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David Leyman

"Oh, no way, I love that, too! Wait, what was it again?"

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a character in “Burmont's Academy For Twins”, as played by The(Doctor)Horrible


Name: David Leyman


Age: 19

Twin: Martin Leyman


Face Claim: Jack Harries


Power: David has the ability to see Martin's past, however it's more than just seeing it. He experiences it as his twin had, and every sense is taken over. He loses control of himself in the real world and can't control when or where the visions happen. Through these he learns about the past and becomes closer to his brother, but whenever it happens he loses all control, victim to whatever goes through his mind.


Appearance: David is a little under six feet tall, just barely, but he likes to pretend he's the exact height. He's well built, lean, and has a balanced frame. Very medium build all around. He has a heart shaped face with a soft chin and cheekbones, but a nice jawline. Dark brown, expressive brows crown hazel-green eyes that tend to sparkle constantly. Light mouth often turned up to a smile. Whenever he raises his brows his forehead wrinkles a bit, much to the hilarity of his brother and vice versa. He has a tendency to screw up his face whenever thinking or turn up one side of his nose. His dark brown hair is cut close to his head at the sides and is longer, lighter brown and styled on top in a soft wave. Sometimes he swipes it up, however, so it hangs out over his face. His general dress is a navy blue hoodie with a Union Jack on the front, old screenprint that has been worn from a year of hard use, and a white zipper down the front, deep, sagged pockets from where he shoves his hands in roughly. Under that is generally a solid colored or graphic tee, mainly short-sleeved, and the colors tend to be cool. He wears well fit denim jeans, always some shade of blue, over Converse high-tops, black with white laces (dingy from use) and soles. He likes to wear the occasional tribal pendant or bracelet, generally made of leather. Nothing he wears would get in the way of physical activity.


Personality: David is the epitomy of a social butterfly. There's no way possible to hate the boy. Always smiling, nearly always laughing, talking, or telling a story (when he's not having an adventure), people have always flocked to him. He's not the smartest, nor the most observant, but everything is fun to him. He'll try anything and even when he fails it's funny. Absolute good sport. It's impossibly hard to get on his nerves, he takes everything in stride, but if Martin is messed with he'll be all over the person. Though his brother doesn't know it, David idolizes him and always has, even before he knew about what happened in the past. He was good at everthing while David tended to blunder around. He didn't envy him, though. David is happy being David.


History: Even though he was only born three and a half minutes after his identical brother, Martin, David has always taken the role of younger sibling. He grew up in the spotlight his entire life, though his family lived modestly. From a simple living in a small English town near London, he was willing to try anything. He wasn't the smartest kid ever, and frequently struggled in school though Martin excelled without trying. People and peers tended to flock to him and there was rarely a moment he wasn't smiling, laughing, and having a new adventure. Even if he failed in legendary proportions, he would laugh and move on. While Martin would sit and read, David would be right next to him telling stories to his friends, or playing nearby. He loved Martin too much to waste any moments with him.

At one point when he was seven, he was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast for himself, Martin, his mum and his dad when Martin had come in crying softly and sat at the table, head in his hands. Naturally, David abandoned what he was doing and tried to get his brother to say waht had happened, but he had stayed silent. Under his siblings hands were cuts and bruises that matched the ones down his arms. He wrote it off as another adventure gone wrong and tried breakfast again. The cuts and bruises continued to come up on his brother, but he always wrote them off. Dad had become more and more scarce and Mum had stayed with the younger twin constantly. Occasionally she would have a bruise or two, but they were only accidents according to her. Martin tended to stay in his room most of the time and whenever he wasn't busy, David would go and join him, filled with admiration for the things he did, writing, art, all of it. They played in that room for full days sometimes and would make forts to sleep in at night. He was happy.

One day everything changed. The twins were thirteen and David had been starting to notice Martin's injuries becoming more severe. Though still naive and innocent he knew at this point that something definitely wasn't right. More alcohol had been in the fridge than usual and Dad had sent Martin in his room for a week. David wasn't allowed in. It didn't fit... He didn't know why, but it just made no sense. June 13th, the last day of school. David had snuck into Martin's room against the urging of his mum. His brother was a sight, beaten all to hell. He said that he'd fallen out of the tree out front. David knew he was lying. That was it. He demanded the right answer. Martin didn't tell him, even after hours of urging. He had said he didn't want David to be hurt, begged him not to worry about him and that he'd be fine, the protector as always. David finally gave in and fell asleep hugging his brother. He never saw the world the same way again.

That night, Mum woke the both of them up with a backpack for the both of them, emptied of books. She told them to pack what they needed, clothes, things they couldn't live without, and that she had toiletries covered. David couldn't see her condition, but she limped severely. It was three AM when they left the house for the last time.

Soon enough they were in America. Mum had bought tickets the next week and they had flown over the Atlantic to make a new life without Dad. He had guessed what had happened, but no one would tell him the full story. Mum paid lots of attention to Martin for weeks and slowly his wounds healed as did hers. Years passed and they were happier, a better family. Martin slowly became more social, they went outside often and sat under the tree in the yard, telling stories to each other. He smiled more often, generally grinning softly at something private.

On their ninteenth birthday, David was in the center of a ring of friends while Martin was next to him with his first real friend by his side. The night had progressed well and everything had been wonderful. David had gone outside to play a bit of late night football with a couple of friends while Martin stayed inside with Jeremy (his aforementioned friend). The ball had been kicked into the street and David ran out to get it without a second thought. Something happened then. Images. Feelings. Pain. Dad's face flashed across his mind with a whiff of alcohol and a stabbing pain on the inside of his arm. He froze in surprise in the middle of the street as the image faded. His arm was fine... Panic set in as another, longer image hit him over the head, Dad snarling and punching him across the face. He yelled in pain and collapsed into the street, unaware of the car coming full throttle around the corner. While incapacitated from the images, Martin (looking panicked and screaming his brother's name) sprinted full speed from the house, left the door open with a slam, ran into the street, grabbed David and yanked him into the yard just in time for the car to blare by with a blast of its horn.

The letter arrived a week later. Both boys had receded from social contact as rumours raged in school from what had happened. David was humiliated and, for the first time in his life, terrified. He told Martin what he had seen... The truth came out. He had seen Martin's memory. Martin had known he was in danger because he had seen David outside with his friends, seen the ball be kicked into the street, and felt the car crush him, as if he were in David's place. He had blacked out and run outside before he or Jeremy had known what was happening. At the arrival of the invitation, Mum had jumped at the chance. They were on a plane to the University within days.


Password: Grasshoppers. (Sneaky little devils)

So begins...

David Leyman's Story