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Ava Carmichael

"It just feels right being back."

0 · 633 views · located in Montana

a character in “Back Again”, as played by Unjustifiable



"People can change, whether it's for the best or the worst, it's up to us to decide."


| Full Name |
Ava Giselle Carmichael

| Nickname |
Ava || Elle
"They started calling me Elle in 4th grade because of my middle name."

| Gender |

| Age |
24 years old
"Geez, when did I get so old?"

| Sexuality |
"I always dated guys, I did experiment once, but it wasn't my thing."

| Occupation |
Following her dreams, Ava went to school in Dallas, Texas to study Nursing. Now a licensed RN, she works at Viriginia City Memorial Hospital alongside her coworker and old classmate Aiden Rawnsley.
"I love working in the hospital. Getting someone who has been feeling downright awful for a while to feeling 100% better, is what I live for."



| General Appearance |

| Hair Color |
Light blonde, with natural lighter highlights of blonde. Her hair is usually worn down. It use to be long when she went to school, but wanting change, she cut it shoulder length.

| Eye Color |
Crystal baby blues
"People say this is my most defining physical trait."

| Build |
Small || Petite

| Height || Weight |
5'4" || 120lbs
"I'm of average height, not short!"

| Skin Tone |
Medium Fair

| Special Marks or Tattoos |
The bridge of her nose is sprinkled with light freckles

| General Apparel |

She normally wears whatever is most comfortable. Whether that is old jeans or dresses. Really she wears whatever is clean and hasn't been thrown into the corner of her room to be done for laundry some time in the future.

x & x

Image Image Image Image Image



| Personality |
{Friendly} {Forgiving} {Playful} {Naive} {Witty} {Free-thinking} {Compassionate}

When you first look at Ava, you'd think she was nothing more than a klutzy bottle blonde. She was klutzy, but she was in no way what so ever a bottle blonde. Truthfully, Ava was a kind soul, with nothing but love in her heart. Having her high school diploma and her Bachelor's degree in nursing, Ava is nothing short of smart. Ever since she was a young girl, she has always loved to help; whether it be in the house or tending to a wounded baby bird. This is what led her to become a nurse. That way she would be able to help people everyday.
There's always a smile upon her face, whether it be genuine or not. She takes care not to hurt others feelings and is known to put the welfare of others before her own. Honestly she cares a lot about what others think of her. First impressions are everything after all.
She hates being seen as the grandma of the group, but Ava had always been a careful girl. When someone would suggest going ATV ridding through the forest beyond their town, she would make sure everyone had their helmets and that a first aide kit was with someone. With being a careful girl, comes a strong sense of protectiveness of herself. Having being broken hearted once after her boyfriend left for the Marines, she has been well guarded of her heart. Some may say this has left her a bit more reserved but she doesn't think so. She says she's just be cautious.
Ava is definitely a free spirit. She can be a little goofy and silly at times, but it's only with those she feels more comfortable with. When she gets excited or really happy, she'll do her happy dance, something she would get made fun off but she knew her friends meant well.
Ever since Ava returned from college in Texas, she picked up on a few quirks from there. She'll say 'ya'll' and occasionally get the need to wear her cowboy boots. But growing up in a small town, she has more than a few morals. She doesn't believe in sleeping around, especially with someone whom you're not seriously thinking about being with. Some would call her a prude, but actually she isn't. She has lost her virginity to her ex, so she isn't exactly inexperienced either.
Overall, Ava is a gentle girl, with tender feelings, although she is reluctant to show them to just anyone. Just because she's a good girl, you shouldn't underestimate her because in a moment's notice she can turn feisty and cold hearted. So it's best to remember that if you're kind to her, she'll treat you with the same respect and return the kindness shown to her.


| Hobbies |
Reading || Riding her bike || Socializing || Going on nature walks || Bonfires || Dancing || Playing guitar
"Sure, I'd love to go to the party later on tonight! We can dance together!"

| Habits |
Biting her lower lip || Humming when nervous || Dancing when she's excited || Smiling at anything remotely amusing || Leaving her things everywhere || Walking into objects || Dropping things || Tucking her hair behind her ears
"I do weird things, so what?"

| Quirks |
Talking to herself || Thinking out loud || Doesn't like her food touching the other food on her plate || Yawning even when she's had a full night's sleep || Sleeping with many pillows
"What can I say? I'm unique."

| Likes |
โœ” Drinking socially || โœ” Animals (especially dogs) || โœ” Music || โœ” Playing with hair, even if it isn't her own || โœ” Dressing up || โœ” Finding an excuse to wear heels || โœ” Kind people || โœ” Being independent || โœ” Cooking || โœ” Baking || โœ” Dancing || โœ” Singing off key || โœ” Nature || โœ” Helping others || โœ” Playfully flirting || โœ” The sunset
"Oh, I like that a lot."

| Dislikes |
โœ˜ Rude people || โœ˜ Inconsiderate people || โœ˜ Steak || โœ˜ When people assume she's stupid || โœ˜ Blonde jokes || โœ˜ Being seen as a walking piece of meat || โœ˜ Stereotypes || โœ˜ Being dirty || โœ˜ Bad hair days || โœ˜ Early mornings || โœ˜ Loud annoying people || โœ˜ Being reminded about the past || โœ˜ Being shut out || โœ˜ Liars || โœ˜ Hypocrites
"Ugh. Let's not and say we did."


"Live, love, and forgive. It's easier that way."

