

Now a month later Jayson is still wondering why it is she's still so surprised. The new and young billionaire was stairing out the window of the taxi she was in with a few others. She took the seat next to the window on purpose to see what it was like in this beautiful, exotic country. It was nothing like where she and the sisterhood lived. Though she loved home she loved Italy as well. She heard Emily excliam their arrival and that's when it actually hit her. She was in another country and she along with the rest of the sisterhood were now rich. It was so new to her but she wouldn't let that get the best of her. Right now she looked forward to dropping her luggage off and enjoying in some of her favorite food which was italian.

She was excited to be in Italy. She was also thinking of what was in store for all of them. Everything happens for a reason but she was hoping that this wasn't a dream and to make sure it wasn't a little while before she had pinched herself. Once the pain hit she was reassured it wasn't a dream. It was the new and beautiful reality. One she was glad to be living in instead of the world of slumber. She was rich as were the rest of the girls but Jayson would make sure to never let it go to her head.


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#, as written by Jynxii

When Maggie found out about her new fortune she was shocked, like all the other girls... but unlike some, she was determined to be a whole new version of herself. She would no longer be the scrub-wearing, messy-bun nurse. Whoa, no. She would be the beautiful, stylish, and free billionaire. Her first instinct was to get a thousand one dollar bills and swim in a bed of cash, but she resisted. With a little gentle convincing from Dani, she restrained herself and settled for a day at the spa. It was agonizing for her to wait four weeks, and the days drug by. As Dani had said, she refrained from telling anyone at work about her new funds and remained in her mundane routine. It was torture. Then, the day finally came.

The re-reunion with the sisterhood was wonderful. She had really missed them. It was when he walked up, coming back from grabbing a drink at one of the many airport restaurants, that her world stopped. Mike looked so mellow. He always looked so mellow. Memories from three years ago flashed through her mind, locking up her heart and twisting her insides. Was he coming on the trip with them? He had his backpack slung nonchalantly over his shoulder. Yes. He was going to be going to Italy with them. With her. Could her luck get any better? And then, the world started moving again. He finished walking up to the group and grinned over at Danielle, totally consumed by her quiet beauty. He didn't even notice her. It was like high school all over again. "Hey stranger," she chirped, throwing her winning smile. She got a small nod a light, friendly wave, and a 'Oh, hey Mags!' It was like he had grabbed a fish and slapped her with it. She opted to sit next to Christy on the flight, miserable and excited all at the same time.

It was on the flight over that Mags was filled in on the last three years, and exactly what her high school sweetheart had been up to. Christy-- was pretty much what he had been up. She would have been mad, but Christy was her best friend and after all-- it had been years since she'd seen him. She decided to laugh it off, and pretend she didn't care, but Christy would know better. After all, sometimes Maggie thought she knew her more than she knew herself.

Once they landed the group was split up, a necessity given the number of people they had. Maggie waved off Emily and the others and piled into the cab with Christy and the boys. Under any other circumstances, it would have been her lucky day to get put in the group with Mike... but now that she was up to speed; to made her stomach turn over. That didn't last long. The city of Verona had taken her broken heart and swept it up, and tossed the pieces to the wind. Like a seesaw, Maggie was on an up again, and was soaring along with her hopes and dreams for the trip. "Isn't it beautiful, Christy?" She nearly plastered herself against the cab window, leaning over whoever was in her way. "It's official-- I'm moving here. Live with me, Christy?" She flashed a grin over at her best friend, knowing that she wasn't serious. Now that she was rich; she'd never have to live anywhere ever again. She could live everywhere! The world would be her backyard. Her blue hues were alight with all the possibilities that the beautiful city flashing by her had to offer.

It was some time into the cab ride that she had lost her enthusiasm again, and was beginning to dip down again. "How much longer? For Christ's sake, how far away is this fucking hotel?" She had snapped. She crawled over to the front of the cab and slammed her fist against the metal grating that separated [luckily] her from the driver. "Excuse me? Are you sure this is the way to the hotel?" Marcus asked from the back. Maggie huffed and slammed back down into a seat, fuming. Bless you, Marcus, bless you and your infinite patience, she thought to herself with a sigh. "Si." "For fucks sake..." "La Rosa sul fiume?" "That's it. PULL OVER. Let me the hell out of this cab. NOW," her top was blown. She slammed her palm into the grate to put emphasis onto her words. The cabbie started stumbling on about something in Italian, which only made her ever more irritated. "Someone tell him to pull over, or so help me God," she growled, unbuckling her belt again.

