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Adam Jensen

"The fuck are you looking at? You're as ugly as they are!"

0 · 616 views · located in Earth

a character in “ElvenBane”, as played by Seraph




::Name:: Adam Jensen

::Nickname::"Savage" "Lancer" "Bayonet" "Scorcher"

::Age:: 32

::Gender:: Male

::Rank:: Colonel


::Motivation:: "Shits and giggles"

::Defensive/Offensive:: Offensive


::Eyes:: Chocolate brown before augmentation, black after

::Hair:: Black

::Height:: 6'4

::Weight:: 235lbs

::Skin Tone:: Caucasian

::Build:: Highly Toned

::Body Markings:: A score of 'ports' align his chest, these are different subsystems, a large port along his higher left forehead in the shape of an octagon is a 'jack' for his partially cybernetic implant on his cortex.

::Voice:: Dark, Raspy, deep

::Description:: standing at 1.8 meters in height, or six-foot-four inches tall, his height is not that intimidating. But low and behold, many a larger men have found themselves on their backs from his fiery temper. His physique was near flawless before taking his friend's place on a land mine and suffering severe damage to his extremities and internal damage including the fracturing of his skull in several places and several vertebrae.

With his physical augmentations he was inducted into the Kommandos under an experimental procedure that granted a slew of different augments that later--would be broken up into varying sub-categorical "types" depending on the injury. In many ways, though augmentation had been a salvaged technology from the Silvians who could not use due to their weakened bodies--he was the first augmented soldier that was fully compatible with the Cortex CPU component and its on-board content. He was fully upgraded, having prosthetic arms, legs, eyes and several underlying muscle adaptations and even a cerebral implant with reinforced skull plating.

Adams prosthetic arms implement heat-sink blades; the concept of super-heating a metal blade to create a weapon that could melt armor as it cut, thus increasing its overall effectiveness. These appear as bladed extensions that can traverse forwards or backwards as well as his arms. His arms can rotate 360 degrees and can lift an average Oroc (approx. 375lbs) with one hand. He also has a diamond-hard visor that can, at will, shield his eyes. These are reflexive and will actively darken in the presence of daylight.


::Quirks:: Cruel and unusual, smartass

::Fears:: The loss of his men

::Likes:: Partying, drinking, smoking, sex, fighting, bloodletting.

::Dislikes:: Orocs, restraint, Silvians

::Personality:: Its hard to describe Adam, he lives a life very close to the edge of reason, danger and excitement. He throws himself into throngs of enemies--rather they have Berserkers or not. He finds innovative, and in some respects--even cruel ways to kill Orocs rather they have surrendered or not. He believes that a "good" Oroc is a dead Oroc and that the only humane option left for humanity is to "Put a bullet in them and get the fuck over it." He enjoys drinking and has a perpetual stench of cigarette smoke on him which is both to draw Orocs to him an drive haughty Silvian pure-bloods away--though that is neither really confirmed nor denied. What is confirmed is his lewd behavior which is, oftentimes, unrestrained and unchecked.

Men are drawn to him like sharks to blood--from all around they come from different platoons to be a part of the "Rough Riders" a legendary but often times lethal squad of men that accept more-or-less suicidal missions. There is a contract signing to sign away your life to him like he were the devil and you were selling your soul. This waiver is that there is no guarantee of safe return from any mission and that you owe him your life until he sees fit to give it back--which usually ends with your life or as a show of shame if you don't uphold the tenants of the "Rough Riders".


::Armor:: None

::Casual Clothing:: B.D.U's Battle dress uniform; fatigues (Prior to Augments.)Image

::Carried Items::14K Gold Locket of his late wife and two daughters with a faded flower pattern inlay.