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Image Image
| Back in School |
At Virginia City High, Ava liked to submerge herself in extracurricular activities and clubs. She was part of the debate club, french club, although she wasn't very good at speaking french, photography club, band, and a slew of others. I guess you could say she liked to keep herself busy. Albeit not the most 'popular' girl, she was known by everyone, mainly because her class size was only 40, but she had many good friends. Mainly spending time with Isobel Turpin, Mary Margaret McKinnon, and of course he perfect boyfriend Josh Callahan.
After school she wold either go to a club event/meeting or a volunteer service. Before working at the hospital, she was a candy-striper at Virginia City Memorial Hospital. There was never a moment to rest, and that's the way she liked it. And when she did get a chance to breathe, she would go out with Josh, usually to the movie theater or go for random walks about the city limits. With her girlfriends, they would go over one anthers houses and well, do girl things. They would do each others hair, paint nails, listen to music, have sleep overs, and talk about guys.
Before graduating her and Josh were named 'cutest couple' and she won 'best laugh' in the yearbook. High school was a whirlwind of emotions and memories, but right after graduating Josh surprised her that he was going into the Marines and that he thought it was best to breakup. The rest is all a thing in the past.

| History |
Growing up in a small down had it's ups and downs. For one she knew everyone in town and they never turned their back when her and her family needed help. The downside, there was no such thing as secrets. Her mother was secretary at city hall, and her beloved father owned the convenient store in the town square. She was an only child because her mother couldn't conceive after her. But growing an only child had many benefits. There were no second hand toys and she didn't have to share her room with anyone else.
Every Sunday she attended church with her parents and had a Sunday meal after that. Ava never really liked going to church, she found it tedious. When she got older, she was allowed to skip church, claiming to be busy with school activities, when in reality she was sneaking off with friends.
Being part of a small class, was great in her opinion. She had known the majority of the others since kindergarten. Even though she didn't know each one of them personally, she knew if they were worth her time or not. A majority of the students were good kids, there were only a few bad apples in which she disliked. She was never fond of the populars, although Giselle was greatly preferable to Parker. The jocks were friendly, but she always remained an arms length distance from Dave in case he tried anything funny with her. As for Aiden, she enjoyed being in group projects with him for her was obviously the more superior of the group, that and she did find him charming although she would never admit that to Josh.
After graduating and the breakup, she moved to Dallas, Texas to attend college, where she studied nursing. To help forget the past, she would immerse herself in her part-time job as a librarian and worked hard, studying every minute she got. She made many new friends in Dallas, and even ended up meeting another guy, whom was the perfect gentleman. She has thought he was great, but in the back of her head she still lingered on memories of her ex.
When she graduated with her Bachelor's degree she moved back to Virginia City two years before most of the rest. Everyone she had known in high school were still out of the country so the only person her age left was Joseph. Finding comfort in a familiar face, the two became very close. She opened up to him, as he did to her. To this day, even after everyone they knew has seemed to return, the two are still remain great friends who will go out and grab a drink.
In present day she has grown closer to Aiden. It's only natural since they work together. There's always some playful flirting, whether it's squirting each other with syringes filled with water as if they were water guns, or grabbing lunch at the local cafe. At best, Aiden would be like the best friend that you slowly start to fall for, that is if your ex didn't return.


| Why I've come back |
In truth, Ava hated being in Dallas. Big cities always scared her off. After growing up her entire life in a small gated community, it was only logical that she would prefer that scene compared to the other.
Plus Ava wanted to get away from the guy she had been becoming close to in Dallas. It wasn't that he was abusive or psychotic, rather she was being the 'psycho'. She was afraid to lose her heart again. Not wanting to repeat the past, she thought it best to simply sell her condo and move back home with her parents.
Anywhere where else was she suppose to go? All her memories, good and bad, were left behind in Virginia City, Montana. It was the only true home she had ever known. Even after spending 4 years in Dallas, it just didn't suit her. Her parents were back in Montana. She missed walking down the street and being waved at by the neighbors that have known her since she was born. She even missed that pesky dog that always barked at her when she was trying to go to school. And who knew if any old friends were going to show back up? She had sure wanted it, now lets not hope she regrets that wish.
Now after a year at being at her parents house, she has moved into a quaint 2 bedroom cottage near the dense wooded area of Virginia City. On her own with no one but her shepherd mix Bailey and the occasional visitor, Ava is enjoying herself in her childhood town.

So begins...

Ava Carmichael's Story


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She was running late. 7:05am. Very late. At least in a hospital's perspective. She nearly tripped in her rush to get her scrub bottoms on and get to the back door to let her dog Bailey out to use the bathroom. Running back to her room she ran a brush through her hair to untangle the mess. As she brushed her hair, her eyes were on the piece of parchment on her bureau signifying tonight's event. It came in the mail two weeks ago with the school's stamp and everything. Was it really already time for a high school reunion? It had seemed time had gone by so fast, and yet so slow.

7:10am. No time for breakfast. Grabbing her keys from the kitchen counter and opening the back door, she called in Bailey and patted her kindly on the head. "Tonight's the night girl!" Bailey tilted her head to the side and Ava couldn't help but laugh. After six years, the class of 2008 would be reunited, at least she hoped most of them would show up. Joseph would be there for sure, Aiden would show up because Ava nagged him into it, but she wondered about the others, especially Josh. She had heard he was back already, but because she had taken on so many extra shifts she hadn't seen him. Maybe that was a good thing. Who knows what it would be like seeing Josh again after all this time. The butterflies in her stomach were wreaking havoc inside of her, making her feel on the edge and jittery.

Okay, now she had to get moving. Aiden was going to give her another lecture on the morals and principles of being a nurse for sure, she thought with a grimace. With no time to spare, Ava hopped onto her bike and rode into town. On her way to work, she always passed by old neighbor's homes. Most of the time, they were out getting their newspapers, or getting to work themselves. Waving quickly to them as she passed, they all greeted her in kind, smiling as they did so. And this why coming back to Virginia Falls had been so important to her. The community was friendly and eager to lend a helping hand. None of that cold shoulder stuff you may get in a bigger city.