The cab came to a sudden halt and Maggie climbed over everyone to be the first to get out, taking a deep breath of air. The cabbie was raging in Italian now, gesturing to her and then the road. Maggie rolled her eyes and sighed deeply, her lungs instantly filled with the smell of fresh pastries. "C'mon, guys. Let's just fucking walk to the hotel. It's a beautiful day; we can't be that far we've been in that cab for God-knows-how-long! Please? Christy?" Her blue puppy dog hues went to her best friend, begging her to join her side despite the bitchfit she was throwing. So, maybe she was a bit of a princess sometimes but... well-- she was a billionaire. If she wanted to walk to the hotel; she'd walk to the hotel or pay a private plane to land in the street and take her there. A small smile tugged at her lips, willing Christy to join her in her daring decision. "Adventure is out there!"


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❝We should all start to live before we get too old.❞ ~ Marilyn Monroe

It was the last time. At least, that's what they'd agreed the morning of their flight to Italy. They both seemed to have a habit of say that though, both knowing the other's weaknesses made it hard to stop. Feeling wanted was sweeter than the taste of each other's lips. It seemed to always hurt more than it helped, if it helped anything at all. It's often just enough to be with someone. Not even needing to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between both. They're not alone. And that was very powerful for the two who'd yet to feel a love that lasted. The morning was how it'd always been, Christy made breakfast and Mike watched her move back and forth around her apartment's kitchen. He relaxed at the table, and stayed quiet. There was always a beauty or elegance in the way the blonde moved, her subtle shifts and tilts of her long legs or curving her body into a new position. The usually talkative boy often found himself in awe of the beautiful creature he called one of his best friends. Though he cared for her deeply, their relationship consisted of lust and close friendship. Romance wasn't in the mix, and they both knew this.
Christy slid a plate across the table filled with pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, and potatoes. Mike's eyes lit up, and her looked up at her with his classically charming smile.
"You know a way to a mans heart," he commented, and began to eat. She sat across from him, doing the same.
Both had already packed everything the night before, and Mike had spent the night after bringing his things over. They had a little less than an hour to get to the airport, giving them both time to get ready. After eating Mike took a shower, and Christy blow dried and styled her hair after taking her shower before he had. She'd picked out one of her favorite outfits to wear, on top of that it was one of Mike's favorite colors. It was a cute dress, with a matching Kate Spade purse, and brown gucci pumps to match her belt. The outfit came together nicely, and she began doing her make up as Mike returned from the bathroom. He was wearing an outfit that seemed to correspond with Christy's, and she sent him an intrigued look of amusement that he'd picked something so similar. He simply smiled slyly with a shrug, and they both laughed.
At the airport there was a bit of a quick reunion, the two met up with their friends. Some they'd seen a week before, others years. There were hugs and kisses distributed, and many stories mentioned. The plane ride held most of the catching up, and many hours gave the friends time to talk. Mike spent most of his time talking to Marcus, who he'd seen somewhat recently, but he and his best friend could talk for awhile without getting bored. Christy the same, with her friend Maggie. The two gossiped and chatted about normal girl things, boys, clothes, and whatnot. It was sometime on the plane when Mike had gotten up that Christy confessed her hooking up with him. Mags laughed it off of course, but Christy could tell there was a hint of something else. Jealousy? She couldn't figure it out exactly, but she knew the fling bothered Maggie slightly. Christy had remembered that Maggie and Mike had a summer romance once in highschool, but it'd never occur to her Mags wouldn't be over it by now.

When the flight landed Christy still couldn't believe she'd been waiting tables a week ago. It was a sudden change, even when she knew she didn't need to work a minimum wage job ever again, the last few days of her job were normal. Mike bartending, her taking orders. As she stretched out her muscles, she couldn't help but let it sink in that she was done with all of it. Her legs still felt a bit numb from sitting in the same position, but she let the voice of her still excited best friend distract her attention.

Mike and Marcus continued to joke together, though from just a glance it'd seem as if Mike was trying to get a giggle out of an unhappy child. Marcus always seemed to look serious, but every now and then a small smile would slide by. The boys talked with a few of the other girls, Mike casually trying to talk to Danielle. She always seemed so perfect to him. She attracted his attention and pulled others around her closer, and left everyone hanging on her every word. At least in his mind. They were good friends of course, but in his eyes she'd always be his "what if" girl.
Mike, Christy, Marc, and Mags all squished into the back of a cab, and began to drive what seemed like for hours. The sites were beautiful to look at, but after awhile the group grew restless. Maggie glued her eyes to the window, Mike doing the same, but occasionally talking with Marcus. After a while his mind took him to daydreaming about the adventures he'd have in this new country. Christy giggled along with Maggie's dreams about living in Italy, knowing she'd change her mind with every new place they traveled to. She hadn't really been paying attention to the cab driver at all until Marcus and Maggie began talking to the driver. She wasn't listening close enough to him speak to tell what'd he'd said in Italian, until Maggie started threatening to get out of the cab.

