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Gavin The King


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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, originally authored by Artik, as played by RolePlayGateway



The King
⌈"Do you want to fight or not?"⌋


Gavin James Twist


Gavin easily hits the six foot mark, with broad shoulders, a muscled build, and well defined facial features that if he stands still for long enough it may appear as if he were made out of stone. His most striking feature would without a doubt be his eyes. Eyes the color of sharp, crisp ice that emit an illuminous piercing light that gives off a dagger affect when his eyes are locked on any target. In short, if he's not out right, and bluntly telling you how he feels, his eyes will do so silently with the amount of emotion they can express. He sports an elegantly disheveled head of auburn hair that is just long enough to lick the nape of his neck, but short enough to never touch his shoulders. A coat of naturally tan skin speckled with a variety of scars, a good amount of them on his hands, complete the look.

  • Going for morning runs - They help keep him in shape and he uses the time to clear his head, think, and really figure things out.
  • Rain/Storms - Sound, smell, but most importantly feel. He always loved the water, and still does. But there is something about watching, and feeling it fall from the sky that relaxes him. Thunder and lightning only add to the experience.
  • Music - Piano in particular. He enjoys getting lost in the melody as his fingers dance along the keys. Funny thing is, he can't read music; only play by ear.
  • Training - Self Explanatory.
  • Cat naps - Gavin will often wander off only to be found later napping in a variety of precarious places.
  • Respect - A very important value to Gavin and until you earn it, don't expect to get the benefit of the doubt.

  • Bad hygiene - Honestly, who wants to be anywhere near people that don't bathe or brush their teeth on a daily basis. He also likes smelling good.
  • Confinement - Gavin needs to be able to roam, to wander, to explore, and to be active. Coop him up and he'll get restless and annoyed.
  • Large groups of people - Being a bit more of an introvert and coupling it with his trust issues, he has the tendency to get a tad uneasy or frustrated in crowds.
  • Drama - Enough said.
  • Dishonesty - Going with the respect thing if Gavin things you're lying or trying to bull shit him, good luck getting off of his mental black list.

Gavin is a bit of a contradiction, and a tad double natured. For instance, he may seem relaxed and indifferent, but it would also be obvious to a perceptive person that he’s alert and ready to act. He likes to pretend that he’s rude and snarky at times, but then he’ll readily do things for you if you ask(at least if he likes/ knows you). During times when he's not training or preparing for a fight he moves like he has all day to do something, seeming almost lazy and unmotivated but when it really counts, he’s frighteningly fast. No warning, no hesitation, when action needs to be taken, he goes for it. His humor is dry and sarcastic in such a subtle way that it’s hard to pick up on unless you’ve been exposed to it a couple of times. His humorous comments come with a completely straight face, and no matter how absurd some of them may seem, it’s hard to discern if he’s really joking, unless you’re just good at that kind of thing. He’s confident, even arrogant sometimes, but doesn’t have much pride, though he likes to pretend he does.

Gavin is also pretty cynical in his life views, as well as stubborn. Once his mind is made up, you have the same chance of Hell freezing over as you do in changing his mind. You just have to hope that the decision he made was one he took a lot of time and deliberation to make - because there are times; however few - when emotions are running high that he is brash, and reckless with such matters. In regards to emotions though he has the ability to cover up any emotion that he sees as a weakness with a well practiced mask, or an even better timed secondhand remark. He absolutely hates to depend or rely on anyone but himself. He has deep seeded issues when in comes to trusting others, whether it is trusting them with secrets, trusting them to follow through with things they've said they'd do, or as far as trusting someone enough to let them get close. He despises talking about the past, particularly his past, or about any personal issues in general. If anyone asks, he gets almost instantly annoyed. Despite these flaws however, to those who prove they are trustworthy in his eyes, he will be unfalteringly loyal. In the past, he has never really formed emotional attachments for more than a short period of time, if at all. To get attached was to set yourself up to get hurt. The only person he ever really cared for was his brother, but that's a different story to be told at another time.

Gavin is a bit of an enigma, often choosing to think more than he speaks. He may seem to be a day dreamer that lives in his own thoughts but don't be fooled by his silence or lack of contribution to group conversations. When he has something to say, be it helpful, sarcastic, or anywhere in between, he'll say it. No inhibitions. Otherwise he doesn't like to bother with or stress over the little things. Heck, Gavin doesn't seem to stress about anything. He has an uncanny ability to shrug off things that would normally cause someone to worry. However, seem is the key word there. When there are times that he's visibly stressed, then trust that it isn't just any small issue. Another aspect of his personality is that he doesn't seem to try at anything. Academics come easy, athletics come easy, and he can honestly give a rats ass what people think which subsequently makes his social life, or lack there of, easy as well. The only activity he really devotes his time and full effort to is fighting.

are you single? do you have friends? any partners, any family? etc. how close are you to these people?

[size=90]⌈Fighting Style⌋
Endurance is the name of the game for Gavin. He can take a number of punches and kicks and continue to hold his own. If one style had to be chosen, it would be Taekkyon or Capoeira but really he draws from many styles never sticking to one and preferring to remain unpredictable in his fights. Whatever style you want to call it, he's constantly moving so much so that it may appear to be dance like. He is quite graceful and acrobatic in his movements and often uses his opponents momentum against them. Depending on what style he's up against Gavin's strategy varies from - an all out offensive hoping to overwhelm an opponent to a more reserved and evasive technique only throwing out precise and powerful attacks when the opportunities present themselves. His ability to adapt quickly and to take a hit are really what has helped him keep his crown at Karma. He fight's with bare feet, a bare chest, and taped hands.

1. His fists - (Most common - Average fights)
2. Two curved blades each attached to the other by a relatively long chain with the option for detaching them in the middle. - (Middle ground)
3. One larger blade also with a chain attachment meant to extend it's reach. - (Least common / Serious Fights.)


So begins...

Gavin The King's Story