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Alec Jones

"A fun vacation? Yeah right, more like a death sentence".

0 · 507 views · located in Disaster Island

a character in “Disaster Island”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Alec Jones



Boy 5


Alec grew up as quite a quiet and reserved person, he was extremely shy, anti-social and 'emo' (as some people would call it). But as he reached his teen years he changed drastically. All that quietness and shyness had suddenly vanished. He became loud, ill-tempered, defiant, etc. Basically just what a normal teenager would be like, only twice as bad. Only, when he turned 16 he became more calm. He's now thought of as the joker, because of his witty comments, sarcastic come-backs and flirty lines. Alec is generally just a nice guy. If he sees someone hurt, he won't just ignore them, for he is extremely caring.

Alec was a fairly troubled child. He would always keep to his own and would rarely ever be seen in large groups, mainly just 1-3 people at a time. He was referred to by many as 'that emo kid'. It didn't bother him, but it wasn't exactly so easy to ignore. He was like this all through first and middle school, but everything changed as he went to high school. He would smoke, drink, vandalise, and other things. He was in a small group of outcasts for the first year of high school, but he grew out of that when he left at age 16. After that, he went to college and studied mainly anything to do with music and art. His life became calm and tranquil. He made some friends, stopped smoking and drinking, basically just turned his whole life around.

Alec is around 6'3" and has quite a slender figure. His eyes are quite a pale brown, his hair is brown also. He has fair skin with very faint freckles dotted around his nose. ((The picture shows everything else)).




So begins...

Alec Jones's Story