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Completed Stories

Liuena Academy Completed

A magical school for those with magical abilities known as Magni. (Complete & Pending Review)

Universes Created

Love that is Disaster

Love is a complicated thing even more complicated when the ones you love are your supposed enemy. (1x1 Male Role Needed.)

The Academy for the Supernatural

{Remake} Deep within the furthest parts of Japan lies a school where supernatural beings attend. Many know that because they attend there will be school years chocked full of drama, fighting, romance, and much else. How will you survive it all?

Beauty From Pain

Eight strangers brought together through there own issues. Their issues range from addiction, self-harm, mental instability etc. Through there troubles being faced together it showes that through pain can come beauty.

Code Geass: R3

It's been two years since the death of Emeperor Lelouch and once again Britannia has taken control of Japan which is now Area 11 once again only now a new hope has surfaced and a new rebellion is formed.

The Runaways: Salvation

These young people have all been dealt a horrible hand at life and now they've decided to run away to a place they've heard of somehow. They are the Runaways.

Vampire Knight: Darkness of the fallen

All new students have come to cross academy and some are now thrusted into the world of vampires.

Crimes of love

Eight juveniles have been sentenced to several hours of community service for a crime they commited. Once beginning their phunishment and meeting other young criminals love/hate relationships will ensue.

What Lies Beneath

Every town has it's secrets. In Mistwell Massachusetts many secrets plague this small town for centuries. Secrets that put many of it's residents in danger. Trouble is brewing in this small town. The culprits are what many humans never thought existed.

Saved from the Edge

A group of six teens were pushed so far off the edge it led to them dangerous outcomes. Now their all signed up for a program called Cookie Cutters. It's not only them who's feeling after affects but the ones that saved them.

Code Geass: R1

A rebellion has begun with an outcast prince at the center of it but now with war for liberation raging, another royal has arrived among other new faces that could change the course of this war as well as history.

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