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Robin Williams

"Another year... Great."

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a character in “Dieties of Rumble!”, as played by poeticjustice8012


Robin Williams

”That’s me. I’m bored.”

Robin Williams

Birdie, punk.
”Nicknames. Never liked ‘em.”

”What, how old do I look?... Don’t answer that.”

Pansexual. He really doesn’t care if you’re a boy, girl, or whatever. If you happen to catch his eye, then you happen to catch his eye.
”I didn’t realize I was signing up for a dating site.”

”Coming back here for my third year…”

He’s not very tall or heavy, but is hardly a shrimp, being 5’ 6” and around 115 pounds.
”Does it really matter…?”

He has messy rusty-red hair that usually has a wind-tossed or otherwise tussled look to it. You might call it a bed head, but considering that it looks the same 24/7 that probably wouldn’t be correct… He really just doesn’t care about how it looks, and the easiest style for him is to let it loose and messy. While it occasionally covers his eyes in a fight, he doesn’t mind, since cutting it short would be a hassle and would mean that he’d have to find a new way to style it. It hangs at just past chin length, covering his ears and his forehead, and has multiple layers, but isn’t spiky like some boys’.
”My hair…? Oh, yeah. I just let it do whatever.”

They’re best described as a blue-gray, leaning towards the gray side. Like a storm ready to release its power, except dull and usually bored. He doesn’t really find that much interesting, so while he might be looking at you and nodding along to what you’re saying, his eyes are similar to glass and not even paying attention.
”They say the eyes are the windows to the soul… Pity my windows are shaded.”

Pale and easily bruised, but not easily scarred. He’s not one hundred percent sure how that works, but doesn’t really care. It looks unblemished, though. Robin burns easily, and doesn’t like going outside for long periods of time without lots of sunscreen.
”It’s genetic.”

Robin isn’t exactly a body-builder. Sure, he’s kind of strong and he can hold his own in a hand-to-hand fight, but it’s not his style. No, he’s lithe and much more suited to the quick kinds of battles. Not quite skin and bones, he has just enough muscle on him to make him look healthy. Point of interest, it’s quite easy to injure him or break his bones.
”I was an unhealthy child.”

Rather than throwing on whatever he can find, Robin has more of a dark/Goth clothing choice. His default outfit is the one in the picture, but any combination of gothic clothing can be seen on him. His weird clothing ‘quirks’ are that his shirts are usually sleeveless, while his arms are covered by the black arm warmers (whatever you call them) seen in the picture, and he usually wears his black vest (with the bunny hood), no matter what the season. He also, usually, has his choker on. Even in the winter, he rarely wares warmer clothes… It helps that he lives in India. Of course, with the school uniform, he’s rarely seen in what he likes to wear.

While wearing the uniform, he’ll fold the sleeves on and put his arm warmers on, and still has his choker. Also, depending on the time of year, he’ll have his black vest on too.
”It’s more comfortable than what some kids wear.”

His whip (in the picture): Not exactly the most dangerous of items, he still carries it around on a regular basis (attached to his belt) and can use it in a surprisingly large amount of ways. If you ask him to pull an Indiana Jones, he’ll probably glare at you and refuse… Not to say he can’t.
”This is my main weapon.”

A Black Katana: Used mostly on missions or challenges, not random fights or such. He still carries it around, slung around his back in its sheath, but he tells people sharpening it is a lot of work and he’s too lazy to use it for basic fights. The truth is, he doesn’t want anything to happen to it and only uses it when he has to.
”Don’t make me pull it out.”

Fighting Style:
As you can probably tell, Robin isn’t the kind of guy to go into a fight, guns blazing. In fact, he rarely goes out of his way to get into fights at all. That’s not to say he can’t hold his own, but his style is much more defensive than offensive. He’ll move around quickly, dodging your attacks while seemingly not doing anything, and rarely pulls out his whip until he’s ready. He’ll let you get most of your energy out, or wait until he’s bored, then he’ll grab his whip and attack you. Usually he tries to go for your weapon, pulling it out of your hands, but if the weapon is too big (or he thinks it won’t work) he’ll go for a limb or even the neck. He’s much more of an ‘immobilize them’ kind of person than a ‘kick their ass’ person. After he has you where he wants, he’ll finish you off. This, of course, depends on the kind of fight. Usually this just involves ‘marking’ you with his whip (leaving a cut on your face), but if it’s against a demon he’ll finish you off.

With his katana it’s a little different, since he doesn’t have the reach his whip gives him. He’ll try cutting away at your weapon, testing how strong it is, before using his skills to try to cut your hand (or whatever you use to hold your weapon with) off. After that it’s a few blows to the chest, or maybe a lucky slice at your head, to kill you.
”Too lazy to fight. Ask me later.”

Sarcastic, blunt, and lazy. Those are the adjectives used most often when trying to describe Robin. The truth is, he just doesn’t really care about what other people think. Oh, he’s a smart-ass who needs to be taught a lesson? Whatever. Wake him up when he’s done with his afternoon nap. The traits all sort of tie in with the fact that he’s confident in his abilities to the point where it really doesn’t matter who he pisses off, because he’ll probably beat them in a fight anyway. Unlike most confident kids, though, he doesn’t try to make it to the King spot. After all, that would require work, and that goes against his policy of ‘sleep now, fight later’. Which, as you can imagine, is pretty important to him.