Arriving at Virgina Falls General, she quickly signed in, noting that her sign in time was 7:25am. Twenty-five minutes late, a lot of things can happen in just twenty-five minutes in a hospital, but thankfully, the emergency department seemed calm. As she grabbed her assignment for the day she spotted Aiden. Making a quick u-turn, she tried her best not to be seen by her co-worker and old friend by running into a patient's room. "Good morning Mrs. Richmond, how are you doing today? You look well!"

"Well, I certainly feel better Ava, Gavin's been back for nearly a week and has been helping out a lot." The color rose in her cheeks talking about her son.

"Aw, well I'm glad he's back. And I'll hopefully be seeing him later on tonight?" Gavin and Ava were never the closest of friends, but she knew him since they were both in diapers, so it would be nice to see him again.

"Of course dear. I told him he had to go, or else I was going to have his father cut his hours at the garage," she said with a wink. At that Ava laughed and proceeded with her routine assessment and chatted with her patient. In just a few more hours she would see just who was going to show up to the reunion at the lake. Coincidence that the setting just happened to be at the number one hangout back then. Old memories were sure to come up. Hopefully, only the good kind.


Gavin stared blankly at the engine before him. His father was rambling on about how fun it was going to be at the reunion. It had came as a surprise. Just as soon as he had arrived in town, his mom was shoving the letter, opened letter, in his face. Gavin originally had no intention of going to the reunion. After all, high school was just another four years of school. It held no real importance to him, but when his mom had threatened him with fewer work hours, he had agreed quickly.

He didn't know what to expect, or who was going to even show up. People would probably be surprised he showed up, that is if they recognized him. In the past six years, Gavin had grown a lot. Sporting new tattoos and a beard, he would hardly be recognized as the tall, limp noodle he was back in the day.

"So what time is that reunion any way?" he heard his father ask.

''8:00pm if I'm not mistaken." Honestly, he didn't know who was more excited. His mom or his dad. Both hadn't stopped bringing it up, it was like all they could talk about. All the town could really talk about. The class of 2008 was the biggest the small town had seen in years, even though 40 was a laughable number to any other bigger town. But to the small town of Virginia Falls, 40 kids of the same class had been a big deal, and they were all glad to see how they had all grown.

As his father kept talking about the reunion, Gavin was busy thinking about how he was going to be greeted at the reunion. Most of the time, he was in the shadows or by himself in school. Too lost in his own thoughts to even try communicating with the other students. It wasn't that he was an anti-social person, it was that he had lost two of the most important people in his life. When his brother and sister passed away, it was like a part of him had passed with them. Now, he has had time to become adjusted to their passing, but those who knew him in school wouldn't know that and would most likely not bother talking to him.

With a heavy sigh, Gavin started tuning the engine in front of him, his thoughts on how his mother's appointment was going. Since she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Gavin hasn't had a good night's sleep. With the idea of potentially losing another member of his family, was too much to bear. Not his sweet mother. She was the real reason he had come back to this town. He wanted her to be happy. He knew that when he left, it had been hard for her, for both of his parents, but he was back now. And she was the reason he was going to the reunion. If he had told her no, she would of been heart broken. After all, she just wanted to see her only son with old 'friends' being happy together.

Internally, Gavin wished the night would just happen already. And he didn't know if it was because he was secretly eager to see familiar faces, or because he wanted it to be over already.


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#, as written by TushoKa


It was quiet on the comfortable, familiar streets of Virginia City. Not strange, it was 5.30 in the morning, most people would still be sleeping. The sun was just coming out and the only place open at the moment was the VC version of Starbucks. His ears were listening to some Guns 'n Roses while his mind could hear the greetings of the people he met on the street. As he jogged by them he was looking around and saw most curtains closed. He knew the streets he was running through like the back of his hand, he was born and raised in this town. He knew the families and the families knew him.

About 5 minutes later he ran straight into the station. The locker room was in the basement, walking down the stairs he saw he was not the first one in. The showers on the right were running with just cold water yet again. It had been like that the entire week, and maybe even longer. He only started his new job a week ago, quite the difference from his previous job as a sniper with the marines. So far, so good, it had been uneventful so far, but there was still hope. Finishing in the shower he walked out with a towel around his waist. Aside from the towel he was just wearing his necklace with a bullet dankling from the end of it. He only took it off at night, and even that was something he actuall didn't want to do. It was his good luck charm and in his eyes it saved him from certain death.

He dried himself and got dressed with the clothes in his locker. His necklace disappeared underneath the blue shirt. After his pants he got to the most annoying part, his tie. After lunch he usually removed it, but until then it just looks better. While looking in the mirror he could see how the tie was mocking him. One end under the other, turn it around, putting it in the hole it created and pulling it down. The end result looked more like a noose than a proper knot, but it was the best that would come out of it today. The last thing to remove from his locker was his gun. A bit smaller than the weapon he was used to, but it would do for small town America.

He walked up the stairs and looked at the board to see the duties for today. He sighed with relieve when he saw he was supposed to be on patrol again. He had done the desk duty twice, but that wasn't really his deal. On patrol there was actually some stuff he could do, if only it was making sure the kids didn't skip school and Mrs Lieber could cross the road without getting run over. That was the fun part of the job, the part that made him feel like he was doing something. He received a different kind of gratitude than he received as a marine. It was a safer job and more importantly one where he did not have to be as far away from his sister. Since the death of her husband she had a difficult time, especially balancing the working life with her motherhood. Josh did all he could to make it a bit easier for her.

