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Alice Liddell

"Finding myself in Wonderland once again...why can't I ever be the wrong Alice?"[WIP}

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a character in “Alice in Wonderland: A Twisted Wonderland”, as played by Nami L'Chi


Name: Alice Liddell
Role (Cheshire, White Rabbit, etc..):Alice
Age: 20
Gender: Female

So begins...

Alice Liddell's Story

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Character Portrait: Kurai Shirakawa (The Cheshire) Character Portrait: Alice Liddell Character Portrait: Elliot March
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Alice awoke in the middle of the night. Her blonde hair all messed up. Her husband wrapped his arms around her and murmured something in her ear. "Alice, dear, what is the matter with you?" He seemed to ask. She'd turn to look at him, "Twas nothing but a bad dream... I need some air." She said getting out of her bed. She was in her blue gown, slipping on a pair of white boots, she stood outside, smoothing her hair down.
What did that dream mean? She thought to herself, as she continued walking around her yard. It was the world she had dreamed about since she was a little girl. A cat that smiled with bright yellow eyes and purple hair. It was pinned against a tree, the wide smile still there, even after death. A man with white hair and rabbit ears, his eyes wide and skin pale with death, a cup of tea on the ground on its side as if the man had dropped it upon his death.

What did all of those mean, a world she dreams about with death everywhere she looked. As she walked across the lawn she pondered more and more on what her nightmare could mean. Something told her to go to the woods. Without thinking she did. In the darkness she walked to a large oak tree, where the rabbit hole was. Seeing something shimmer, she thought it was something she had lost. As she reached in for it, that's when it all started.

She fell down the rabbit hole, and kept falling, never stopping, until what felt like hours later, she landed in an old abandoned and broken down room.

Rubbing her head, and her ankle, she looked around. Something about this seemed familliar, but she saw smears of blood, and feathers, and stuffing from an old couch. What was the problem with her, she had never been here before, at least from what she could tell she couldn't have been here before, but in her heart, it all seemed familiar.

"Stranger and stranger." She'd murmur.

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(OOC: sorry about not posting. I was adjusting to the first week of school and couldn't make time.)

Tillia listened to the Cat jump through the trees before landing a couple feet away from her. He threw down his cloak and exposed his grotesque claw. She cracked a smirk at the cat. Did he expect that to intimidate her? She wasn't going to cower like a normal soldier. She had four of those claws normally. She wasn't in her normal skin but she could still make herself very deadly with the spear.

She pushed the but of the spear into the ground. She put a hand on her hip and leaned against a nearby tree.
"Prey isn't supposed to attack the hunter." she taunted.
She locked eyes with the cat. She adjusted her grip on the spear, preparing to jab it forward if he chose to attack.


"Will that be all queen?"
The queen looked around the room before settling her cold eyes on Chaturi. Chaturi stifled the urge to shiver beneath her gaze.
"Well I guess there is no more use for you here," She said looking away with a faint sigh. "Did you want to go?" she asked when he hadn't moved.
"Oh yes oh great queen." He said, hopping away towards the door. He purposefully stumbled on the way out the door and practically felt the queen roll her eyes at him. He nodded to the guards on the other side of the door but they ignored him. Once around the corner he threw of his act. It was annoying to act like an idiot in front of everyone but it had to be done.

About an hour later he was hopping through the undergrowth in no real direction. He'd overheard some of the queen's plans the day before and figured that Kurai would want to hear about it. Kurai didn't favor one place in his woods though and it could take much longer than he had to wait in one place. He was much better off wondering through every part of the forest as fast as he could but even then he might miss him. More than anything it was also an excuse to be out of the castle. He hated being in there. It always felt as if someone were watching him and his idiot disguise was very annoying.

Chaturi smiled at the wind and leaves rushing through his fur as he ran freely through them. Then something else caught his eye and he stopped. It was an old broken down house. It was shoddily made out of wooden planks which had a faded white paint job. Heart-shaped tiles had fallen from the roof and now formed a sort of path toward the door. Chaturi had never been down this trail before and contemplated turning around. This house seemed very eerie to him and it didn't look like strangers were meant to go inside. On the other hand some Wonderlanders were reluctant to leave their houses whether for fear of the red queen or fear of Kurai. Either way they could become a potential ally for him at least.

He cautiously hopped up to the beginning of the tile path and called inside.