Jamal Freeman

Nobody Got Swag Like me

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a character in “Energy Benders”, as played by Chulance


Name: Jamal Freeman
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Bending Ability: Water

Jamal was raised in the Ghetto, and as such considers himself 'hood' and does whatever it takes to keep up his street clother. He has dark black skin, often described as being walking charcoil. He dresses in dark clothing including sunglasses, and often wears hoodies. he enjoys wearing jewery ranging from gold chains to wrist bands.


Jamal unlike most people with bending abilities is a loud mouth arrogant person who does not know how to stop talking. His mouth often gets him in unfortunate and uncomfortable predicaments he would not want to be in. He hates listening to others, being described as very head strong, and despite his behavior considers him a Christian. Raised in the church he loves Jesus, but he's not very preachy, and hates people against him.

He hates how his abilities have caused his family to suffer, and prefers to hang out in the city over the country. Despite his questionable levels of intelligence he has studied his powers deeply, and his dream is to travel the oceans, as he loves the seas. His favorite movie is Pride, and is often inspired by the movie.


He keeps a pocket knife, and a hand gun his father gave to him.


Jamal Freeman was raised into a poor family in the ghettoest area in New York City, his father worked two jobs, and his mother ran a beuty salon. He practicalld raised his two younger sister Tamara, and Camille. Raising them despite the odds, he was a good son, and brother, and was raised in the church. He was in the choir from a young age, and the director taught him how to the play hte keyboard, but he quickly discovered his love for swimming when the neihgorhod became a swim tennis, after his dad was promoted they moved into a richer neihgorhood, and he got less connected with his gang activites. When he was fifteen he nearly drowned, and was saved by manifesting his power.

He fell in love with the movie Pride about the first black swim team, and took swimming lessons at YMCA. He became a good swimmer hoping to get a scholarship to College, and one day in be the Olympics. He fled from his home when the Government came after him, after he got into a fight with a life guard and nearly drowned him with his powers.

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