    ::Main Weapon::

  • ::Name:: Lancer Assault Rifle Mk2
  • ::Type:: Lancer (modified with flamethrower attachment)Image
  • ::Made of:: Stamped Steel
  • ::Length:: 2 1/2 feet
  • ::Weight:: 10lbs
  • ::Description/Info::
One of the Lancer's most distinctive and popular features is its notorious Chainsaw Bayonet. The chainsaw consists of razor-sharp, carbide-tipped blades powered by a variable-torque motor, and is capable of killing an enemy in seconds. Fires on a fully-automatic function at 500 rounds a minute. Regular Mk2's have a 50 round clip, Adam's has a 60-round extended clip. Adam has also attached a a lightweight, man-portable, side-mounted dry chemical-fuel flamethrower feature. Propels a stream of flame that damages and sets enemies on fire, dealing major damage over several seconds. The Scorcher was designed specifically to excel in short-range combat, possessing a maximum range of approximately 10 meters. It is compatible with a backpack fuel tank that increases fuel capacity, but is vulnerable to damage and will explode with the user if shot.

    ::Secondary Weapon(s)::

  • ::Name:: FR-27 Sanction Flechette Rifle
  • ::Type::Battle Rifle Image
  • ::Made of:: Carbon Alloy
  • ::Length:: 2 1/2 feet
  • ::Weight:: 5lbs
  • ::Description/Info::
The FR-27 SFR is a modern fully automatic combat rifle developed by Steiner Bisley. Instead of firing bullets, the FR-27 SFR fires flechettes. The FR-27 SFR fires .303 caliber fin-stabilized bullets separating from a discarding sabot, these rounds are manufactured by Osprey Ltd. The flechettes that it uses are faster and more powerful than conventional bullets (an effect of being larger, heavier rounds), these rounds are fin-stabilized and fired by a smoothbore barrel. This power comes with a cost though as only 20 rounds can be held in a single magazine.

The reloading procedure is unusual; the entire forward section of the rifle hinges near the muzzle to expose an internal loading port, into which the magazine is inserted. The feed direction appears to be upwards, meaning that despite appearances, the combat rifle is not actually a bullpup layout. Following loading, the rifle is closed up and the cocking handle on the left side is rotated clockwise.

  • 1 silencer
  • 1 laser sight
  • 1 flechette target-seeking system
  • 3 damage output
  • 3 ammo capacity
  • 3 reload speed
  • 3 rate of fire

    ::Secondary Weapon(s)::

  • ::Name:: The Longsword Whisperhead SERSR (Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle)
  • ::Type:: Sniper Rifle Image
  • ::Made of:: Ceramic Alloy
  • ::Length:: 4 1/2 feet
  • ::Weight:: 13lbs
  • ::Description/Info::
This is a highly accurate long-range, bolt-action weapon that features a built-in sound suppression system that renders it virtually silent, making the shooter in cover almost undetectable at long range. The sniper can send large caliber rounds against distant targets, thus making it a one-hit kill weapon against non-armored enemies. It will not, however, kill 'heavy' enemies (let alone Regular Orocs) with a single head-shot.

It should be noted that silence does not make for invisibility. Should one merely wound a target, rather than either miss or one-shot-kill, the target is likely to go hostile and immediately target you even if you might have been expected to have been well out of his field of view (crouched on the rooftop of a nearby tall building, for instance). A miss, on the other hand, will usually not alert the target of your location and if it is noticed at all will tend to direct them towards the impacted surface.

Its damage cannot be upgraded, but it does accept upgrades for ammunition capacity and reloading speed.

  • Laser Sight


    ::Natural Talents::

  • Survival: Can get dropped, naked, in the Andes and be okay.
  • Charisma: He is infamous amongst the command and famous amongst human resistance. He is known throughout the Underground.


  • ::Innovation:: Knows how to make hand-made explosives, set charges and make art with explosive detonations.
  • ::Security:: Can get a bomb into--and out off the Pentagon.


  • ::Reckless :: Due to his nature, his expenditure of human lives in 'busts' is higher than normal.
  • ::Loner :: Due to the death of his family, he isn't really seen with anyone except prostitutes and bartenders.

