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Jason Silfer [0] "I ain't doing this for a noble reason. I am just trying to survive, like I always have..."
Elisa Holman [0] "Good or Bad, I don't care. Just don't bother me too much ok?"
Amita [0] "I need only take one step to spoil the universe."
Ilania the Queen [0] is yo' momma.
Kenver [0] "Looks can be deceiving."
Christopher Stast [0] "Return to your rooms; forcing you only wastes time."
Robin Williams [0] "Another year... Great."
The Host of Kali [0] "Dad...what sort of school did you send me to?"

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In the IC

You must arrange a header in your post that indicates who you are, what time it is, where you are, and how your character is doing mood wise. How you arrange this is entirely up to you. As for me, I indicate my characters with pictures and a pretty banner for my main character, while the rest of this information is listed to the side in large text. Below is a basic form you can fallow if you like It is nice and simple.

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[left][size=200][color= pick a color][font=pick a font]Character Name
The Time
The Place
Character's Mood[/font][/color][/left]