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"I'm the daughter of a Wraith, and the daughter of a traitor. Does bad blood make bad blood?"

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a character in “Dragon Hatchling”, as played by BlueWind_22


Name: Mrala
Nickname: Mrala
Age: 19 yrs of age
Gender: Female
Type: Black Dragon, Half Wraith
Role: Dragon Daughter of Shade

Skills: Mrala has skills in almost all areas: fighting, leading, killing, stealing, lying and betraying "Trusted" allies. She is quick on her feet, and is even quicker in the air. She is great at using her tail like a mace or stabbing other dragons with it and even uses it to scare farmers by causing mini "earthquakes" with it by slapping it against the ground. Although she's still young, Mrala is still a killing machine and has even killed older dragons. Most of the dragons she killed were rebels or the ones foolish enough to treat Shade like he's a kitten. So, you can say, she's very skilled in being the bad guy in ever rumor or story.

Personality: Mrala is a complicated dragoness. She did everything her father commanded her to do; she would and already has killed for him. She just doesn't know what she wants. Being half a Wraith, she can't help but relish the feel of another Dragon's throat between her jaws and crave the taste of her opponent's blood. She loves the fighting, and the killing, and lying and betraying others. It's just natural for her. Like all Wraith's she hungers for power and the kill, but unlike other purebred Wraiths, she can't control herself. She's the first half Wraith in the world, and it's difficult to be... to just be. Mrala loves the red tint in her vision when she goes on a killing spree, but there's just something there that she can't reach. Her hunger is insatiable and it scares her. Mrala doesn't have control of herself.
Mrala being half blue dragon, at least can see the beauty of the world, but she can't grasp it. She can't really hold these things. When she touches a flower, it slowly dies from her breath, and the trees pull away from her touch. The grass turns brown and the animals all cower when she walks by. She can only watch them pass by. She can watch them from above. Hence why she flies alot and lingers in one spot for long.

History: Mrala is a princess if you actually think Shade is a king, not a tyrant. She could go to the giant dragon castle and swagger around and take what she wants from the other dragons. The other purebred Wraiths give her space, but they also fight openly with her when she or they challenge her. The normal dragons on the other hand, look at her in disgust and always try to treat her like dirt when they can. She wasn't welcomed in either society. The humans looked up at her in disgust and fear and never really talked with her when she tried to engage them in conversation.
Mrala was the one who dealt out most of the death sentences and most of the time, was kept beside her father as an abomination. She was exiled when she killed her half sibling, sired by Shade and some poor white dragoness. It was still a hatchling and was a black male dragon ready to hatch, but she ate it instead. Her mother, being a favorite of Shade's, was able to make her punishment exile.

So begins...

Mrala's Story


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The villager Haymitch licked his dry chapped lips, wizened with age. He set the pail down and began to stretch out his back, ignored the dark shadows in the shadows of the wild trees. While doing so, he muttered under his breath, "Damn back muscles. Old lady of the house should've done the task earlier. What the..." The old man stared at the black form he'd thought was shadows in the shadows of the trees. He saw the ancient tree shake, it's leaves parting to reveal the... reptilian lips pulling back to show ivory sharp teeth. The old man gasped and stumbled backwards.

Old men and women, wrinkled pelts and graying fur. Mrala growled, and moved foward, the branches and leaves that touched her blackened with death. The shadows that accompanied her whispered words that only she could hear and those that were ready to greet their death. She bent her massive head and surveyed the old man frozen with terror. Her ebony black scales didn't glitter when the sun's rays shown down on them. Mrala sniffed him then jerked backwards, smelling dragon nearby. She would be caught and then... not be accepted her because she had, without thinking, made a promise that she would not harm any rebel humans. She turned and growled hating the trees that were in her way. She roared at the ancient tree she's been hiding beneath and slammed her head into it before launching herself into the air above the tree to fly back... Away, to be able to sink her teeth into something.


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The clouds sailed by lazily, revealing the rays of the sun as it shone down upon the land in its fullest glory. With it came the warmth and its revitalizing touch, which Anabeth has grown to appreciate - despite the nasty side-effect of perspiration. She straightened her posture as she proceeded to walk out of her room and out of the little hut she was in. Outside, a detachment of guards were carrying out their usual training, some lifting heavy logs, some jogging around the field, some practicing their sword moves. All of them had something to be busy with; Anabeth could not help but sense a tiny bit of jealousy rising in her. She suppressed it, however, taking care not to show it. Instead, she smiled at the soldiers who had glanced her way.

Better to be as she was now, with nothing much to do besides taking casual strolls, than to be out there sweating buckets. At least, that was how she intended to convince herself before the words 'sour grapes' kept surfacing in her mind. Thus followed a great urge to scowl at herself, which she also managed to hide as she continued on her stroll, shifting her frustration to managing her posture and elegance as she walked.

The little 'village' that she was in was one that she and her brother had settled in many years back when they were still babies. According to history as she knows it, the Dragons and Humans were about to settle for a truce of some kind. Then, Shade came along. Shade was a Wraith, an apparently separate species of Dragons composed of an entirely different essence that Anabeth could not quite comprehend. However, one thing was certain - Shade was powerful. With his power, he sent both the Kingdoms of the Dragons and the Humans down a spiral of chaos. Fortunately, Anabeth's parents had the wisdom of sending both her brother and herself away before the situation got to its worst in the Royal Palace.

Anabeth was loathe to think about what happened subsequently. As much as she would like to feel a sense of loss and anger, she realized she could not genuinely feel it. She was far too young to know of her parents' love. Granted, they gave their lives to save her brother's and her's, but still, that feeling of sadness was almost obligatory. Perhaps it was a strength though, Anabeth thought, for it has allowed her to be less vengeful towards the Wraiths. In a sense, that was how she could have befriended a Wraith.

Mrala was the example of that. Admittedly though, sometimes, Mrala does have conversations or thoughts that are in conflict with her ideas of ideals as a Princess. Anabeth sighed as she wandered onto the edges of the village where there it was sheltered by the trees of the surrounding forest and where it was very much more quiet.