Josh stepped out of the station and took one of the bikes with on patrol. He would go to the outer skirts of town to keep an eye on things there. Peter's get-and-go, a little supermarket, was located there. Since the place was robbed just over a month ago Josh made it his business to go in every once in a while to let old Peter know someone's looking out for him. The morning went quick, and after seeing Peter he took care of a noise complaint and a school kid falling from his bike. The kid was in Jason's baseball team, and since Josh just started coaching them he knew his parents and where they lived. As he cycled next to him it seemed his skills on a bike were not that advanced. As Josh guided him home he had to steady the boys steering wheel every once in a while. Finally at th house he told his mother it would be better if she would drive with him for the first few days, jsut so the kid would be a bit more used to other traffic and such.

As he drove off again the mother waved at him. "Thank you officer, and have fun at the reunion tonight." Josh smiled and waved back. Somehow everyone knew about this reunion, and most people seemed to be excited themselves. Josh himself was not so sure. He looked forward to seeing his friends, but he was not looking forward between an awkward interaction with his high school girlfriend, Ava. They hadn't fought when they broke up, not really, but some words were spoken and a lot of tears were shed. He was still convinced he did the right thing, but he also thought he should have ended it differently. Tonight he will see if there is still anything worth saving.


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Time was passing by slowly and Ava didn't know if it was because nothing big was happening today at the hospital or because of the reunion that was happening later that night. It was later in the afternoon but she was anxious about getting out. She had been working in the emergency department but had decided to go to the other floors to see if there was more going on there. Normally if the day had been slow, she'd stay in the ED and catch up on patient reports and her nursing notes, but since the ED was normally slow, she had caught up on all of her extra work.

The pediatric floor was always a fun place to be. Most of the patients that showed up had usually suffered minor injuries. Broken bones, sprained ankles, some stitches, little things really. She liked to entertain them. Making them smile was a top priority aside from treating their main problem. The kids loved her in turn too. After all when your nurse is blowing up gloves and treating them like balloons, handing out lollipops like she was Oprah, and giving out stickers, most kids would like their nurse. She just didn't want to see them upset, or anyone upset for that matter, not when she knew she could make them feel better.

For the time being, she went up the Family Care floor where most of the adults were seen for non-emergencies. She had entered from the back where all the offices were and where some of the doctors hid to get away from their crazier patients. There she found doctor Carlson. "Hi Dan! Anything good going on here? I'm desperate for something to do." She held her hands up in a plea. At this point, Ava would do anything to keep herself busy.

"Got a few basic check-ups you can help me with. Just get some vitals and do some routine assessments. I think his name was... David? Interested?"

"Yes, oh yes! Thank you!" She was so pleased to finally have something to do she hardly looked at the patient's chart for any background information or at least a last name. Moving towards the front of the offices she came round to the waiting room. There were a few people milling around. Some she she recognized and some she didn't. Even thought the town was small, Ava didn't know everyone, it would be nearly impossible to memorize more than 300 names and faces.

"David?" She called out. Finally looking down at the chart, she searched for the patients last name and she froze. Dave McCluskey. Former football jock and popular guy-everyone-wants-or-wants-to-be, Dave. "McCluskey?" She stammered out the last name. It had been six years since the last time she saw him, and it hardly seemed that he changed. If anything he probably got better looking and bigger than the last time she saw him. When he looked up from his magazine, she forced a smile to her face. Maybe he wouldn't recognize her. After all, she had cut her hair and looked a little bit older. Then again, he had been friends with Josh and saw them together all the time. Good thing was at least she knew someone else would be coming to the reunion.


The car in front of him was finally coming together. Since coming back to Virginia Falls he got back to his little project that he had left behind. The old shell of the 1965 shelby cobra was nothing but an old shell anymore. It still looked like a piece of junk one would pick up from the scrap yard, but the engine was completely fixed up and it actually had wheels on it. When he first found the car with his brother in an abandoned barn miles away from the town line, he felt like he had stumbled upon buried treasure. It was completely picked apart but he had sworn he would fix it up and make the car like new again. And now staring at the heart of the car, he couldn't help but smile.

This was why he use to spend so much time at the garage after school. Being with others and going to after school events, wasn't his thing. Not when he had this project waiting for him. He had devoted all his time and younger years to this car. He was never able to get it to work somehow. Scouring junk yards and buying parts online was all that he seemed to do. Trying to find all the right pieces and waiting for them to come in the mail had taken a while. Which was partially the reason why he was never able to get it up and running.

His brother would of loved to work with him on the masterpiece this would become. Like his brother, Gavin had a love for old cars. Fixing them up and seeing the finished project was well worth the time, money, and effort. Before Gabe died, he had taught him all he needed to know about fixing up cars. His father had been around to help them both too, but Gavin liked to be with Gabe. After all, he was his hero growing up and was the reason why Gavin was so fixed on getting this car to work.

Wiring the car together, he heard the engine spark up and finally roar to life. "Woo, listen to that thing purr," he heard his dad say.

''She's gonna be a beauty, still have a long way to go, but when she's done she'll be worth around $60,000."

"Wow, don't sell it though. That car is priceless. Anyway, got a call from the VF police department. Need you to pick up a broken down mustang. Can you go on and do it? I rather stay here and wait for your mom to get back from the hospital."

''Yeah, I'll go pick it up." Hopping into the tow truck, he drove down to the location his father had given him. He saw someone by the side of the road and pulled up behind the mustang. Getting out of the car he walked up to the officer who was waiting and stuck his hand out for a hand shake. ''Hey man, I'm from Richmond's garage. Came to pick up the car for Mrs. Xue... Didn't I go to school with you?" He swore he looked like someone back from high school, but couldn't put his finger on it.


