Black Knight Special Forces

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a character in “Dark Empire - A Code Geass RP”, as played by CherrySwirl


Name: William Levine. (Uses the alias Ark when doing Black Knight business.)

Age: 17

Rank: Special Forces/ Zero Division Captain

Knightmare Frame

Name: Guren Black

Model Number: Type-02/B1K

-2x Shoulder-mounted Machine Gun Turrets
-1x revolvable Maser Vibration Sword
-1x VARIS particle rifle
-1x Right Arm-Inbuilt Armor-Piercing Bombardment-Type Radiation Wave Unit

- Landspinner propulsion system
-Cockpit Ejection System
-Blaze Luminous
-Factsphere Sensor
-Float system


Built By: Rakshata Chawla

Weapons When On Foot:
-Hand gun.
-Army knife

Clothing: He usually wears his Ashford Academy uniform, but as a Black Knight he wears usual Black Knight attire

- 5'11"
-Lean build

Personality: On first impression Ark is distant, quiet and passive. On the inside he is angry, dissatisfied and disgusted with the country he lives in. He's a rebel who questions authority and refuses to comply with anyone's demands unless he has alternative motives. He'd rather search for the evidence personally than rely on the words of someone else. Ark doesn't believe in pledging allegiance to a leader who gained their power through inheritance, only one who has proved that they are worthy. He is reliable, resourceful and constantly thinking of ways to change the world. He's sharp and tact never missing a beat.

Strengths: Expert Strategist*
-Ark adapts to whatever situation is handed to him. later on he runs battles through his head and learns from them by breaking down each moment.
-Ark is excellent at making educated guesses and because of his father who is a accomplished Britannian soldier, he was forced to study various books about war/battle tactics.

-Even though Ark takes pride in being an eleven he is easily angered when he feels like he is being looked down upon because he is half eleven.

History: Ark was born as the black sheep of a wealthy Britannian family. His entire life he was treated differently by his immediate relatives who looked at him as if he was something less than what they were. He was told his birth mother died giving birth to him and who his mother was as well as her family was always an obscure topic that his father refused to elaborate on. When Schneizel gained control of the Nation and resumed the tyranny the Britannian nation was known for Ark was disgusted. He was disgusted by how the elevens were treated, he was disgusted with how easy going Britannian citizen's were despite all the news of death and destruction that was occurring. Most of all he was disgusted with their emperor. Shortly before he was supposed to join the military, Ark discovered a secret. He discovered that his mother was an eleven. It was a secret that his father had kept from him and everyone else as well. It angered him so much that he refused to join the military and moved out of his father's home at 15. He later sought out the Black Knights to fulfill his desire of changing this disgusting nation.

Motivations/Goals: Destruction of the Britannian Empire and Freedom for the Elevens.

Other: Half brother to knight of three, Cyrus Levine.

So begins...

Ark's Story