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Sydney Green

"Words should only hold weight when honest intentions are behind them."

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a character in “Bellingstone, PA”, as played by Sunflower




"The most dangerous people are always clever, compelling and charismatic."
~ Malcolm McDowell


Sydney Michelle Green

"Syd" - A nickname that was given to her by Albrecht and a nickname that she has grown to adore. She only allows Albrecht to call her this though and practically no one else, other than Axel.

"Alpha Sydney" - This nickname is reserved for her pack members only.

October 1, 1988.


Waitress at Felix's Diner.





Sydney's looks are one of a kind as she is known for her notable beauty. She has the looks that almost every girl wants and a smile that is to die for. She has blonde locks of her that cascades down well pass the middle of her back. Her hair is very voluminous as she likes to keep it straight or tied up in a ponytail. She is a very tall female, standing at a height of five foot ten. Sydney has the perfect, slender figure as she weighs about one hundred and thirty-four pounds. Her eyes are a very bright, ocean blue colored and they are well rounded. Many people have said that her skin is so free of blemishes and flawless that even when she wears no makeup, she still looks stunning. She tends to wear dark colored clothing along with scarves and shoes, too. Every outfit she has is color coordinated and she has an assortment of blouses, dresses and skirts along with a couple of pants, too.

Even though Sydney has a slight temper whenever it comes to certain situations, or whenever she doesn't get her way, she will still have that natural, charismatic charm about her. Sydney seemingly lives to inspire others to focus on their goals in life and follow their dreams without consequences. She likes living her life on the edge and to the fullest, instilling that towards just about anyone and everyone she meets. With that, many people find Sydney to be very kind and a free spirited person. But other people or her haters, think that she gets whatever she wants just by snapping her fingers. Her charm and laid back persona actually attract and gravitate people towards her.

While Sydney have many, many great traits, she also has some not so great traits, too. When she wants to be, Sydney can be very cunning towards anyone that crosses her the wrong way. She will go to great lengths to make sure the person that crossed her will never be able to show their face anywhere within whatever region they are in. She also has a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder and you will definitely see it if you stick around her longer enough. Sydney doesn't really like to flirt with others but if someone was to come up to her and try to flirt, she'll definitely do it back. But it won't be to get far with that person unless she was truly attracted to them, she would mostly flirt for the adrenaline rush.

Albrecht & Axel
Her pack members
Crime Drama Shows {Law & Order: SVU and How To Get Away With Murder are her favorites}
Watching the sunrise and sunset
Romance Novels and movies

Being lied to
Plain Ice Cream
Reality Television Shows
Being late anywhere
Being too cold

☠ Suffocation, Choking
☠ Tight Spaces
☠ Losing a pack member, Albrecht or Axel



The couple of Jared and Brooke Green gave birth to a baby girl on October 1, 1988. Sydney is the couple's only child and they were tremendously proud to finally have a baby. Sydney grew up in a bisected city known as Bristol, which is in north half of Virginia and the south half of Tennessee. It was a very nice living because in the spring and summer, the family could go to the beach and just enjoy themselves while in the winter, they can go to the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the culture that the state of Tennessee has to offer. As a little girl, Sydney loved to travel with her family as they did so every single chance that they got. Growing up wasn't really hard for Sydney, as well. Whatever she wanted, she practically got and then some. Not to say that she was spoiled or anything but she totally was. She has always adored the finer things in life and she has her parents to thank for that.

Once her teenager years rolled around, she felt slightly different for some odd reason but he father, Jared, took her on a trip to the mountains and discussed what was happening to her. The changes she was going through wasn't because she was hitting puberty as a female, it was because she was becoming a full fledged werewolf. Jared and Brooke were werewolves, as well so it was pleasing to them to know that Sydney was a werewolf, too. Shortly after receiving such shocking news about her parents and herself, her father was tragically killed in a car accident. This devastated both her mother and herself as they both knew that they had to get away from Bristol and go live some place else.

Brooke did not hesitate to pack up some of her things along with Sydney's and drive well into the night to a town known as Bellingstone. There, Sydney was home schooled by her mother and rarely had any outside contact. But as time went on, Sydney managed to go outside and down the street to the market or something and there was when she met a guy named Albrecht. Of course, she was quite smitten by him and it was something about him that drawn her even closer to him. Sydney couldn't really put her finger on it but something about that male made him very attractive towards her. Soon, Sydney seen the male named Albrecht again and actually approached him, talking to him for a good solid fifteen minutes. Picking out his scent, she knew that he was a werewolf, too and that is why she was so taken by him.

After days and days of talking with Albrecht, the duo became an item and Sydney even shared with him that she was a werewolf, as well. Her mother, Brooke, felt a little bit weird about the whole matter and constantly told Sydney to be careful and to watch her back at all times. Unbeknownst to Sydney, Albrecht was an Alpha werewolf so whenever she became an item with Albrecht, that automatically made her the Alpha female of the pack, which is a title she holds near and dear to her heart. As years went by, Albrecht finally proposed to Sydney but when it came time for their wedding, Albrecht was no one to be found. Sydney was absolutely heartbroken and did not know what to think. Days, even weeks went by and there was still no Albrecht so his brother, Axel, had no choice to take the spot as Alpha. This really confused Sydney as she really wanted to know what happened with Albrecht and hoped that Axel had nothing to do with his disappearance just so that he could become Alpha.

