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Isabelle 'Izzie' Vieira

Do I LOOK like a typical witch to you?

0 · 88 views · located in Diuinitati

a character in “Diuinitati”, originally authored by Iye Khara, as played by RolePlayGateway



The following images are reflective of Izzie’s appearance, but obviously...ignore the rifle :v

At her full height Isabelle Vieira stands at an impressive 189 cm tall (about six feet two inches), which is confessedly rather tall for a woman, a fact she is well aware of. Height has always been characteristic of her, and though it used to cause insecurity when she was a kid, standing head and shoulders taller than just about everyone else, making it impossible for anyone to really ignore her presence as she wanted, she's since used it to her advantage--especially now that she's at a wizarding school where, frankly, few people are really as physically imposing as she is. Similarly, her strong, firm build seems atypical for a woman—lean, powerful muscles are visible across her arms and abdomen, indicative of considerable upper body strength; she maintains her strength through a daily exercise routine, because Izzie firmly believes that she shouldn't become fully dependent on magic (and also because it's a habit from long before she found out she was a witch). As far as her facial features, Izzie possesses sharp, defined features, indicative of her heritage, with high, prominent cheekbones, a small, slightly pointed nose, and thin, dark lips, sometimes chapped and dry due to her tendency towards remaining tight-lipped. These features lend an attractive touch to her countenance, though years of cigarette and alcohol abuse prior to arriving at Diunitati (which she finds nigh impossible to pronounce) have taken their toll on her features, and leave in their wake vestiges of a former beauty. Her eyes are a dark brown colour, with the hue of darkened mahogany, and vaguely almond-shaped; her hair, conversely, is a dark black in colour and reaches down to about her chest, though she will often tie it back, leaving a few loose clumps to drift at the side of her head. You will often find her with her hair wet, in part because of the constant rainy weather around the school, because she takes a shower every morning, and because she has swimming class every day and doesn't bother to dry her hair because she actually really likes the way it looks when it's wet. Not that she'll publicly admit that.

Pretty uncommon for a wizard, but Izzie has tattoos. And by tattoos, I really mean, a lot of tattoos. The most notable one would be the Motörhead War Pig across her back, adorned with bullets, chains, spikes, and the name of the band itself in arching letters over it. Others across her body are abstract or spiritual in nature; examples include the large, flaming ankh on her left bicep, an Eye of Horus on the back of each hand, an Uraeus on her lower back, and the words ‘I have hidden myself amongst the never-setting stars’, from the Spell for Not Dying Again, in the Papyrus of Ani, tattooed in very small print at the nape of her neck. Further tattoos relate to her favourite bands, such as the Motörhead War Pig on her right bicep, or the Obituary tattoo across her right forearm; she also has one of Death's original logo (in red) at her collarbone, and Deicide's '666' on the bicep above her Obituary tattoo. And still others are just kinda gruesome in nature, such as an inverted pentagram that looks like it was carved into the skin of her left shoulder, and another across her lower left ribcage of a grievous wound, exuding crimson blood, revealing metallic rib bones (also, as it were, dripping copiously with blood); it’s rather similar to this, except, as said, with metal bones instead of...bone...bones. The first one she ever got was one of the letters 'IZZY', across the knuckles of her left fist, which she did herself when she was thirteen years old. Most people assume just from her tattoos that she's Muggle-born, which is partially true at best.

As far as clothing, as much as possible, Izzie forgoes the robes of the school--she considers them inhibiting, old-fashioned, and frankly retarded. When it's up to her, she dons a dark green button up shirt (which you can see in those pictures I linked...again, without that friggin' rifle in the way >.>)--she bought it from an army surplus store a couple of years back (it's the upper portion of a uniform), and will often roll the sleeves up to her elbows to expose the variety of studded and spiked wrist bands she is so fond of. The shirt is often slipped unbuttoned over a t-shirt, typically a band tee of any one of Izzie's favourite bands, tucked into a pair of jeans, sometimes with a studded belt, or a bullet belt, wrapped around, along with an assortment of chains hanging from her belt. And in regards to footwear, you'll most often find her wearing a pair of leather harness boots, completing an image of someone who is, frankly, the last person you'd think of if you were to picture a witch or a wizard: in most ways Izzie looks a lot more like a Muggle metalhead, or a punk (which isn't strange, seeing as she was one before she discovered she was a witch). She does not, has not, and will never wear dresses or skirts.

