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Completed Stories

Liuena Academy Completed

A magical school for those with magical abilities known as Magni. (Complete & Pending Review)

Universes Created

Code Geass: R3

It's been two years since the death of Emeperor Lelouch and once again Britannia has taken control of Japan which is now Area 11 once again only now a new hope has surfaced and a new rebellion is formed.

Tonari no Kaibustu-kun

It all started with a few troublemakers and a few somewhat normal people but when some starting falling for their friends and fights start ensuing their friendships are questioned.

The Star Crossed Lovers

In Fair Verona two families rule over all else. Both of these families are sworn enemies though when their children begin to fall for their enemies blood will spill and hearts will break. Time will tell what is to happen to these star-crossed lovers.

Pretty Little Liars: Ugly little Lies

In Rosewood certain pretty girls hide things that aren't very pretty. When their friend goes missing much more things than secrets emerge.

A Love That Once Was and Still Is

Many years ago two lovers had found a way to remian together forever but with vampirism came the heartbreaking seperation between them. Now years after their seperation come their reunion only it isn't of any normal and maybe not even good circumstances.

Skins: New Generation

The original teens of Skins have moved on from their teenage lives now the new ones have come along.

World in darkness

Vampires were only believed to exist in the world of fiction but what happens when humans suddenly are brutally aware of the world of the immortal and their royal family?

American Horror Story: New Murder House

Theres a new haunted murder house this time in New York. A foster family moves in to find that their seemingly cozy home hides many dark secrets.

Blood+ : The New War

Years ago a war raged between twins. After this war a new rivalry began between the offspring of the ealier and now deceased twin. Now after yet another happened another twin dead again a war has begun between sisters who are also queens of chiropterans.

A World in Darkness

Vampires were only believed to exist in the world of fiction but what happens when humans suddenly are brutally aware of the world of the immortal and their royal family?

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