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Mary Margaret had just finished unpacking her first set of boxes for the house she grew up in, which she was moving back into to continue her father's late business. Last night had been one of full emotion, and she smirked, her lips tugging upwards as she saw the cup of what used to be coffee on the desk, where she sat up from, seeing the pictures splayed out in a random frenzy, and last night came reeling back to her.

"Daddy.. No." Her 5 year old voice chimed through the speakers of her flatscreen, and a man's low laugh could be heard. "Oh Mary, you can't be scared. It's just a little dragonfly." "Daddy!" She squealed loudly, as the bug shifted it's wings on her little chubby finger. The video continued the same for about 5 minutes, and Mary found herself bawling her eyes out.

That morning seemed dull, and she groaned as she remembered the reunion. "Ah, fuck me." She grumbled, putting her cup in the sink to be put off until later. She hastily dressed herself in some old clothes she wasn't particularly fond of. It was a loose-fitting shirt that she felt comfy in, and looser jeans, which had a few rips and tears in the lower legs. With a beanie peeled over her head, she left the house she fondly adored, and walked down aways to the quaint "Lucy's Cafe". After greeting the humble woman behind the counter who'd sworn she'd seen her before, Mary smiled pleasantly and retreated to an empty table by the window, where she looked out it, sipping her coffee casually, yawning tiredly, her face still wet, and she not caring.


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#, as written by TushoKa


Dave was just reading an interesting article on the effect of using weights while doing boxing exercises. Always trying to keep fit the article pulled in his attention. He just stopped reading once to look at the date of the magazine, which was two and a half years ago. Nice up to date, dear doctor.. Almost finished with a second article he suddenly heard his name being called. "David?" The name sounded resolute, decisive and completely different from the last name that followed. "McCluskey?" Dave put his magazine back on the side table beside him and got up. He adjusted his jacket and looked up to the person calling is name.

The person he saw was instantly recognizable. She hadn't changed a bit, although you could see she was no longer the girl he hang out with in high school. Somewhere in the last 6 years she had cut her hair shorter, but other than that she was the same girl that used to date one of his team mates. He flashed his signature smile without thinking about it and he walked up to her. He gave her a hug and said "Well, if it isn't the female half of the Dynamic Duo." It had been a nickname he had given Ava and Josh back in high school. Of all the couples there were they had been together the longest and were most likely to go the distance.

Dave felt a bit ashamed that he had no idea what happened to any of his high school friends in the past 6 years. His own departure from high school had been a bit of a harsh one as his then girlfriend had dumped him. He had left with great haste just after the graduation ceremony and he hadn't been back since. "Ave, how are you? How is Josh?" He let go of his bear hug grip and stepped back. "Wow, it's nice to see a familiar face again. So you work at the hospital now?" He grabbed his travel mug from the side table so he wouldn't forget it, and he walked into the room that Ava had apparently come out of. "So, I just got back to town. Who else is still here?"

In the room he walked behind the curtain and started unbuttoning his shirt. This wasn't his first physical so he knew that he had to be at least partly undressed. He threw his jacket and shirt over the chair that was there. Thankfully he had never been ashamed of showing his body, in fact during his time in high school he spend many summers shirtless. He took of his shoes and socks and peeked his head from behind the curtain. "Pants off as well, or is shirt enough?"


In fact it didn't take long for the tow truck to come. The sandwich had been missed, but at least Josh had something to drink while he waited, even if it was just water. A guy with a Medieval beard stepped out of the truck and walked towards him. ''Hey man, I'm from Richmond's garage. Came to pick up the car for Mrs. Xue?" The man walked up to Josh with his hand up in the air just waiting for a shake. Josh extended his own hand and gave the man a firm handshake. Looking at the man his face must have displayed confusion. The eyes and the voice were familiar. "Didn't I go to school with you?"

Finally seeing it, he couldn't believe that it had taken him so long. After all they had been on the football field together for years. And he was coming from Richmond garage, there couldn't have been a greater clue than that. [color=0F0FD1]"My goodness, Gavin? It's me man, Josh."[/color] Once again Josh noticed the most astonishing new feature on his old classmates face. [color=0F0FD1]"Wow, it should be a lot more easy to recognize me. That is one hell of a beard, dude."[/color] He was happy to see his old friend again. Gavin hadn't left town under the best of circumstances, although it happened at a time that Josh was leaving himself, so he hadn't gotten the full story. If memory served Josh correctly his sister told him that Gavin's mom was sick. What she exactly had he didn't know.

"How is your mom?" While Josh listened to the response he heard another car driving towards them. He recognized it as Lucy's car and instantly wondered why she wasn't in the Cafรฉ. The car stopped but instead of Lucy stepping out, a young looking Asian girl stepped and walked up to them. "Hi, that's my car there." Knowing the back ground information Josh knew it was Rachel Xue walking up to them. He hadn't seen her in years, she left school before it finished, but the years had been very good to her.

His smile grew when she continued talking. "It broke down on me, I wasn't abandoning it officer......Callahan" Josh enjoyed the look on her face as she slowly seemed to realize who he was. "Wait a minute, Callahan, as in Joshua Callahan?" Josh teeth started flashing as she used his full name. "I believe I am, although only my grandmother calls me by my first name. How have you been Rachel?" She looked less than amused after learning who he was. When he thought about it he remembered he had been less than friendly during their time at school. If it wasn't for Ava he would have probably been even worse. But even with her positive influence he still pulled some nasty tricks.

He could blame it on peer pressure or simply the fact he had been a naughty kid, but whatever the reason he could be a real ass hole when he wanted to. His smile temporarily disappeared from his face. But then again, that had been years ago. They all grew up, for better or for worse. According to him whatever tricks were played, it should be water under the bridge. Rachel had apparently decided to ignore him completely and directed her attention to Gavin. "I can follow you back into town and pay for a tow to the town dealership." After that she turned around and went to sit in her car.