Name: Isabelle Moraes Vieira is her birth name. Which she loathes. For one thing, Moraes just...sounds horrible to her. Hearing 'Isabelle Moraes Vieira' leaves a god-awful aftertaste in her ears. And she's always felt Isabelle is far too feminine a name to fit her, so she's been Izzie to anyone who cares since she was about ten years old. And as such, most know her as simply 'Izzie Vieira', and very few people know her real name.

Age/Year: She's twenty, born October 26th, 1989, and thus a third year. Still reeling from the whole 'hey guess what you're a witch come see our magic school along with shitloads of things you have no idea about' thing, though, so there's plenty of things about the wizarding world Izzie hasn't the slightest idea about, even as a third year.

Gender: Well, given the use of 'she' and 'her' throughout this profile, I should hope it's evident she's female. Of course, she does have some masculine physical features, and the way she acts is everything but feminine, but biologically she is, indeed, female.

Blood: She's a half-blood, though for all intents and purposes, she might as well be a Muggle-born. Half-blood sounds derogatory as hell to her anyway.

Clan: Izzie was one hell of a trick for the Sapientia to figure out. On the one hand, her voracious magical ambition and natural inclination towards solitude put her towards Dawes Clan...and then her tendency to be completely unreasonable and irrational made Dawes absolutely impossible for her. Her stubborn nature and preference towards strength and power, both physical and magical, inclined her towards Blackburn...and then the same natural inclination towards solitude mentioned above shoved her right back to the crossroads. Her determination whenever she puts her mind to something and fierce dedication seemed to make her a candidate for the Campbell Clan...which was immediately nullified by her abrasive, aggressive fighting nature. Even the oddball Demipolous clan's characteristics of unstoppable drive and refusal to give in beckoned to her, but the fact that she doesn't live with her head perpetually shoved up in the friggin' clouds (the same cannot be said for just about the entire Demipolous clan) pretty much made that void. Ultimately, after what felt like ages (it really happened instantly, as always), the smoke of the Sapientia slowly coalesced into the form of a wolf, and Izzie finally ended up in Blackburn.

Wand: Izzie's wand is a 15" willow wand with a core of dragon heartstring. Excellent for duelling and for casting jinxes (and curses, but no one's supposed to know about that).

Astrological Sign: She's a Scorpio, but puts absolutely no stock in astrological signs whatsoever.

Classes: (Defence Against the) Dark Arts (honestly, Izzie believes that if explored properly, the so-called 'Dark Arts, can be used to great effectiveness to stop evil and hardship...after all, they're only 'dark' because of the way they're used....), Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and Swimming--yes, swimming. Izzie had no interest in any of the other classes and figured swimming was one of the few genuinely physical classes. She's a relatively powerful swimmer at that.

Class Strengths/Weaknesses: As far as magical capabilities, overall, Izzie surprisingly (or maybe not at all surprisingly) excels at duelling. For the aggressively natured, sometimes quite violent woman, it seemed only natural that the first thing she'd do when she discovered she could do magic was learn how to use it to fight, and during a lot of the students' free time you might be able to find Izzie out in her own little spot near the lake, far removed from where most of the students go through, headphones shoved in her ears, blasting off jinxes and curses. Just as often, she's gotten into trouble with the school authorities for actually duelling other students outside the duelling club itself, but the result of her constant delves into the violent side of magic is that she can use a combination of her relative magical expertise, physical advantages, and sheer willpower and determination to overwhelm most opponents, at least in the duelling club. Otherwise, she's also begun delving into the...'dark arts'. She'll go into the library, scour it for the less that savoury texts--which students aren't allowed to take from the library because of their nature. She'll read through them intently, memorising every aspect and taking the knowledge right out of the library with her without ever having to take the book and cause suspicion to fall on her; she'll then practice some of the things she memorises, though just as often as she succeeds it can blow up in her face, sometimes quite literally. She's gaining some strength in the forbidden arts of magic, keeping it secretive and hidden--and she hasn't fallen into the point of no return that many who seek to learn of the dark arts find themselves in before they are any the wiser, but in combination with her aggressive nature, emotional instability, and inner anger, Izzie inches closer every day to that point.

