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Jessamine Amari

Now I'm in a whole new world....

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a character in “Disney's Magical Island”, as played by CielleAmor




Nicknames: Jess
Age: 16
Disney Movie: Aladdin
Birthday: April 4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Not into labels
The only memory left: She remembers sitting on a rooftop with a man, discussing life and the pressures and expectations of society, and how they both felt trapped. It was the first time she felt someone actually truly understood her.

  • Tigers
  • The color teal
  • Horseback riding
  • Helping those less-fortunate
  • Feeling the wind in her hair

  • Being lied to
  • Arrogance
  • Being told what to do
  • Responsibility
  • Feeling trapped

  • Snakes
  • Being trapped in a relationship without love

Personality: Jess is independent and a free spirit. She has a love of adventure and a constant need to find something... more. Stubborn and strong willed, she's known to be a bit of a rebel and hates being told what to do. She is brave and idealistic, but also tends to be impulsive and that gets her in to some sticky situations.

Before the island: The daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, she lived a sheltered life as Princess Jasmine with the palace walls. She lost her mother when she was a child, and the Sultan did not want to allow anything that could risk him losing his daughter too. Although she had riches and really anything she could ask for, the only thing she really wanted was freedom-- freedom from the responsibilities and pressures that come with being a future queen, freedom to go where she wanted, freedom to marry for love. According to the law, she must marry a prince by her 16th birthday in order to be her father's successor. Before being transported to the island, she was being visited by princes from all across the land wanting her hand in marriage.
On the island: Jess found herself on the island about a week ago, without any memory of who she was. She has found the place rather enjoyable to live in, and most people seemed to be friendly enough. There were also those that she, for some reason, she just could not bring herself to trust. She finds it disturbing that nobody remembers anything before last week. But then again, she has this strange sense of freedom in not knowing who she is. Nobody expects anything in particular of her, and she is free to be who she wants to be.

Anything else?
The day after finding herself on the island, Jess found a little orange tabby kitten in an alley. The poor thing looked nearly starved to death, and she took it to nurse it back to health. She named him Rajah. Not really sure why, it just seemed to suit him.

Password: Disney's Magic

So begins...

Jessamine Amari's Story


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Casey woke to the smell of something delicious coming from the kitchen. He sat up in bed, stretched and yawned. Light was coming through the edges of the curtains, and he got up to pull them aside. He had a fantastic view of the water from here, and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day on the island. Without giving much thought to the items he chose, Casey pulled on a pair of jeans and a simple tee shirt he had gotten from the mall last week and headed downstairs, noticing the plate of French toast and a note from Aurora on the kitchen table. How nice of her, to have made breakfast for them.

He took some fruit from the fridge and sat down at the table for breakfast, thinking about what he should do today. There were a few projects he had begun that he could finish. Although, he could use some more sea glass for one of them. "That will be the first order of business for the day," he said to no one in particular. "Then maybe I'll catch up with Pooh and--" He caught himself talking out loud and stopped himself, embarrassed. He would do this from time to time, and he was glad that most of the time nobody else was around to hear him. He glanced over at the stairs, hoping Rapunzel was still asleep and hadn't heard him talking to himself. He was certain most people thought him strange or awkward at the least, and he didn't want them to think he was crazy too.


A rumbling noise brought Jess out of her sleep and she opened her eyes slightly, then groaned and pulled the covers over her head to block out the light. She had forgotten to close her curtains last night and the morning sunlight was glaring into the east-facing room. The rumbling continued, and it took Jess a minute to realize it was Rajah purring right beside her head. Man, that little orange kitten she had found last week had a loud purr. Jess lowered the blanket from her face to see the kitten laying contentedly on her pillow, and when Rajah noticed the movement he moved closer to bump his head against Jess's forehead, giving a quiet meow.

Jess sighed and sat up, scratching the kitten's head. "I guess I need to get you something to eat, don't I?" she said to the cat. She stood and walked to her closet, and pulled out a simple dress in her favorite color, teal. As she walked downstairs, Rajah kept pace with her, weaving between her strides and nearly tripping her. Jess rolled her eyes, but it was really hard to get irritated with the adorable little kitten. She poured a cup full of kitten food into a bowl on the kitchen floor and smiled as Rajah greedily dug in.

The smell of pancakes and maple syrup wafted from Daisy's Diner not far from the house. Perhaps Naomi would want to go and get breakfast with her. She left the cat to his meal, and headed back upstairs to knock on Naomi's bedroom door, hoping she was already awake. "Naomi?" she called. "You up? Want to go grab something to eat with me?"


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Jessamine laughed when she heard Peter's voice bellowing from his room down the hall. "All right," she said, taking in his disheveled, just-out-of-bed appearance. "Go get dressed, we'll head over to Daisy's Diner in a few minutes." Jess wasn't much of a cook, but even if she was, there wasn't much of any food in the kitchen to make. Perhaps a grocery stop would be in order sometime today. Maybe, if she got around to it.