Josh looked back at Gavin. "Okay, why do I suddenly feel like I'm back in high school? Maybe it is just a nice warm up for tonight. I'll leave her to you." He walked away from Gavin towards Rachel and just shouted behind him. "Hey, and I guess I'll see you at the reunion tonight!" As he walked up to Lucy's car he held his fingers in the air in a sign of peace. He spoke loudly so even if she wouldn't roll her windows down she would be able to hear him. "Hey, since we have the reunion tonight I won't give you a ticket. It would be a bit awkward, I guess... Net time your car breaks down, just call AAA. They usually call us to help out. See you tonight!" With that he felt his job was done. He picked up the reflector, since it was no longer necessary and he walked to his bike. Slightly waving at the others he was on his way back to town, although he was pretty sure they were going to be there before him.


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Ava blushed from her head down to her toes. So he had remembered her... and the nickname he had given her back in high school. One time, just one time, he had mentioned it after a football game when Ava had gotten down from the stands to give a celebratory kiss to Josh for the team's victory, when Dave had sauntered over and called them the Dynamic Duo. That was all it took, for everyone then after to call her the female half of the double D. Inwardly cringing at the memory of that horrid nickname. She knew everyone meant well by it, but it just made her feel as if she was nothing without Josh. As if without him, she was just plain old Ava.

She had just been taken it all in, when he grasped her in a tight bear hug that caught her by surprise. Yeah, same old David, she thought laughing as he released her. "Good to see you too. I've been alright, thanks for asking. I hope you're doing alright as well." She had heard him mention Josh but she thought best not to reflect on and and pretend she hadn't heard him. Truthfully, she didn't know how Josh was. She hadn't spoken to him in six years. It's not as if she was bitter over the whole breakup; she just didn't know how to go about contacting him or, more importantly, what to say. "Hey, how's it going? Remember me? Your old high school girlfriend? Just checking up to see how your doing, considering I still think about you more than I probably should."

Dave seemed so excited to see a familiar face he started bombarding her with questions. It was good to have someone appear to be so happy to be back and connect with old friends. Walking down to the examination room, they chatted. "I do indeed work here... well not specifically here, more so the emergency room, but I'm here for now. After high school I went to Dallas and got my bachelors in nursing and biology. And aside from you and Gavin Richmond, I'm not entirely sure who's here. I guess we'll find out tonight and tell me your coming," she mentioned as an afterthought, smacking him in the shoulder with her clipboard for emphasis. As they arrived to the room, she motioned for him to head over to the examination bunk and pulled the curtain closed.

As she looked over her nursing notes, she started to fill out the basic paper work that followed a routine physical, asking Dave standard questions; how's your mental health? Notice any unusual symptoms? As he answered, she heard him disrobing and she couldn't help but blush all over again. She has been a nursing for about to years now and see just about everything and anyone naked or practically naked, but something about seeing Josh's former friend half naked alone in a room, made her a little embarrassed. It was childish really, but she couldn't help but fiddle with her pen and pretend she was busy looking over her clipboard. As he poked his head from behind the curtain, she caught a glimpse of his bare chest. "Uh, no. That's alright, you can keep your pants, I'm just going to listen to your lung and heart, then get some base vital signs." Coming around the corner of the curtain, she removed the stethoscope dangling from around her neck and cleaned it off with an alcohol pad. "It might be cold," she warned as she pressed it to his chest to listen for a heart beat.

As she proceeded with her examination she kept her eyes directed on her task. Dave just watched as she went about her work, completely unabashed over being shirtless and having Ava touch him to feel for any abnormalities. He was probably use to women fawning over his godly physique and masculine look, it's probably what made him so unashamed of how he appeared, because he just knew he looked good. He was a fine specimen, no doubt, but she wasn't about to praise him for it. Plus she had the fond memories of his jockish ways back in school to keep any troubling thoughts from her mind.

Wrapping up her assessment with checking his reflexes, she documented all her findings and washed her hands. "Alrighty Dave, you are all set. You can get dressed and find your way back to lobby, you can request any results and follow-ups with the secretary." Feeling quite proud she didn't lose her composure, she rewarded herself with a lollipop and also handed one to Dave. "See you tonight" she smiled as he walked out. Looking over to another nurse she mouthed to Ava , "Who the hell was that?" as she bit her lip and hungrily stared at Dave's departed back. Shaking her head she laughed, "Nothing to concern yourself with Lydia, just an old friend."

Location: Home
Time: 7:45pm

Finishing up on the final touches, Ava felt like she was ready. Taking a once over in the mirror, she smoothed out her soft mandarin orange dress, turning from side to side, to catch a glimpse of herself in every angle. She sighed tousling her hair. At first she had straightened it, thinking not to over do anything, but later decided she wasn't feeling it. So for half and hour, which was twenty minutes more than she liked to spent on her hair, she had curled it and ran a brush through it, creating a natural beach wave. Makeup had been another ordeal. So she went with a subtle brown eyeshadow, that enhanced the blue of her eyes, a little blush, and a light red lip.

Stepping into her heels, she hoped she wouldn't regret wearing such high heels. But she had wanted to look good, and the heels really completed the outfit, after all, beauty was pain. Heading to the door she waited until the headlights of a car shown through the trees to stop at her front steps. She was thankful Mrs. Richmond had offered for Gavin to give her a ride to the reunion, if it wasn't for him, she would of probably ridden her bike, and that would certainly make a lasting impression on her classmates after six years of not seeing them. Heading out the door, Gavin was there holding the door open to his impala. Before getting in though, she threw herself into Gavin's arms hugging the tall bearded man as tight as she could, before releasing him, and smiling kindly into his eyes. "Thanks for the lift, although I'm sure you didn't have much of a choice," she smirked playfully as she got in the passenger side.