And as said, she's a fairly good swimmer.

Now, obviously, she's not good at a number of things. The subtleties of the more passive charms tends to simply elude her. And she's known in class to get completely fed up when she's supposed to find a way to charm a frog into changing colour, and then just blast the goddamn thing in an impulsive bout of temper. She's also not very good at crafting potions, since again, she'd rather blast someone with a well-placed curse than waste time poisoning them or feeding them some sort of charm potion. So Izzie really doesn't bother even trying to succeed in either of those, preferring to focus on duelling and classes like Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts rather than 'waste time dicking around with useless charms and potions that don't do shit in a real situation'. Which isn't the wisest policy, but there's a reason she didn't end up in Dawes.

Personality: For a witch, Izzie is definitely not what one expect, and she certainly doesn't seem to fit in with any one of the houses in particular. She's without a doubt an exceptionally difficult person to get along with, and even harder to truly understand. She is, put bluntly, an extremely abrasive woman. Rough, fierce, and stubborn at best, cruel, callous, and violent at worst, she tosses about swear words and curses as casually as adjectives and verbs, and she’ll turn a verbal disagreement painfully physical at the drop of a dime simply out of what she perceives as a need to protect her pride and dignity. Her sense of humour is dry and sardonic, with a heavy dose of pessimism, and sometimes insulting to those around her if they aren’t used to her biting sarcasm in the first place; her tried and true way of dealing with others is highly caustic in nature. Unlike most of the Blackburns, however, Izzie's also highly averse to anything she perceives as an attempt to control her or to 'help' her, as she is a fiercely independent and self-reliant woman and believes there is nothing she can't do on her own if she decides it's what she wants to do. As a carry-on of her days as a Muggle delinquent (and for the record muggle sounds just like a delinquent sort of name), Izzie is pretty much addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, and the fact that you really can't buy either at the school necessitates that she hoard and ration whatever specimens she can acquire--which isn't much good when 'rationing' for her is running through pack after pack every day and she could down a twelve pack of beer on her own in a single night before she came to Diunitati. More positively, on the other hand (but still uncommon for a wizard or a witch), she loves music. All kinds of music. Spanning from the deathgrind of Pig Destroyer and Carcass, grindcore in the vein of Napalm Death and Assück, the technical death metal of Death and Suffocation, straight up death metal like Deicide and Nile, the thrash metal stylings of Megadeth and Slayer, classic heavy metal such as Judas Priest and Motörhead, hard rock legends such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, crust punk in the vein of Doom and Gallhammer...hell, even jazz and blues, such as Art Blakey, Weather Report, and BB King (how many wizards do you know who listen to Deicide and Slayer, for chrissakes?). She listens to it all, most of it (in particular, the metal and the punk) at such outrageous volumes that it's anyone's guess how she isn't deaf yet. All in all, she's an abrasive, headstrong, aggressive witch who is, at heart, not actually a bad person but who often borders on cruel and downright wicked at times, and above all is highly solitary and aloof.

But she isn't entirely the violent, delinquent muggle-born dueller everyone sees her as. Beneath what seems to be a bellicose, combative surface can be found a rather different persona. A persona that is far more vulnerable and conflicted than Izzie would like for anyone to see on the surface. Her relatively newfound powers as a witch do not assuage the fact that she has no idea what to do with her life, and is convinced that once she's through with Diunitati she'll go right back to the aimless, unhappy, tormented existence she lived up until that point; she loves Diunitati because it's an escape from the life that she's now trying to flee, but constantly fears she'll end up falling back on in the end. She's headed straight for self-destruction, decay, and collapse, has been for years, and knows it. Plagued with fears, disappointment, anger, and pain that stretch back to years that seem to have befallen someone other than herself when she looks back on them now, they fester within her, refusing to grant her a moment of clarity and peace, forcing her to fall back on her vices and lonely, unhealthy lifestyle to cope. Her abrasive and wholly unpredictable personality mirrors her fear of personal pain and abandonment--Izzie has convinced herself that if she keeps others at arm’s length with her wild and aggressive attitude, she can avoid making connections, and thereby the pain of the inevitable severance of those connections. She has come to fear the pain of losing those she loves and cherishes, and believes that by avoiding true friendship and love she can remain untouched by this grief.