He was mumbling something about crazy american tourists, which made Christy frown. Asshole. She thought. She gesticulated for the words in Italian to stop the car, "A-...Accosta!" she exclaimed, forcing the cab driver to slam on the breaks. Maggie jumped out of the car in a spontaneous leap. Christy watched the driver began to rant, only picking up half the words he was saying because of his speed. Crazy... you... american... blonde... car... hotel... bitch... traffic... She gave up, considering he was ranting to himself from the sound of it.
"C'mon, guys. Let's just fucking walk to the hotel. It's a beautiful day; we can't be that far we've been in that cab for God-knows-how-long! Please? Christy?" the blonde girl pleaded, her face pouting a bit trying to will the three in the cab to get out.

Mike leaned over Marcus and Christy to speak more out of the door, "I say we go for it..." he suggested, "your Italian is good enough, Christy," he mentioned. She was still hesitant, and looked to Marcus for some kind of help. But from the situation, if the two crazies of the four wanted to do something they'd probably end up having to do it.

"Adventure is out there!" Mags exclaimed, trying to convince her to go for it. Christy sighed, but resentfully agreed. She slunk out of the cab, the boys following behind her. The cab driver seemed incredibly confused, and cursed a few more times in Italian before asking them what they were doing.
She thought of what to say to him, "Grazie..." she began, "ma non ci serve il vostro servizio." she tried to explain. He wasn't to happy, considering none of them made any effort to pay him.
Mike lifted up his phone, seeing that he had a text from Emily. "Hmm.. Looks like they've been at the hotel for awhile."
With that Christy realized the driver had tried to con them into giving him more money. So when they took their bags and the man held out his hand and expected one of them to pay, she stepped forward and spoke. "Tu ci truffati. Non stiamo pagando te, stronzo." she stated, acusing him and telling him they weren't going to pay him. At this he became angry, but the blonde girl shrugged and began to walk off. Laughing a bit, knowing whatever Christy said was probably rude and well deserved, Mike followed with her.


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Marcus didn't say anything while Maggie did her little tantrum, he was also annoyed at the incompetence of the driver so he let her bent her anger out as she always did. It wasn't until Maggie unbuckled her seat-belt and was about to jump out of the freaking moving cab that he also ordered the cab driver to stop, but it didn't stop until Christy yelled "A-...Accosta!". The cab came to a stop and Marcus could already hear the traffic go insane at the unexpected and sudden stop. Maggie managed to get out first, and once she was out, she told everyone that they should take a walk. The cab driver cursing and mumbling things that Marcus couldn't quite understand, even though his mother emigrated from Italy and he was half Italian, Marcus Italian was close to non existent, 'I guess I should have listened to my mother when she wanted to teach me some Italian'.

"I say we go for it... " Marcus said before he turned to Christy, "your Italian is good enough, Christy," meanwhile she starred at Marcus looking for some kind of help. "Adventure is out there!" Maggie exclaimed and soon after Christy followed. Marcus inevitably followed too and hurried to grab the girls bags, knowing that their luggage would be anything but light, he gave a stare to Mike and he helped him too. He saw Mike and Christy following after Maggie, and then he turned his eyes to the cab driver now furious and curing at the top of his lungs. Marcus let out a sigh and quickly moved up to the driver's window and seeing how he had opened it to curse at them freely he grabbed his wallet paying him with Euros. He had payed him merely what he thought was fair, the exact money that he would have payed had he drove them straight to the hotel "take your fucking money and leave" he said furious realizing that he had tried to con them into giving him more money. Without saying anything the driver finally drove away and Marcus grabbed the bags again catching up with the group.

Marcus didn't say anything at first, he couldn't help but to feel annoyed at what just had happened. It was then when he remembered the rest of the group was waiting for them and he remembered hearing Mike's cell ring and he knew that it was no other than Emily. He reached for his phone and called her, "We'll take some time to get back to the hotel, something came up.... we'll meet you later." he said a bit annoyed and coldly before hanging up. As soon as he hanged up he grabbed the girl's bags, "since we're already on our way, we might as well get something to eat." he finally said eyeing a small restaurant that was nearby.

The setting changes from Italy, Verona to Il Casolare


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#, as written by Jynxii

At the mention of food, Maggie's eyes lit up. Now that she thought about it, she was nearly starving! Maybe that was why she was being so moody. She smiled to herself as she turned to help Marcus with her luggage. She was being moody because she was, well, moody. Not because she was hungry, but it made it sound better if she had that to blame it on. "Food sounds great, I'm starved," she sighed as she swatted Marcus away from her bag and insisted on lugging it herself. The zebra print suitcase had wheels, after all, so she could manage it easy enough. She hadn't seen a need to pack very heavily, after all- what was there that she couldn't just buy here, or anywhere for that matter. With a grin she laced her elbow with Christy's. "Seeing as you're the only one who can understand...anything being said around here, you're sticking with me," she grinned, glancing over her shoulder at the guys as she tugged her suitcase and Christy towards the lovely restaurant that Marcus had picked out.