It's been approximately six years now and there was still no sign of Albrecht or no one has heard a single thing from him. Sydney had no choice but to accept the fact that she was the Alpha Female to Axel now but it is definitely awkward between the pair because she still has deep feelings for Albrecht. She likes Axel, yes but she was in love with Albrecht the most.

As another year went by, it is 2017 now and with the previous mayor found dead, Sydney heard a little rumor that Albrecht of all people is running for mayor. She honestly hopes that Albrecht is back in town because she really wants to see him and find out what happened to him to the night of their wedding and within the last six years. Sydney also wants to give him the inside scoop on what has become of the pack since his disappearance, as well.

So begins...

Sydney Green's Story


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Sʏᴅɴᴇʏ Gʀᴇᴇɴ
Saturday. That's what day it was and while she could be spending her time doing something else, she was at the diner as usual beside Axel. Sydney could not help but let out a soft groan at the thought as she wiped down the counter she was just leaning down on. Sydney groaned again as she eyed Axel with an expressionless face then folded the now damped towel and laid it down on the counter. A few more customers walked in as she grabbed her notepad and pen then waltzed over towards them with a smile and a greeting. She asked the customers to follow her towards a table and seated them at separate tables and booths then got their orders, just as she looked over and saw Axel spill water onto a customer.

That smile she had plastered upon her face went away whenever she saw the display then saw him head back into the kitchen. Knowing Sydney, she wanted to say something right then and there as she took the customers their drinks first then went back to retrieve their orders, handing it to them with a thanks then told them to let her know if they needed anything.

While she tried to remain somewhat happy for the day, she honestly could not with the rumors that she's been hearing as of late. Albrecht had returned to Bellingstone and was lurking around somewhere but if that was the case, why hasn't he exactly reached out towards his own brother, Axel, anything of the pack members or more importantly, herself. It was definitely something she did not want to think about right now but those thoughts shrouded her mind, no doubt.

Axel came back out of the kitchen as she eyed him again, taking the glass of water from his hand and holding into hers now. "I got this." Sydney could tell that something was bothering Axel but she wondered if what bothering him was the same thing that was bothering her. She gave the new glass of water to the customer that was waiting for it then went back behind the counter and stood beside Axel now, exhaling a sigh as she leaned down beside him now.

"Something's not right here, Axel. I can't help but to feel that way and I know you feel the same way." Sydney remarked towards him as she rested her hand upon his back now, shooting a soft smile his way. "Let's just get through the day." She muttered towards him in a comforting tone as she took her apron off for a moment then laid it down on the counter. "I am going to go and check the mailbox." She mentioned as she walked towards the door then turned towards him now. "Try not to spill anything else on anyone else until I get back."

Sydney left after those words as she hoped to herself that it caused Axel to smile or laugh, just to brighten up his day a little bit. As she walked to the side of the building where the mailbox was located, she seen three envelopes inside as she scanned through them then walked back inside as she sat the envelopes underneath the counter and placed her apron back around her waist as she huffed slightly.

"What are we to do if Albrecht is back? Hm?" She questioned towards Axel as she just really wanted to know how he felt upon hearing about Albrecht's return.


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Downtown Bellingstone


Albrecht had lost himself in his thoughts quite quickly. Playing out scenarios in his mind had quickly taken precedent over the actual quandary at hand. Interestingly enough, each of his scenarios managed to play out well. Axel never yelled at him or seemed angry - quite the opposite, in fact, for Axel appeared to rejoice in each scenario. Mom and Dad were there, and they greeted their son with open embraces.

But he still sat on the bench, his perfectionist nature attempting to plan the best possible entrance. Would it be casual or over-the-top? Would he act as though he had always been there, like nothing had changed?

He was startled out of his thoughts as a voice piped up behind him. Al felt the skin prick along the back of his neck as he turned first one way and then the other, coming face to face with the petite woman. Something about her was painfully familiar. Beneath layers of scent, artificial and acquired over time, he could pick up something vaguely reminiscent of childhood. Obviously she knew him though, for she addressed him not only by name, but by his nickname.

Al fidgeted slightly, pursing his lips as he struggled to find her name. So intent was he in attempting to name her that he almost missed her question.

"Oh, yeah," he replied suddenly, sliding to one side of the bench to make room for her beside his looming figure. "Nervous? Nah, just deciding how best to go about the whole 'family reunion thing'." Al looked back to her now, brow furrowing once more before his face lit up. "Carrie! Little Carrie Pryderi, after all of these years?" Al beamed down at her, simultaneously glad to find a familiar face and a little too proud of himself for identifying her. "You look well - Bellingstone's treated you nicely these past few years."

Though he certainly was interested in catching up with her, he did hope that his redirection of the conversation would get her off of his case. For he certainly was nervous, though he wouldn't acknowledge it. He couldn't necessarily tell why, however, but there was a tension that lingered in the air. But then that tension took shape.