Background: As if she says jack shit about her background. Ask her about it, and she'll most likely tell you to fuck off and mind your own goddamn business. Manage to get a little closer to her, and she'll even give you a full-on answer: "My life has made me who I am. I'm a complete fucking asshole. What kind of life do you fucking think I've had?" Besides that, all that is known is that she's from Brasil--that much she'll tell you, with pride--or at least is ethnically of Brasilian descent, and she's a half-blood who was raised by her Muggle mother (which explains how constantly baffled she is by the wizarding world). She says nothing of her wizard father, but over her three years at Diunitati it has been gathered that he wasn't really in Izzie's life, if at all. You can probably infer the kind of life she lived prior to Diunitati just by reading the personality section above...but if anyone really cares her history may come up in the RP itself.

Extra: She fluently speaks English and Brasilian Portuguese, and has some moderate command of Spanish. Also known to be bisexual, leaning towards girls, not that it really matters. She intends to become the Blackburn Alpha and overturn the one currently 'in power', a second year named Anderson Fitzgerland, both because Izzie absolutely loathes recognising figures of leadership and authority (which wouldn't be a problem if she WAS the figure of leadership in Blackburn), and also...well, that'd be kinda cool.

So begins...

Isabelle 'Izzie' Vieira's Story


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Reader continued to munch on the treats brought by the house elves, choosing as much as she can as the submarine takes them towards Diuinitati. Excited first years looked like they are ready to bounce of their seats as they become fascinated by their surroundings. Which totally freaked out Reader, she hated being under water. Why can't they travel on land just like they did on that other school back in England? The one her dad took her too when she was a kid. What was it's name? Something like pigwarts? Oh shoot, whatever Read thought. All these seaweeds and fishes looked weird for her taste. She'd rather breath fresh air than smelling other people's sweat and odor.

She was about to finish last of her chocolate frogs when she saw a smaller bloke bumping into her least favorite person- Izzie. He seemed familiar to Read as she saw a better view of who he was, the Quibbler reading guy! Now if she just can remember his name, was it Al? Oh well, the scene was more fun to watch than to think of what his name is.

Read watched as he tried to start a conversation with one of the least sociable students of the school who is most likely to end up having a fight with her most of the time. She was ready to see Quibbler guy getting beat up when she heard her best friend's voice from afar as she instructed the first years who have now eagerly lined up according to Andy's orders. She smiled mischievously, planning to make things more interesting for the new students. She pulled out a piece of Puking Pastilles from her bag, imported from England from a famous joke shop they called Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. How she loved that place. She even thinks she's an honorary English woman rather than an American. Their school's is way hidden in the mountains instead of being partially underwater and on an island.

She tapped a gullible looking first year and said, "Hi, how are you? My name's Izzie and I would like to welcome you into Diuinitati in behalf of the other students. And I would like to give you these Pastilles in honoring the tradition of welcoming new students. Go on try some and pass these few around. They are terrific," She gave the boy around 4 pieces as he passed it towards the other students. She slid out and slipped on to her robes as she made her way towards the exit with her bag. Pretending to be Izzie was fun but it's more fun when the new students report her name instead of hers. Izzie deserved it in Reader's opinion. She still owed her a few points deducted from her house after the fight they had last year. And it wasn't even her fault.

"Andy!" She called unto her friend and came closer to her side. "I'll see you inside the school okay? I'll save you a seat before all these munchikins take ever spot on the table." She finished and dashed out once again. Squeezing her way out of the submarine as it came to a halt and the entry way opened, just in time to hear a few students hurled as they started puking and becoming sick. If they read the wrapper- they'll see how to cure their selves but for now Reader happily got out of the submarine and was more than relieved to be done being under water.