The outside was a lovely burnt red color, with an adorable chalkboard sitting outside to display the day's specials. Of course, it was all in Italian, but the word 'Cafe`' sprawled in big cursive letters told her that Marcus was right- it was a restaurant. The idea of accidentally walking into someone's house, assuming it was a place to eat, briefly crossed her mind and caused her to laugh a little as they were greeted by the hostess. "How many?" She spoke English! Oh, praise be! "Four, please," Maggie responded, glancing to Christy with a smile. "You'll still read the menu to me, right?" It wasn't long before the group was sat at a table inside, and Maggie couldn't help but admire the beautiful brick work of the walls. Isn't this just beautiful? Gosh, I could just live here. I'm telling you, Christy, we're moving here. It's going to happen," she said as she searched over the menu which was, luckily, also in English. "We have to be near the hotel," Maggie decided, tilting her menu down to glance at Marcus and Mike whom sat across from her and Christy. " I mean, why else would the menus be in English?"

A natural blonde, through and through. It would never accur to Maggie that English was a common second tongue for Italians, and most people around the world. In fact, since tourism is one of Italy's highest forms of income, most businesses have an English option everywhere from restaurants to the metro. Sheltered and oblivious, Maggie continued to delight in her English-subtitled menu. "Well, I'm getting the po-low all gone-zall-us..."

The setting changes from Il Casolare to Italy, Verona


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❝There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.❞ ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Christy agreed to getting food, not feeling famished but she could eat. In one arm she carried a large purse like bag, in the other her phone as she snapped a picture of the outside of the cafe they were about to enter. Very tourist-y of her. It wasn't until Maggie grabbed her luggage that she realized Marcus was lagging hers along as well. As Maggie looped her arm through Christy's free one and began pulling her along to the cafe.
"Seeing as you're the only one who can understand...anything being said around here, you're sticking with me," Maggie said, as both of the girls then glanced back at Marcus and Mike. She felt a pang of guilt that he was dragging her suitcase along, but she'd thank him later. Christy was averagely a slow walker, the idea that she didn't really have anywhere she needed to be. Maggie on the other hand was always bouncing around and fluttering to one place onto the next being the social butterfly she was. She was constantly bouncing around, whether the mood was happy sad or in between.
The restaurant was cute and cozy-like; but its Italian culture consisted of gorgeous paintings art decorations and a warm feel to the whole place. Maggie spoke to the hostess and got them a table, and the four sat down at a table near the back corner of the building.
"Isn't this just beautiful? Gosh, I could just live here. I'm telling you, Christy, we're moving here. It's going to happen," Maggie gushed. Christy just smiled in reply, guessing that whatever place they went next she'd also want to live in. Maybe France or England. She daydreamed a bit of all the traveling they'd be doing with their newly gained money.
"We have to be near the hotel, I mean, why else would the menus be in English?" Maggie questioned, and looked across to the boys. Christy assumed it was in English because it was a common 2nd language and many tourists came to this part of Italy as well. She didn't know where their hotel was exactly, so couldn't really be sure if it was nearby. Maybe they'd ask the waitress.
She wasn't very hungry herself, so she looked over the appetizers more than the entrees.
"Well, I'm getting the po-low all gone-zall-us..." Maggie shared. Christy nodded, still deciding what she'd be getting. Her eyes wandered off the menu though, to across the table. Mike sat across from her, his boyish smile lighting up the area. He looked like a child in a candy shop, but he seemed to always look like that. Giddy and excited for whatever was around him. It was odd to then look to Marcus, who seemed very serious in comparison. The two were foils for each other, and she wondered how they were so close. She knew that Marcus went along with a lot of Mike's recklessness, maybe it was entertainment for him. She couldn't help but let her eyes linger on Marcus before they returned to the menu, even out of photoshoots he was seemingly flawless. She herself was very updated in the world of magazines and modeling. Though she wasn't a model herself, she liked following that stuff. When he'd first started modeling and she'd seen one of his shoots, the next time she hung out with Mike she asked him to sign something for her. Only slightly embarrassed, assuming he'd gotten people like her before. It wasn't like she had a crush on him or anything. Well, maybe. But Christy decided Marcus wouldn't really waste his time with crazy girls like her when he had fabulously gorgeous model girls around.
"Hmm... I think I'm going to go with the Froaggio in Carrozza." she said aloud. She glanced at Maggie, Marcus, then Mike, realizing she kind of ruined the "m" name thing they had going on.