She knocked on Naomi's door again, not wanting to leave her behind, but knowing that now that Peter was up and had his mind set on food it wouldn't be very much longer that they'd have to leave. "Na? If you want some breakfast, we're leaving soon. I might head out to the beach afterwards if you want to come. Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day out there."


Having just taken a big bite of French toast, Casey smiled a silent hello in return as Rapunzel made her way, her own way, from upstairs. She certainly was an original, and that made him admire her all the more. She wasn't afraid to be exactly who she wanted to be, regardless of what others thought of her, and Casey wished he could be at least a little more like that. "Yes, please," he responded when she offered him some orange juice, and he slid the bowl of fruit closer too her in case she wanted some.

"I was thinking about going over to the beach sometime today to look for some sea glass, and maybe some driftwood," he said in response to Rapunzel's question about his plans for the day. "But I would like to catch up with Pooh, if you're planning to go to see him anyway. Naomi, too." They were some of the few people on the island he actually felt comfortable around, besides Wendy. He wondered what she was doing today, and thought he may ask her to come along later at the beach. HeJ knew she loved being outside, and he did enjoy listening to her stories while he worked on his projects. Casey brought his mind back to the present, and thanked Rapunzel for the orange juice.


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#, as written by Caille
Jane Porter

It had been early morning when Jane had woken up. It wasn't even dawn yet, the sun started to rise yet. Jane laid there for awhile and she looked out her window. After awhile she had tossed the blankets to the side, swung her feet over, and stood up, her feet landing on the floor. She stretched her arms out and she meanwhile it was stretching her back out. Her lips parted letting out a small yawn. Soon Jane walked over to her closet and she opened it and pulled out something to wear for the day and laid it out on her bed. She looked around the room to make sure she had nothing to take care of for now.

Jane walked over to the bathroom where she could take a shower, Jane had gotten in and she turned the hot water on. It came spraying out and it ran down her body. It felt nice just to stand there under the hot water but soon enough she had to get around to washing her body parts and her hair. After she was all nice and clean she turned off that shower and stepped out. She took a nice soft white towel from the pile of folded towels and wrapped it around her body. Walking up to the mirror she stared at her reflection for a bit and then pulled the hair dryer out and she began to dry her hair. It took twenty minutes but she had done it and her hair was brushed out.

Jane walked back out into her room and dried herself. Soon she had gotten dressed in this and she made sure her dress was smoothed out and it was straight. She smiled as it seemed to look perfect. Soon Jane slipped on her flats and then walked over to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and turned her curling iron on letting it heat up as she put in her earrings and washed her face and moisturized it. She put a bit of eyeliner and lipstick on but nothing to heavy. Jane then was reading to curl her brown locks and after an hour she had perfectly curled her hair and arranged them neatly.

Now she was ready and presentable. Some people thought she was boring and dull but they didn't even know half of her. They thought she was all about being proper but if they took the time to know her they'd know she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty or going on any sort of adventure. They all just avoid her thinking she's a stick in the mud. Jane grabbed a book, her favourite one that was about different animals. She loved to read and it was her favourite thing to do in the world. Soon enough she had left her room and the sun had just gotten up. She went to sit on a grassy bank by the beach and she began to read while feeling the light breeze on her face. After awhile Jane could smell cooking and she went to where the smell was. She smiled as Aurora had made some breakfast and Jane got a little bit before leaving again. Now it seemed others were getting up and Jane had left her book closed in her hand.

Jane had walked off and went somewhere quiet and alone. She didn't really know who all wanted to be around her but it didn't matter, eventually someone would be friends with her, right? None the less Jane, mustn't be this way and she should be happy, she didn't need to let things get her down. Jane began to now walk around the island and eventually she came up to the library, oddly enough she had a key to the library and she soon opened it seeing someone else there, "Good morning, to you, Sir." She said politely. She had learned to keep a nice appearance and those who weren't her friend just got the typical attitudes of her being proper. Jane had gone and walked in the library turning on a few lights and then she returned her book and put it back on the shelf. "Anything I can help you with Lucas?" Jane asked casually.

Naomi King

Naomi had been sleeping, she loved her sleep and it was almost nearly impossible for her to get up. Naomi was just dreaming and she was minding her own business in her dreams. She was running around Africa for some reason and she just kept running faster and faster and she was chasing after something, or someone perhaps. Naomi wasn't completely sure but she kept chasing after it, her blood pumping and growls could be heard all around her but she never took note to it at all. Soon that was when she saw a dark face, there was a scar on his face, his voice was deep and dark, and everything about him was off putting, Then there was thumping but it wasn't her heart beat and she was confused. For awhile she couldn't figure it out until finally she work with a start and heard Jess outside her room and her heat was still beating and she couldn't find her words at first.

Soon Peter came out of his room and he seemed excited for breakfast and Naomi jumped out of bed. "I'm coming!" She shouted back to Jess and Peter and Naomi began to look around her room and she was pawing for things, looking anything, anything to get changed into. She quickly pulled on some jean shorts, and a nice white tank top. Naomi soon found her self in the bathroom fumbling around with the brush and trying to brush her messy bed head so she was somewhat presentable. Naomi had managed to brush her hair and she slipped on some socks and a pair of black ankle converse.

