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Allison "Ally" Lawson

"Don't be fooled, I was raised by wolves.."

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a character in “A Night To Last Forever”, as played by Nami L'Chi


Allison "Ally" Mandy Lawson


β€œDon't be fooled... I was raised by the moon hangs in full. ”


Characters Full Name
Allison Mandy Lawson



-Lip rings
-Red Bull
-Hair Dye

-Being Ignored and Unappreciated



Ally is estimated to be around 5'6. With long blonde hair. She has black lowlights underneath, but sometimes she adds color to her hair. Usually Pink or blue. Her eyes are a bright, arctic blue, with a smile that seems to light up the room. Though she doesn't show this smile often. She has one nose ring, and usually is caught wearing heavy eyeliner. She's tan, but not too tan. It's that perfect summer tan that anyone could ever dream of. Callus's on her fingers from her playing guitar for many years.

Allison is pretty spunky for her age. Though she enjoys being left alone, she has few friends she does hang out with. Though this is outside of school. She doesn't seem to have many friends on school grounds. She's known to be in detention for her smart mouth, or because she's late. She's got the "i don't care" attitude, when she actually cares about anything and everything. She tries hiding that she comes from a rich family, only because she doesn't want people to know her for her money, but for herself and her music.
She's quiet when she wants to be, and crazy when she can be. She enjoys taking photographs of random things that catch her eye. She's soft spoken but very opinionated.Which usually gets her in trouble, with almost everyone. She changes her hair color almost monthly, but for some reason she always reverts back to her natural blonde color.



When Ally's father left her at 5 years old, her mother had turned to drugs to cope. Ally was basically raised by her Aunt that showed her a love of music and art. Ally doesn't remember much about her childhood, though she does remember being sexually molested by her mother's ex boyfriend when she was only 13 years old. Ever since then Ally refuses to acknowledge her mother's presence. Though this doesn't stop Ally from hiding her mother's drugs, because deep down, Ally does want a relationship with her mother.

The night of the wolf attack, Ally didn't really quite know what was going on. One minute she was walking home, the next she was being invited to a party with some teens in the woods. Her aunt had always told her that she should make friends from school so Ally joined. She didn't know what she was in for. The next morning she awoke praying that it was just a horrible nightmare. Though, it wasn't... it was her new reality.

So begins...

Allison "Ally" Lawson's Story


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Ally woke up with a jolt. Seeing the time, she cursed herself mentally. How could she sleep in again?! Then it hit her. Last night, the wolf. She looked at her hands. Were they paws last night? She didn't remember. Sighing, she looked in her closet at her dress and shoes she had bought the week before. She had a party to attend. Her aunts.

Her aunts reason for throwing it wasn't for fun, it was to get Ally to make friends, and hopefully get a boyfriend. Of course her aunt would never tell the girl that. Sighing, Ally threw her hair into a messy bun. Quickly grabing a pair of jeans and her top and hoodie she looked into the mirror. Frowning she decided that it would have to do. Doing basic makeup and grabbing her gir bag, she left the house. She knew she was late for school, but oddly she didn't care. Walking into the building she opened the door to her class. The teacher seemed to be either asleep, or not even in the Room, Ally didn't look for her.

She took her seat beside the goth boy and worked on her writing assignment. Her hair starting to fall out of her bun. Her eye caught the corner of a glittering envelope. Pulling it out of her binder she realized, that this was the envelope her aunt had mailed out to almost everyone in her class. She looked up and noticed that one of the girls and the goth guy were passing notes. A smirk formed on her face. "Who is going to the party tonight?"

It was random chit chat, and she knew no one knew it was her aunts party, and no one knew that her aunt was well... her aunt. Ally was sure she was safe. "I'll be performing tonight." Before anyone could comment upon what she said she went and looked back down, drawing random pictures on a spare piece of paper. One doodle was her beautiful les paul guitar, another was her schecter guitar.

She was tapping her foot against the floor as she continued doodling random things that entered her mind. Flipping the page over, she drew a picture she loved. A picture of her and her father when she was a little girl, the santa hat hanging off of her head. As her dad held her in his arms reading her a book. Smiling tears formed in her eyes.

Trying as fast as she could she tried blinking them away.


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Ally looked up from her drawing, as a tear slid down her cheek. "Well... I hope to see you there. I was lucky to get this gig." She'd smile after wiping the tear off her cheek. Holding her hand out she expected to shake his. "I'm Allison, but everyone... er... some call me Ally." She'd turn to hear Jaden. She saw the picture she was speaking of. "Very pretty." She'd mutter as she looked at her own drawing.

Something seemd familiar about Nick but she couldn't realy remember what. Shruging she continued to smile as she looked up at the clock. "So, uh.. Jaden... right? Are you going to the party tonight??"

Ally was nervous about playing, but she wasn't too nervous, adreneline always helped her when it came to these sorts of things.