He caught her scent before he saw her - time hadn't changed her much at all. Sydney was the same woman he had known all of those years ago - the woman he had loved. "Syd..." he breathed softly as she left the diner and walked to the mailbox. Albrecht could have run to her in that moment - but she disappeared before he could even gather his bearings. And besides, it would reflect poorly on him if he ran off in the middle of a conversation.


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location: Escape Bar & Grill
outfit: X
dialogue: #32127A

Not too strong, but strong enough. That had always been Junsoo’s philosophy while making drinks. The same philosophy that had made him and his mimosas known throughout the town. The small bartender sets out another set of them for the waitress to pick up before turning his attention to the rest of the customers coming in and out of the bar. There has been a strange feeling lingering around lately, more specifically today, and even more specifically within the supernatural community. It’s more than just purely wolf instinct, though that may have been enough. However, the hidden world within Bellingstone is riled up right along with the death of the mayor, and Junsoo can only think of one specific reason as to why that would be.

His dark eyes dash from a duo of biters sitting in the corner of the restaurant to his phone screen the moment the device chimes with the notification of a message, immediately followed by another. Having been too concentrated on the vampires, his heart had done a minor back flip at the noise, now pumping his blood at twice the speed. It’s been years since his family has been killed, and yet the bloodsuckers still manage to make his skin crawl and his chest tighten. Yes, tt’s cowardly of him, as the Beta, but it’s also unfortunately something he can’t control. At least not yet. He let’s a slow exhale leave him before tending to the received messages, responding to Roman first with a soft smile. But it quickly vanishes the second Andre’s response comes into view.

To: Ro 
MSG: it’s about time! Yeah, I’m here. Hurry your ass over here so I can welcome you back properly ^^

He decides to not respond to Andre, but just push him right back out the door instead the moment he walks in. Andre can be very hard-headed, that much is clear to Junsoo but two can play at that game and his boss needs to learn to look out for himself and his own well-being from time to time. Jun is almost tempted to hit him with the “don’t you trust me?” line, even if he already knows the answer. It’s not a question of trust, it’s a matter of Dre needing to realize he can’t do everything on his own. He’s certain Poppy has tried to get that through his head more than once, but there’s strength in numbers and Andre can’t fight two against one for very long.

So Jun sets the phone aside for a moment, waiting for either Roman or Andre to step through the door for their personalized greeting, but almost immediately picks it up again to send one more message. One he should have sent long ago.

To: Syd ♡
MSG: Hey…are you okay?

Surely she would have heard the news by now, and knowing her, she isn’t taking it very lightly. It was already a jam-packed day for the small wolf, but if one of his best friends and pack members needed him, he would just have to make some time. The phone is set down again, this time for good, as a familiar voice calls for his attention. Almond eyes lift in it’s direction and a shy smile quickly makes its home on his face. There’s a familiar face to match the voice, of one of the bar’s most loyal customers who “came for the drinks, stayed doe the bartender” as the man had once said himself. The man flashed Junsoo his usual charm as he made himself comfortable at the bar stool, while Jun silently hoped someone would show as a much needed interuption.


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Felix's Diner

He was in the midst of regaining himself when Sydney took the water from him and started to walk off towards the table. Axel watched her go, unable to hold back a slight frown. Whereas before he had been the only one exuding an air of tension, he now felt it seeping from Sydney. Her sigh only confirmed what he knew, and he started to open his mouth to comment, but she beat him to it. He looked towards her, the two of them balancing on their forearms on the counter as they looked over the restaurant.

"Glad it's not just me," he remarked, giving a soft yet dejected sort of laugh. Axel couldn't help but smile as she placed her hand on his back in a reassuring manner. "Yeah, we'll just get through the day...don't worry about it." And yet he wanted to tell her to worry about it, to join him in his moment of distress. He needed her reassurance desperately. Sydney had become something of a rock to him over the past few years.

But that was selfish of him. Surely, she was worrying herself as well, sensing his emotions just like he was sensing hers. He stood himself upright, taking a slow breath. This wasn't just difficult for him - it was for her too. After all, Al had broken her heart all of those years ago. He wondered if she still had feelings for the man who had left her at the altar.

Axel didn't realize she had returned at first as he was still caught up in looking out over the diner, his mind racing. But her concerns filled the air around him once more as she slipped the mail under the counter. He promptly removed it, needing something to keep his hands busy. He flipped through the mail, pursing his lips as he separated out the junk mail from the bills.

His jaw gave a slight clench as he worked a thumb under the seal of an envelope, jerking it open roughly. "I don't...I don't know, Syd," he said softly, both to keep his voice down for the customer's sake and also to mask his growing anxiety. "He left years ago. The chance of him coming back is fucking slim-to-none." Axel put the letters down a bit too forcefully on the counter.

"But...if he does come back, it doesn't change anything, right?" Axel looked to Sydney now, meeting her eye as if begging for some sort of affirmation from her. "What we have here...he doesn't get to change that. Change the pack, this town." He meant it as a statement, but he could tell afterwards that his voice wavered just enough that he sounded unsure, as though asking her a question.