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Jesse Ryder

"Just a good ol' country boy"

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a character in “Cowboys & Angels”, as played by S1mon



21 | Male | Cowboy | Ranch-worker | Straight | Single | Theme Song

Appearance: The most notable feature of Jesse's appearance from the distance is of course his height, standing tall at a height of 5'10, a height high enough to survey his surroundings and be aware of all that is around him which was significantly important. Not only is he tall, but he is also thin and slender with a great physique which is enhanced by his workouts, truly being desired among the young ladies and truly was living upto the expectations of a cowboy. Afterall, many of the well known cowboys had great physiques and were Most Wanted by the women, just like him, acting quite like a magnet and working on his muscles, which isn't so hard with the work he does anyway, which were the signs of a true man. Afterall, that's what cowboys were, true men. With his slim figure, he also had slender but tender arms, once again pumped up with muscles, and strong legs. Even with the physique he currently has, he still feels he could still do better and as such, continues to push himself.

Jesse has an oval-rounded shaped face with well defined, sharp but soft facial features. His skin is tanned due to his exposure to the sun and the hours he spends outside. His eyes are sharp due to the nature of his work, but cool as his steel blue eyes have the capability to grab a girls' attention and be lost in his eyes. At least, that's what the girls he had dated had said to him. Complimenting his mesmeralding eyes and his soft skin, despite his rough nature, is his juicy red lips and his hair. Like his facial hair which he keeps trimmed down and maintains so that it does not stick out and make his skin rough as no girl would want to kiss the sharp pins that stick out, his hair is also something he likes to keep right. If he's not working out and pumping those muscles, he's making sure that he looks alright. Dirt doesn't bother him, but if his hair gets too long, then he wants to get it trimmed down but not too short. Afterall, having his locks of hair for girls to ruffle up is nice. All to please the ladies.....

"The typical cowboy wears a white hat, with a gilt cord and tassel, high-top boots, leather pants, a woolen shirt, a coat, and no vest. On his heels he wears a pair of jingling Mexican spurs, as large around as a teacup" (D.W. Wilder, Annals of Kansas (1882)

Jesse comes from a long line of true old west cowboys, and working on the ranch, and as such wishes to be a cowboy himself. Living in the countryside and in good old Texas, life as a cowboy was highly desired, especially by him, and like cowboys of old, he wore similar clothing and a cowboy neckerchief round his neck, though his clothes differed depending on what task he was to do. There was no such thing as being 'out of fashion' in the country. Sure there were hand-me-downs that he wore sometimes, and it just went to show how well clothes were made in the past that some of those posh designer clothes he had heard about in the big city which he tended to avoid. Afterall, it was alot easier in the country and he also could travel by horse like a true cowboy unlike in the city with all those noises. Jesse was pretty laid back in what he wore, whether he wore anything or not as sometimes he just worked topless, especially in hot weathers, but most the time, he'd be recognisable by his cowboy hat that he worn upon his head.

Likes: Music, Country, Beautiful landscapes, Horses and other animals, Racing, Pretty Girls, Working, Keeping fit, Food, Good company, Cowboys, Making people happy
Dislikes: Noise, City, Traffic, Cars, People sad, Stuck-up people, Bullies, Laziness, Cheaters, Drunkards, Rejection, Death
Fears: Being alone, Losing his grandfather, Not finding anyone to spend his life with
Overall Personality: Jesse is a charming young man, and despite his past, he doesn't seem to be affected by it. However, with his responsibilities on the 300 acre ranch and looking after his grandfather, it helped him to carry on and have a purpose after losing both his parents. He acts as a pillar of strength to help those who need comforting, understanding the pain others go through. It is to this effect that he is seen to be empathetic and also sympathetic, being a deeply caring young man, but the only problem is his overprotectiveness when he gets close to someone, which is what made him lose his last gal. Nevertheless, he has a way of moving on, being a determined and confident young man, including his dream to be a cowboy what he had told his parents, so he couldn't give up on his dream, or it meant giving up on them. Though there are things that may upset him, he does not show it, at least not straight away. Afterall, how often do cowboys cry?

