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Elinor Adams

"Can I just go home now?"

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a character in “Fate's Games”, as played by Sullenkiller


Name:Elinor Samuel Adams

Loved Ones: Mother: Linda Fetcher Step-Father: Ike Fetcher Friend: Mandy Kullins {A few others} Note: All of her other relatives have passed away.

Age:She's 17 years old but she can pass as a 19 year old.



Appearance:Elinor has short layered light brown hair. She has a thin jaw line and full lips, making her more attractive in the face than most. Her shoulders are a bit thin for her body and waist isn't extremely thin, but she's not fat.Her stomach is considered over all flat. She has long legs but shenever really shows them off unless it's to a school dance or a partyof some sort. Usually wearing slight tight jeans and tank-tops,she's not very popular at the school she attends but she isn't acomplete loner. She usually pulls her short hair into a tiny stub of a ponytail, letting her layers fall around her face and soft brown eyes.

Personality:Elinor has more of a shy personality to her. She never tries tobe the center of attention and most certainly doesn't try to get intotrouble if she can help it. Even though her friend Mandy tries todrag her into sneaking out or partying, she always objects. She isn't known to be adventures or a risk taker. And that it her most weakpoint when she gets chosen to be in Fate's Games.

History:Elinor was born to a man named Erik Adams and a woman name Linda Adams. Her father past away when she was five years old from diabetes. Her mother made a job as a nurse and was able to keep herhouse. She re-married a man named Ike Fetcher. Elinor didn't like him but rather kept him because he made her mother happy

So begins...

Elinor Adams's Story


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Elinor let out a breath, she stared at the clock. The second hand seemed to be moving slower then time itself. She took a side long glance at Mandy who seemed to be taking a nap on her desk. Why did I let her talk me into ditching? Elinor thought to herself. A loud buzzing sound came from the hall and the detention kids all stood up to file out. 

Mandy grabbed Elinor's arm, turning Elinor to face her. "Hey, are you still mad at me?" She asked, her thin eyebrows furrowed in worry. Elinor let out an annoyed sigh. She relaxed her muscles slightly. She couldn't stay mad at her forever. "No, but you better come over. You know I don't like to be alone today." Mandy let out her own sigh, "I know, I'll be there at 4:00. Love ya." She said and gave Elinor a squeeze and ran off.  

A few hours later, Elinor heard a knock on the door. Mandy walked in with a huge smile on her face. Elinor's mother and her step-father Ike were both at work. Leaving her home alone for the announcing of the Fate's Games "Competitors" as they put it. 

"Ready to watch?" Mandy asked, holding up some sort of cheese snack as she plopped onto the couch next to Elinor. "Would you take this more seriously please? One of us could be picked." Elinor scolded and grabbed the box of cheese crackers. "Eh, there gonna pick kids a lot better off then us." Mandy remarked and stuck her tounge playfully out. "Now turn it on so we can go to Jason's house afterwards." She said with a myschevios smile and winked. Elinor giggled and switched on the tv. 

An immediate warning sign popped onto the screen. Warning everyone to turn to channel 3 for the "important announcement". Mandy grabbed the remote and switched it to channel three. It was exactly 4 o'clock. The reading were going to begin. Lacela had on a very tight black dress that ended at her knees and cut off at her elbows. Her lips had a purple tint to them and her hair looked long and silky. If people could only look on the inside of a person. And couldn't see a persons outer appearance. Everyone would see Lacela and die of a heart attack to put it mildly. Hell, she still has that affect. 

People say its almost impossible to see evil in someone's eyes, but Elinor could swear that evil clouded her's. "It is time to name the competitors." Her voice sounded sweet, but to Elinor, it sounded as though nails were scratching on a chalk board. First up was Texas, then our little panhandle state, Arizona, and finally New Mexico.  Three high school photos came up, each slowly focusing on one person. This year for texas were two girls and one guy. 

Elinor heart dropped when three pictures for Oklahoma came up. And she saw a very familiar face on one of the photos. Tan skin, brown eyes, thin jaw, messy light brown hair. Her. Putting bunny ears behind Mandy's head. It started to zoom into there position. Mandy clutched her hand so hard she could feel the blood drip from nails digging into her flesh. It stopped zooming and ended on Elinors face. And Mandy screamed. Elinor just sat there blankly at the screen as three high school photos for Arizona came up. 

A loud crash came from Elinor's door before she had a chance to move. A man accompanied by three other men all dressed in black moved forward. He had a large gun in one  hand and another on his radio transmitter. "Target is here." He hissed into it and pointed at Elinor with his gun. The other man swarmed around him, all having there gun's trained on Elinor.

 "No! You can't have her!" Mandy screamed and shot to her feet. The men didn't hesitate and shot Mandy in the stomach. "Mandy!" Elinor screamed and ran to her friends side. One of the men grabbed Elinor's arm and thrusted her upwards. "It's a tranquilizer, but if you keep on squirming well shoot her with the real thing!" He whispered into her ear. Tears were already burning her eyes as she nodded and they snapped her arms behind her back and used some sort of cuff to lock them behind her. They led her to a truck with the initial FGL. Standing for "Fates Game's. Lacela.". Neighbors were staring wide eyed out there windows as Elimor was thrusted into the truck. 

They put a clothe to cover her eyes and before she knew another clothe was on her mouth. She breathed in the fumes, making her shake and cough until she started to drift off into forced unconsciousness.