Soon she was looking around for something but she couldn't think of what and then she decided it wasn't very important at all. "I'll be out in just a second!" She called back out to them and she went back to her mirror and applied some makeup but not a whole lot. Soon she had found her keys and she shoved them in her pocket and then opened her door. She came out and closed the door behind herself. "Well, I'd love to get breakfast! and go to the beach later on." She said flashing Jess and Peter a smile. Naomi linked her arm with Jess's and began to walk down the hall and down the stairs with Jess.

Preston "Pooh" Hastings

It was the morning and as always Pooh was cheery as ever. He got up and he began to dance around the room in his underwear for a bit. He had been dance to the beat in his head and he was swinging his hips and just enjoying himself as much as he could. Pooh was soon singing songs and he had a bright cheery smile on his face. Soon he had walked to his closet and found a shirt he had hanging up. It was a blue and white stripped shirt and he loved the material of it, it was so soft! Pooh soon found some black skinny jeans and he put them on. Then her found a beanie and placed it on his messy hair and he soon began to giggle like a little school girl and there was no reason behind it.

Soon the wafts of good smelling food and came into his nostrils and he perked with interest, and had stopped his giggles. Pooh soon jumped with joy knowing he'd soon be sinking his teeth into something good, something tasty and something he could enjoy. He had instantly raced out of his room and he began to follow the scent trying to get to it. He wanted to be near it and he had to be near it! He soon followed it into a kitchen and there he saw Rapunzel and Casey and he broke into a big smile.

"Punzy! Case!" He shouted and ran over and his arms wrapped around Rapunzel giving her a friendly hug and he grinned and smiled brightly at the two. "What's going on!?" He asked in his good spirits. He soon grabbed himself a plate and he began to shove the food into his mouth fast, he was hungry and he needed the food to keep him well and not cranky, a cranky Pooh was never the best Pooh there was. "Any plans for you guys?" He asked the others and smiled.


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Peter Paneer

Peter nodded quickly to Jess. He shut his door quickly running to his closet.
He opened the closet door seeing nothing but mess. This is where all the mess that had once littered his floor had gone. He had only been here a week yet he had sucessfully turned his room into a pig stye, well until Wendy made him clean it up.
Peter sighed why couldnt he have just cleaned his room for once, instead of stowing the mess somewhere else. Without even truly finishing the question in his mind he already had come up with the answer. It was a waist of time cleaning your room when you could be out on an adventure. There was no telling how many adventures you could miss while stuck inside doing stupid chores.
"This might take a while." Peter mumbled, beginning to rummage through the closet in order to find clothes.

Peter finally pulled out his clothing quickly putting it on and throwing his pajamas on the floor. He skidded out of his room slightly happy to see Naomi hadent come out of here room yet.
Peter looked over at Jess. "What are you going to get?" He asked before realizing he still had a bed head. He ran back in his room running a comb through his red hair before returning back to his spot next to Jess.

Peter starred confused at Naomi's door she still hadent come out.
"Jeez what always takes woman so long to get ready?" Peter asked innocently not realizing if he had said anything offensive or not.
As soon as the words left his mouth Naomi came out of her room and linked arms with Jess and begun walking down the stairs.
"Hey wait." Peter said running to catch up with them. As they left out their house a smile began to spread across Peters face, a thing that happened when ever be was out in nature. He couldn't quite explain why, but he felt like he belonged out here in nature. Sleeping under the stars instead of sleeping in a bed.

Wendy Darling

“Wendy, darling, how are you up so early?” Wendy jumped slightly as she heard a voice behind her. She turned to see Robin behind her a warm smile on his face.
She sighed a little relieved that it wasent a ghost, like the one she had been telling Casey about in one of her stories. A thing she loved to do more than anything, tell stories. It actually felt like she was there with the characters. Wendy enjoyed telling stories the most about this one boy, yet she couldn't remember anything about him only she loved to tell stories about his adventures.

“You know… If I can find the dang pans, I can whip up some mean eggs.Well, they aren’t literally mean, that’d just be silly.” Wendy laughed at his joke realizing she had been lost in thought and she had not heard anything he had said before.
Wendy tilted her head slightly watching him as he searched for the pans. He's looking in the wrong place, Wendy thought putting her hands on her hips.
"Robin, your looking in the wrong place." She said bending behind her and pulling out the pan(s). She set it on the counter trying to stop a mocking smile from creeping on her face.

Wendy looked over at Robin and the pans. That may not be enough for breakfast she thought."Oh I'll make the pancakes!" Wendy said a smile on her face. "Have you ever tried blue berry pancakes?" Wendy asked placing the ingredients on the counter and turning on the stove.
"Should we make enough for everyone?" Wendy asked referring to their roommates. She turned to Robin the spatula in hand.