    ::Augment Package:: Warfighter

  • Image::Aim Stabilizer::The direct practical effect of the Aim Stabilizer is to reduce the radius of the 'traveling reticule' displayed on the user's optic interface, designating the target zone generated by a given firearm. The motion-dampening, stability-inducing augmentation narrows the firing zone, allowing the user to aim at targets with greater efficiency while moving.

    A cranial implant mechanism, the Aim Stabilizer is a decentralized augmentation with elements embedded in the user's nerve-brain connections, inner ear structure, and optic nerves,. From second to second, the augmentation reads and processes inputs from the user's innate senses for balance and orientation and modifies them accordingly based on current circumstances; thus, the user's sense of balance and hand-to-eye muscle control is regulated and enhanced, providing a greater stability even at speed or while in extreme motion.

    Image::Aiming Motion Control 2:: Increased familiarity with signals coming from the Aim Stabilizer's implanted elements enables users to maintain up to 100% of their targeting accuracy while in motion.
  • Image::Typhoon Explosive System:: In effect, the Typhoon augmentation turns its user into a human fragmentation grenade, placing him or her at the center of a blast radius that inflicts a ranged sphere of damage on surrounding targets, in all directions, without focus or aim. Every detonation requires the expenditure of one ammo pack and one energy cell.

    The Typhoon is an anti-personnel weapon implanted in a series of subdermal pads along the back of the user's arms, upper legs, and torso; the pads are loaded with a matrix of small (10mm) stainless steel ball bearings above a thin layer of fixed-focus electromagnetic repulsion field generators.

    On activation, the implant releases the ball bearings in an optimal 360° shrapnel shockwave cloud that inflicts severe damage on unarmored targets at close range, and an additional blowback effect on middle-distant targets.

    Image::Heavy Damage Variant:: As a seasoned user, Adam can optimize the Typhoon's electromagnetic projection matrix, enhancing the delivered damage-to-target ratio. This “heavy” damage variant will kill even Beserkers at close range.
  • ImageWhen activated, the GlassShield Cloaking System augmentation bends the light hitting the user, rendering him practically invisible. The effect will work on any wavelength that is part of the visual spectrum, including laser beams.

    The GlassShield Cloaking System is composed of a grid of fine induction wires connected to a deep-tissue control implant (typically located in the back or ribcage) which, in turn, is linked to the brain. The matrix can be layered directly beneath the surface of the epidermis or over the plating of cybernetic limbs; when activated, it generates a tuned, fixed-focus electromagnetic field that temporarily adjusts the frequency of EM radiation around the user. The net effect is a 'cloak of invisibility' which appears near-perfect.
  • ImageEssentially a technologically-advanced version of implanted body armor, this augmentation is able to reduce inflicted damage effects from blunt trauma, ballistic attacks, cutting, and/or slashing attacks. Secondary functionality also provides protection from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) assault.

    However, Dermal Armor cannot reduce damage effects from airborne contaminants such as gas, environmental effects (radiation, toxins and poisons), or falling trauma.

    Rhino Dermal Armor is a supple, micro-thin material implanted beneath the epidermis in key areas of the body, as well as over the surface of pre-existing cybernetic limbs. The structure of the plating is a phased composite; the base is a microfiber weave made from carbon nanotubes suspended in a dilatant (or shear-thickening) fluid. When kinetic energy from a physical blow or a weapon discharge strikes the plating, the fluid becomes rigid, deflecting the impact shock. Heat and electromagnetically-conductive elements in the armor matrix serve to dissipate damage from fire-related or energized trauma.
  • ImageThe Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis replaces a person's organic limbs with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. On a basic level, these grant the user the ability to reach greater heights while jumping. Additional functionalities, including enhanced jump range, greater sprint speed, and the ability to move without audible detection, become possible as familiarity with the augmentation increases.