On the short drive to the lake, Ava had been wringing her hands in her lap as her and Gavin caught up with one another. She wasn't sure who she was going to see. Wasn't sure how she should greet them, or if she would even recognize them. All she knew was that she was both excited and extremely anxious.


Lowering the hook from the old tow truck, he attached it to the mustang that had clearly a busted alternator from the hazy smoke coming from underneath the hood. As he lifted the front of the car onto the tow he spoke to Josh, "I thought that was you. And thanks, it certainly changes how a person looks, huh?" The idle conversation was exactly Gavin hopped he could do with his other classmates, that is if they weren't unsure of how to approach him, which meant he might have to approach them first. "Mum's alright. She's been battling for some months now, but she's a fighter and will pull through." True his mom had been battling her cancer for months now and it had shown that she might be going into remission soon. The local hospital didn't have a huge oncology floor so she had been going into the larger cities to get treatment. The drives were long, but the treatments seemed to be working so it was all worth it in the end. Hell, if she needed to be flown halfway across the country, he would for his mother.

As he got the front of the car up onto the tow truck, he watched the quick exchange between Rachel and Josh. He remembered Rachel then, she was always different from all the other kids, for obvious reasons, but she was always bursting with intelligence and potential, and one look at her now and the nice car she was driving, proved that she had made good on her potential. The look also proved that she wasn't the same 'four-eyed' girl she was back then. She also wasn't so meek and quiet either by the look of annoyance in her eyes and her body language. No, Rachel had definitely changed, and it looked as if for the best. Josh it seemed had also changed. True in high school, he played the part of a jock quite well, but Ava had balanced him out. Yet, he had his tendencies to be the stereotypical jock when he was with Dave.

"I think I can take it from here, good seeing you Josh. And I guess I'll be seeing you tonight as well." He patted Josh once on the back before hopping into the truck and pulling away with Rachel following close behind. Pulling into the garage, he noticed his dad had already left, probably to go home and be with Gavin's mom. Stepping out of the truck, he began to lower the mustang onto the ground carefully, before popping the hood to take a closer look at the engine and alternator. The engine was perfectly intact and rather in pristine condition, however the alternator was clearly damaged. She must of ignored the signal in the car telling her there was a problem with the car.

Closing the hood he turned to Rachel. "Your alternator is busted. We're most likely going to have to replace it, there's no way I can fix it considering the damage done to it. That means we'll have to order the part and wait for it to come in since we don't have the type of alternator your car needs. It's going to take a while..." He ran his fingers through his hair. Hopefully the news wasn't going to anger her. If he couldn't have his car for a couple of weeks, he'd be mad too. Although, Rachel did seem to have a replacement at hand. Grabbing some papers from the truck he passed it over to Rachel, "if I can just have to sign this, you're good to go. Don't worry about payment now either, and.. I guess I'll see you later at the reunion?" He really did need to work on his social skills, but that was something that could easily be remedied.

Location: Ava's house

It hadn't taken him very long to get ready. He was a simple kind of a guy, and he was a guy, so it didn't require much to get ready. His outfit was as good as it got when it came to a causal formal event. When he had gotten home, his mom had told him if he could, more like demanded, bring Ava to the reunion, he couldn't say no. Anyway he like Ava. She was one of the few who tried talking to him through his lows, when he didn't want to be bothered. It had actually benefited him, if it wasn't for her, he would of probably been completely closed off.

When Ava came bounding out the door and into his arms, he hugged her back. Strange how even though they hadn't seen each other in some time and that they weren't exactly the best of friends, the camaraderie between them was good and real. "You look beautiful." He got himself a sound playful whack on the shoulder for that and a giggle. Ava hadn't changed a bit. On the short ride to the lake, Gavin talked about his time in Indiana and Ava talked about her studies in Texas. The conversation was light and refreshing, and before they knew it they had arrived at the lake.

Lights shined in the trees, and lanterns were hung up all around. The gazebo held a up a portrait of the Class of 2008 with a sharpie for people to sign. Tables were set up sporadically and a few people were milling about already. Getting out of the car, he opened the door for Ava to step out and spoke, "now or never." She smiled and repeated him, "now or never."


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#, as written by TushoKa


Josh rode back to town where he spend the rest of the afternoon patrolling the streets and responding to a few small cases. At 4 o'clock he was back at the station changing clothes at the end of his shift. He said good bye to his colleagues, most of which wished him a nice reunion. He walked out of the station towards the local elementary school. His sister Cindy wouldn't finish her shift until 7 that evening, so it was up to him to pick up his nephew from school. Most of the kids were being taken home by the school bus, but since they were living so close they often found it easier to pick him up themselves.

While Josh was waiting he looked over the football field next to the school. The exact same field where he started his illustrious career as a sport fanatic. It was strange, but now all he could remember from playing was Ava standing on the sidelines cheering him on. Weird, tonight I will see her face, her smile. And I have no idea what to say to her. From outside Josh could hear the bell announce the end of the day for the students. Jason was one of the first kids running out of the school, much like Josh had always done. Seeing his uncle the little boy came sprinting towards him and pretty much jumped into his arms. Josh gave him a tight hug and put him down on the ground. "Hey little buddy, how was school today?

On the way to Cindy's house Jason kept on talking the entire way. He was telling about his lunch, the things he learned and the girl in his class he got a kiss on the cheek from that day. Back at the house Josh poured two glasses of juice and he grabbed two bananas from the fruit bowl. The Callahan men were quietly finishing these refreshments at the kitchen counter. Afterwards Josh told Jason to go upstairs to get some baseball gloves and a ball so they could play catch.

