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a character in “Friends in the Void.”, as played by Rasteva


Anyone catching sight of Rasteva for the first time would naturally assume them to be a living individual clad in a towering suit of armor. This assumption proves to be false as Rasteva is ‘alive’ in only the most basic sense. Further still the armor they are wearing is more or less their physical form, though not their true form. It is instead a sort of prop used to interact with other beings, as most simply cannot comprehend Rasteva’s presence outside of its use.

The armor in question is of a make and material not seen anywhere else and is quite ornate in design, and stands a little over three meters tall. The Daemon's considerable size can make using doorways a bit difficult as there are many that the cannot fit through. Unsurprisingly and to the chagrin of more than a few, Rasteva has been known to walk face first through walls in order to get into buildings if it lacks a door they cannot squeeze through.

Rasteva's head is what makes up the armor's helm, and is adorned with two large and impressive horns. A single glowing eye can be seen in the helm's visor, and often moves from side to side of its own accord. This eye is much like the armor composing Rasteva’s form as Rasteva does not need it to see. It’s instead used to make interacting with other beings easier so that they know if and when they are being addressed. Because Rasteva lacks a face in the traditional sense, they cannot be observed making any facial expressions, and anyone interacting with them will have to suffice with vocal cues in order to understand their moods. Clawed Gauntlets are what Rasteva uses for hands, and are surprisingly dexterous. This allows the Daemon to perform delicate tasks the same as anyone with regular hands.

As a result of lacking any true physical characteristics, Rasteva does not have an actual gender, though most people refer to them as Male. They simply either refer to themselves as “I” or “This one”. Rasteva will also on occasion slip into the third person, though there is no real reason as to why they do this. Rasteva does not eat drink or even sleep, though they are fond of meditating and will normally do so at night as it is the time when other beings are sleeping and so they need not worry about being bothered. While being as sturdy as one would expect for a suit of Armor, Rasteva is still capable of being injured and killed. While the loss of a limb isn’t particularly painful, it’s as much of a handicap as one would assume and poses all the same issues to Rasteva as it would to a being of flesh and blood and fully dismantling them will result in death. Sufficient injury will not cause Rasteva to bleed, and instead, they will begin to vent clouds of solid black smoke. This is often presumed to be the ‘true’ Rasteva leaking out of the armor, though they make no comment on whether or not this is true.

Rasteva is almost always accompanied by a small group of Ravens, and the birds can often be seen perching on their horns. The Ravens do not have names nor does Rasteva consider them to be pets, but they clearly enjoy the bird's company.


Alignment: Neutral

Positive personality Traits: Efficient, Stable, Intelligent, Dedicated, Dependable.

Negative Personality Traits: Ruthless, Stubborn, Predictable, Arrogant, Judgemental.

Rasteva's imposing stature, and rather terrifying appearance cause people to be wary of them at best. At worst they presume them to be nothing more than a monstrosity bent on harming anyone crossing their path. Such reactions are not new to Rasteva and they have grown indifferent to them throughout their existence, making no effort to correct anyone on the matter unless it absolutely conflicts with their personal interests and existence. Rasteva will not be found helping others without being sure that they will receive what they consider a sufficient reward in return. Doing good for the sake of good is not something they will be found engaging in, and concepts such as valor and honor are of no interest to them. Rasteva only ever adheres to the laws of a given territory, not because it is the right thing to do, but because it will simply save them trouble to do so at all. The only upside to this is that Rasteva is equally uninterested in doing Evil for the sake of Evil, and makes no direct effort to go out of their way to harm others unless they feel particularly threatened, They can and will, however, engage in acts of evil should they find it to be most beneficial to their existence and overall goals, whatever they may be at the time.

Despite being unconcerned and indifferent to morality, Rasteva is rather even tempered and polite, often greeting others with a great deal of respect and surprising kindness. Rasteva does enjoy conversation quite a bit, and they are especially fond of gossip and stories even if they prove to be true or not. A self-proclaimed collector of knowledge, Rasteva has spent countless millennia of existence traveling and absorbing as much as they possibly can. This is possibly the single most glaring loophole in their indifference as Rasteva will gladly assist someone in a given task in exchange for something previously unknown. This insatiable hunger for knowledge is something that Rasteva is unable to ignore and deny, and may very well be their sole reason for existence.

Rasteva is quite confident and self-assured as most of their kind tend to be, and rarely if ever doubts in themselves or their abilities. An exceptionally long existence has granted Rasteva with learning and experience unfathomable by shorter lived races. This of course also comes a high degree of arrogance, though they feel it to be completely deserved as many Supernatural Entities are prone to. This has also led to Rasteva being exceptionally set in their own ways, and changing their opinion on nearly anything is a hard fought battle, and more often than not is a lost cause.