    The Hermes 2027 Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis is an augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize 'myomers'-bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyberlimbs are capable of far exceeding human physical attributes.
  • ImageThe Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis replaces the user's organic limbs with enhanced-function mechanical substitutes. Initially, the augmentation allows the user to engage in impressive feats of close-quarter unarmed combat. As the user grows more comfortable with his or her new arm, the range of available skills widens to include punching through light walls, displacing heavy objects, carrying at an increased capacity, and compensating for weapon recoil.

    The Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis is an augmented artificial limb built on a framework of advanced polymers and lightweight metals. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize myomers -- bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyber-limbs are capable of far exceeding human physical abilities.

    Image::Recoil Compensation 1::A series of liquid-polymer reaction-management buffers installed in the Cybernetic Arm's wrist and elbow joints will reduce by half the recoil from any firearm once user's become familiar with them.

    Image::Recoil Compensation 2:: Learning how to utilize the Cybernetic Arm's reaction-management buffers in conjunction with its bioplastic shock absorption compressor will completely eliminate the recoil generated by any firearm, allowing for a stabilized aim even while firing in fully automatic mode.
  • Image The Sentinel RX Health System is a combination implant that uses electro-cardio action, adrenal stimuli, and protein therapy to fight infection and injury throughout a limited 'regenerative' capacity. While it is no replacement for proper medical care, it can keep a user alive in the most critical of circumstances.

    A decentralized augmentation made up of several smaller units; the primary components are a series of hair-fine sensor probes connected to all the vital organ, providing real-time biomedical data to a central health monitor unit.

    This unit tracks the medical condition of the user and triggers secondary modules when it registers the incidence of critical damage through internal or external trauma; these modules are implanted in heart tissue, the lymphatic system and adrenal glands, and utilize micro-electric charges and phased-released chemicals to stimulate the human body's healing reaction.

    Image::Cardiovertor Defibrillator:: The Sentinel RX Health System comes fitted as standard with an Implanted Cardiovertor Defibrillator capable of restarting a human heart up to eighty times without requiring a recharge

    Image::Angiogenesis Protein Therapy:: The Sentienl Implant package also includes the Angiogenesis Protein Therapy delivery system, providing state-of-the-art biomedical care directly to where it is needed in the body.
  • Image::Smart Vision:: An optical membrane implant that enables people already equipped with the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis to visually scan through walls, doors, and cover objects and see what lies beyond.

    This augmentation implants the human eye with a series of suspended organic-plastic lenses which, in turn, use embedded circuitry to build on the basic data-frame provided by the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis. By interfacing directly with the synthetic neural tissue spike that is connected to the optic nerve, it provides the implanted prosthesis with the ability to match visual silhouettes and body kinetics to micro-thermograph and t-wave lens modules, thus providing a limited degree of “x-ray vision” through walls and light cover.

    Image::Wall-Penetrating Imager::The thermographic and t-wave features installed in the Eye-Know Vision Enhancement Package provide limited-range image penetration of low-density objects and cover obstacles immediately, enabling users to see what hides behind them.
  • ImageRetinal Prosthesis The Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis is the basic 'chassis' for all optical augmentations and must be implanted in both eyes before further, more specialized devices can be purchased. The HUD projected by the prosthesis provides data on the user's medical condition, available equipment, wireless access to personal data storage, and direct audio/visual telecommunications.

    An optical membrane implant and data-frame for vision augmentations, this device is a microthin base coating layered onto the inside of the human eye, with a synthetic neural tissue spike connected to the optic nerve; it is capable of projecting digital information directly on to the retina.

    Image::Retinal HUD::The Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis comes with an Optoelectronic Retinal Heads-Up Display that allows digital information to be directly displayed over the user's vision.



  • ::Martial Status:: Widowed

  • ::Family:: Amelia (Wife, Deceased), Lindsey(9), Elizabeth(8) (daughters, Deceased)

  • ::History::

So begins...

Adam Jensen's Story