Family: Grandpape Joe a.k.a Joseph Ryder (Grandfather) is the only family he has left since he lost his mother to illness at an early age and his father ended up getting drunk and into a fight but did not recieve treatment in time to see to his wounds which had been infected, which resulted in his death. All Jesse has now to look upto is his grandpa, and when his time to depart from this world comes, Jesse will be all on his own.
Brief Background: Jesse grew up in a suburban town in Texas with his momma Louisa Ryder and his papa Robert Ryder. It was all happy families for a few times before Louisa fell ill and died when Jesse was 5. Robert took it hard but remained strong for Jesse but a year later it was too much for him, as he got drunk and started destroying things before leaving to town and coming home with a wound. The doctor was then called by his father, Jesse's grandfather, Joseph Ryder, but by the time the doctor arrived it was too late since Robert hadn't returned home straight away and instead went to the cemetry to see his wife. Since then, Jesse had remained with his grandfather and raised by his grandfather and worked alongside his grandfather all until the present day. Not only did he have his grandfather, but also had a gal at his side for awhile. The first one couldn't handle his energy and sense of adventure; his second did not like how overprotective he got; and now he was dating a girl from the marketplace for a few weeks and now he was told by his grandfather that they'd be having company from now on and that he had to teach her the ropes. Seems that another girl would enter his life but unlike his girlfriends, it seemed this one had to stick to him like glue to teach her the ropes, being the only time he had alone was when he went for a pee or was asleep. Fantastic!


So begins...

Jesse Ryder's Story


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#, as written by S1mon
Do you remember the old Wild Wild West? Do you remember the pretty maidens, the cattle-ranchers, the COWBOYS?! The stories were indeed thrilling, all lined up shelf after shelf in a public library where city-dwellers go to find a book to entertain them, or entering the film store and seeking a stock of old West movies. It is believed that those days are long gone, that there are no ranches, no cowboys, but what the city-dwellers forget, is who lives beyond their cities. Between the cities lay the good old country where dedicated farmer sowed, reaping delicious rewards which city-dwellers recieve the benefit of having. However, despite this, they are blind to the truth. Of course cowboys are real!

In a suburban town in Texas, lived the Ryder Household, whose ground covers 300 acres. Back in the day, their land was a lot more, but despite this fact, the Ryders' performed exceptionally well. They did not see themselves as living in the past. Afterall, it is what occurs in the past that makes what is in the present, and what is in the present that helps create the future. Sure cowboys and ranches are not as common as they were, but they still had an important role to play in the farming of the land. However, in recent times, the Ryder Household was only few after the deaths of Robert and Louisa Ryder.

It was such a sad time when Louisa fell ill. However, Robert was always a proud and stubborn man, and as a result, was too late to get Louisa seen too. Distraught, Robert worked less and less and was seen less and less, until a year later, he too fell ill and determined to rejoin his wife, Robert passed away, both of them leaving their eldest son and only son, Jesse. Jesse always assisted his father on the ranch and always dreamed of being a cowboy. He works really hard, and despite the hard times, Jesse remained vigilant despite the fact he was upset inside. However, he did have his gramps, good ol' grandpa Joe.

As a result, Jesse worked hard on the ranch supporting his grandpa, who in return looked after him and taught him tricks of the trade. Grandpa Joe, like his son was a stubborn man and enjoyed working, but Jesse at the same time wanted to make sure he was alright, since he was all he had left. As such, Jesse took on more duties, while attending school and doing the chores. Sure it was alot but the girls that simply swooned all over him understood him. It was clear that Jesse was a guy who cared for people with all his heart, which is what made the girls fall for him, not to mention his figure and his handsome and debenair looks.

News lately came in from his grandpa that they were to be joined by his god-daughter. Jesse didn't know who this girl was, but she was no blood relation, she was no Ryder and the fact she came from the city didn't make the taste in his mouth feel any better. He wasn't looking forward to it at all, except maybe showing her around and seeing how well the city folk can actually do work. Afterall, all they do is sit in offices, on the phones or speaking to others to sell what they grow. None of them knew what true hard work was. Something Jesse knew all too well to run a 300-acre ranch, looking after the cattle while still keeping the House tidy and such. He didn't like to ask his grandpa, but had no problems getting city folk to get their hands duty. Then again, she was a girl. It all depends on the meeting.

Time however flew by so quickly due to the amount of work Jesse had to do, so he wasn't sure when the girl was coming, except focus on the work at hand. The work at hand was chopping wood. He had already cut down a tree and took part of the bark which he took to the barnyard to chop up with a nice shiny axe. The barn sat next to the roadway that led to the House which was not far from the barn. One thing he was looking forward to was a swig of water, but for cowboys, they never gave up, and as such, he took off his sweaty shirt and hung it over the fence leaving him only in his jeans and a black belt with a gold buckle at the front. The heat didn't help at all, as he continued chopping the wood....