His sarcasm comes natural to him, at this point. You shouldn’t really take anything he says too seriously, because then you’d be spending most of your time really pissed off at him. He has quite a tongue; the slight insults and comebacks arrive without warning, and he’s been known to win battles just by talking his enemies into a corner. He rarely gets into verbal arguments, though, since that would require work and… Well, I think you’re getting the idea about just how lazy he really is. Robin’s sarcasm goes hand-in-hand with his blunt words. He’s not the kind of person to go easy on you, and will easily (and quickly) point out every single thing that’s wrong with your stance, or with your attacks, or whatever. This is slightly ironic, since he doesn’t exactly have a stance at all, but when this is pointed out he just shrugs.

Like mentioned above, Robin doesn’t care about what you think of him. Laziness is just part of the equation: he rarely cares enough about other people’s opinions to do anything about them, though he’ll probably shoot a comeback at you while trying to doze under that tree… Or wherever he happens to be at the time. Rather than work his butt off and do really well, he just does what he has to and coasts through classes without a second thought. Truth be told, he probably wouldn’t care if he failed all his classes, but he’s actually quite intelligent.

It’s not so much the bookish kind of smarts so much as he can sit in class and retain pretty much the whole less with just a few skeletal notes. He looks like he’s not paying attention, and maybe he isn’t, but when he is he can hold in all of the things you just mentioned… Now, actually using what he knows is a whole other story.

Lastly, Robin is a little anti-social. Not a big shock, sure, but he is. He hates it when people try to touch him and loathes pretty much every conversation he has. He’ll work with a few select people who don’t get on his nerves, but he’d do missions on his own if he were allowed. Since he isn’t, he does his best to find a couple other kids that are tolerable, so he won’t end up wanting to pull his own hair out while he’s supposed to be killing a demon. Speaking of which, that’s one of the few things he’s not lazy about: killing demons. He hates the things with a passion, and trains to get rid of every last one of them.
”I’m tired. Can’t we finish these questions up?”

Robin was born in London, England, to parents who really didn’t want a son. What they needed was an heir to the family company, and that was all Robin was to them: someone to train in the family business, so that it would continue to prosper for many years to come. You can imagine that his natural laziness was not exactly a trait they liked. In fact, they did their best to stomp it out, giving him so much to do that he was working almost all hours of the day. It did pretty much the exact opposite: Robin did his best to avoid any and all work, and he started to hate his parents.

The move to India would prove to be both a blessing and a curse. While Robin didn’t really mind, his father was somewhat racist, disliking the country and the people in it. On the other hand, his mother was stubborn as a mule and refused to move back to England, determined on putting at least a foothold in the bursting market. This pretty much put Robin in the middle, though he really just wanted to leave before he was known as ‘the kid of that racist rich man’.

Sanjay was different, though. He didn’t press Robin for details about England and respected his personal space. Above all else, though, he didn’t join in when the other kids started throwing rocks and attacking him. They met when Robin was running from a gang of older kids, all trying to grab him for the money he supposedly had (a lie; Robin never had any pocket money, and even if he had did he really look stupid enough to carry it around?). Sanjay stopped the kids, told them to get back to their homes before he had to kick their asses. Thankful, Robin accepted an invitation for dinner at Sanjay’s house, where the one-year-older male admitted that he had been interested in Robin for a while.

The two became good friends, and it was actually Sanjay who suggested Robin learn to use a weapon in order to be better protected. The Indian taught him his self-defense skills and how to use a sword, though he couldn’t help with using a whip or katana (which was Robin’s idea of a joke against his racist father and English-loving mother). Really, it was only a matter of time before Robin realized that he really liked his friend.

He came out to his parents with Sanjay’s hand in his, and spent the next few weeks at Sanjay’s house because he didn’t have anywhere else to stay. When Sanjay was killed by a demon, Robin couldn’t believe it. He would have been killed too, except a group from Karma High came and attacked the demon before it could kill him. Robin was brought to the campus and, after being told what had happened, demanded to join as a year one. He came in on full merit, a scholarship student of types, and has spent the last three years at the school.
"I'm leaving."

In all honesty, if he really wanted to, Robin could probably work his way up to King, or close, but he’s too lazy and doesn’t really care about the perks anyway. He hates demons more than the average person, and will not hesitate to kill any and all of them. The katana was given to him by Sanjay as a gift, and Robin refuses to let anyone else touch/use it. Also, Sanjay used to call Robin ‘Birdie’, which is why he gets mad whenever anyone else calls him that. He spends his summers traveling, killing demons, and pretty much staying in shape. He has lost all contact with his parents.
"Ugh, these questions are so weird."

Theme Songs:
Born This Way by Lady Gaga
”There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are,”
Wake Me Up When September End by Green Day
“The innocent can never last,”
All We Are by OneRepublic
”So don’t say your goodbyes, you know it’s better this way,”

So begins...

Robin Williams's Story