Jason's technique was improving every day and Josh liked the fact that his nephew was enjoying it so much. The two hours before his sister got home flew by, so much even that Josh completely forgot to make the dinner he was supposed to. While Cindy changed into her comfortable outfit Josh tried quickly to cook something up, albeit stumbling and all. About 10 minutes later she came into the kitchen and shooed him out of it. "Thank you for picking up Jason, now get out. You have to get ready for your reunion. If I didn't know better I'd almost think you don't want to go, waiting and delaying around here." Josh saw the smiling face of his sister and admitted to himself she was not wrong. He was still nervous about that evening. Older, wiser, different, none of that mattered. He couldn't for the live of him figure out how different he was from 6 years ago.

Josh got out the house and jogged back to his own, not far away. At home he dropped his keys on the desk next to the entrance and jumped under the shower upstairs. It didn't take him long, what did was picking out his clothes. Looking at 5 different options he decided he almost acted girly and he just picked an outfit at random. He didn't want to wear jeans, but he still went for some comfortable pants and a simple shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror and wondered if anyone would recognize him, he himself did not. To make it a bit more his own he rolled up his sleeves so it looked a bit less butler like.

Ignoring the car he grabbed his own bicycle and jumped on it. It was a mere 15 minutes before he arrived at the lake and he put his bicycle in the bike rack provided. He saw he was not the first one to arrive. The trees were decorated and lanterns hung from side to side. Josh walked up to the gazebo to sign the portrait. He found himself on the picture quite easily and quite centred. He stood next to Dave, both of them hands in the air. As always in high school he saw Ava standing not too far from himself. After he signed he walked inside, without actually cooking he also never got to eat that evening, so he was looking for snacks first. He made a b-line to the snack table and saw there was little for him to binge on. It seemed some of the snacks were still on their way.

While standing looking over the few options he had, he suddenly felt two hands slamming down on his shoulders, like he had felt a million times before.


When Dave stepped out from behind the curtain, pants on and all, he noticed a slight blush on Ava's face. It wasn't like him, but for a moment he was scared he had embarrassed her. As he came out Ava came towards him, armed with a stethoscope and warned him about the cold. "Oh, I'm quite sure I can handle the cold stethoscope guided by your hand." Why the hell did I say it like that, am I trying to become more Shakespearean or something. He felt the cold, although it wasn't too bad.

As the examination went on he kept a close eye on Ava. Aside from the normal checks it seemed she was trying to look at him as little as possible. For some reason he felt it to be a challenge. Normally he didn't need to do much to have a girl look at him shirtless, it was harder for them to stop staring. Either he was too arrogant, or she was really focused on her job, Dave couldn't help thinking it was both. He knew that Ava knew him from an early age. She knew his boyish behaviour, his fondness for sports, and above all his arrogance and his snotty attitude towards others. Other girls never had a problem paying him compliments, about his body his smile or his general behaviour. But Ava would know that every compliment for Dave was one more point on the arrogance scale.

After some reflex tests it seemed they were all done. Ava told him to get dressed again and he quickly disappeared behind the curtain. "Alrighty Dave, you are all set. You can get dressed and find your way back to lobby, you can request any results and follow-ups with the secretary." He got dressed again and when he came from behind the curtain Ava handed him a lollipop. He gladly accepted and walked out the door. As he walked out Ava said "See you tonight!" Dave was a bit confused but also said "Yeah, fure, fee you tonife." The lollipop in his mouth made the words come out a bit more childlike than he had hoped.

He walked to the secretary's desk in order to arrange for the results to be send to his head office. As he finalized things he decided to ask her directly, this time removing the lollipop before he spoke. "Excuse me, but is there something going on tonight, like a party or something?" The old secretary smiled instantly, it looked like she knew everything that was going on in this town. She seemed to look at a file on her PC before answering. "Let's see, son... Tonight there is a bridge tournament in the old pub, there is birthday party a the Hendersons's and of course there is the reunion at the lake of the class of 2008... Looking at you that must be the one you are looking for." Dave thanked her and walked back to his newly acquired house.

He spend the rest of the day organizing his home office and being on conference calls with the office. He had the feeling they send him forward a bit earlier than normal, the first two weeks looked like they would be fairly quiet. Of course it could be a way for the company to force him to take his vacation days of the last 2 years. Late in the afternoon, he took a glass of whisky while he read the news on his tablet. He was reall missing his stuff, but when he called in the afternoon he heard they would only come in tomorrow. After his drink he went upstairs to get dressed. He picked one of the lighter suits which always felt to him to look 'happier'. He decided to drive to the party. If he would be drinking he would see if he could take a taxi home. He wondered if he would see Giselle at the party. If it was his guess he thought probably not. He would read about her every once in a while with a modelling job here or there. She certainly was the export product of Virginia City.

Arriving at the lake he parked the car and locked it with his remote. When he saw other people carrying in drinks and food, he almost felt guilty not bringing something himself. He looked to see if he saw anyone he knew and he thought he caught a glimpse of one such person. Half walking half running he followed the man until he stopped at one of the tables where some food could be found. With every step he was more sure this was Josh and as tradition goes he slammed his hands on the shoulders of the man in front of him. "Joshie!"

Josh turned around and looked in the face of his old buddy. He spread his arms and the two man hugged, like no time had gone by. "My goodness, Dave, you have literally not changed a bit. Where have you been?" The two went for one of the standing tables and as they leaned on the table they started talking about their lives an careers. The women in their lives were thoughtfully left out of the conversation somehow. Around them they hardly noticed more and more people coming in.