While not prone to starting fights or causing trouble for others, Rasteva can show a terrifying lack of empathy to anyone not deemed an immediate ally. The Daemon can be as ruthless in regular interaction as they are in combat, caring nothing for the motives or ideals of their opponents. Rasteva has no qualms about killing in the slightest, and won't even make excuses for doing so beyond that it was convenient for them to do so at the time. Rasteva will only ever act in a manner that is beneficial to them and their continued existence. To Rasteva the only thing that matters and will always matter is Rasteva. They make no pains to compare the lives of others to their own, as the Daemon's life is the only one worth considering and holds value immeasurable. Good and Evil are the same thing to the Daemon, and as such makes no effort to differentiate between the two. The only things that Rasteva makes any effort to distinguish from each other is things that can be made use of, and things that have no use at all.

Anything found to be wholly useless is cast aside without a second thought.

So begins...

Rasteva's Story


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#, as written by Rasteva
This was not good.

This was in fact, the single farthest thing one could get from good short of being dead.

The cool fall evening meant that many people would not be out at a time like this. Just as well, Rasteva would hate to be seen like THIS. Leaves rustled wildly as something small and dark zipped over them. A cloud of smoke so black that it absorbed all light coiled and darted across the ground. This in and of itself was already odd. Even odder that the cloud of smoke was TALKING.

"Absolutely unacceptable! to think that I, Rasteva would be degraded in such a manner!" The Cloud darted across the ground erratically, all the while a deep voice bellowed from within. "Such an embarrassment, that is all this is. To be laid to ruin by WEAKLINGS, my power stolen by the unworthy. How could I allow such a thing to happen?" Only the wind answered the cloud of smoke, and it was an unwelcome answer at that. The cloud began to thin, almost in danger of dissipating completely.

Needless to say, the voice was not amused.

"Unbelievable! To think that I would be stricken down by a mere breeze! I must hurry if I cannot find a form I-"

The voice stopped short, footsteps echoing towards them. Someone was coming.

This was good, better than their current predicament. Whoever it was that approached was sure to have something on them that Rasteva could use as a temporary form. Once there they could make plans to regain their former strength.

But they had to act quickly.

The wind was beginning to pick up tremendously and Rasteva cursed themselves internally. Each gust of air only dissipated their smoke form further and they were getting dangerously close to falling apart altogether. The Daemon tried to collect their form as much as they could only to have someone walk straight through their body, causing them to unwind once more.The Daemon let out a sound of irritation as the Human rushed past "How rude! If I had a good and proper body, you'd be regretting that!"Rasteva silenced themselves, realizing that the human had long since left and wouldn't have heard the Daemon anyway. And what could have Rasteva done if they had? Given them a severe coughing fit? The Daemon's ego shrunk a few sizes, the realization of how powerless they were fully hitting them. When they had a body they were strong, but now they were nothing.

Less than nothing.

But that could all change.

Shaking off the intrusive thoughts Rasteva resumed their previous course of action. "A body. I need a body. Any body will do. And once I am strong enough I can begin regaining my former glory. But until I have a physical form-" The Daemon cut themselves short, taking notice of a human idling nearby.


Or at the very least, better than nothing. The wisp of smoke darted towards the unwary Human, quick as a Viper hunting their prey. All the while the Daemon was hoping, praying, that the Human held the one thing they needed.

Only then could the real work begin.


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Haven spent most of the morning at the shelter, and even stayed later than she should have. Someone couldn’t make it to work, so she was stuck cleaning all of the cages. She even had to walk the dogs on her own. To make matters worst, a foster mother dropped off a puppy that was too rowdy for her. At the moment she was walking the puppy in a park. No one knew what exact breed the puppy was. It looked like a pit-bull and husky mix. It had the body and shape of a pit-bull, but the short hair and eyes were the colors of a husky. The current name for the puppy was Blue.

Once the puppy had became tired, she sat down on a bench. The puppy walked in a circle and curled it. He fell asleep as walking tired the poor thing out. She leaned forward and opened her email app on her phone. Haven needed a break from walking too. Her long hair fell forward to cover her face as she marked emailed and replied to the easy ones.

Haven had a ring on her left ring finger. She wasn’t matter married or engaged. Haven mainly told the truth if people asked, but sometimes a lie was needed. The ring was made of gold. It looked like it was made of gold branches with small leaves intertwined. Throughout the ring were small round emerald stones. They were a bright green color. The ring had belonged to her great grandmother. She got it in the will she left.

As the wind began to pick up, Haven tied her hair up into a ponytail. It would just keep flying into her face if she didn’t. Blue woke up and start growling. Haven ignored it as she quickly typed on her phone. They were going to have an adoption event at the shelter in a couple of days and of course now were when issues popped up. When Blue began to bark, she slid the phone into the inside jack pocket of her leather jacket. She tugged on the leash lightly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked as the pup looked at a cloud of smoke. She tried to grab the puppy’s face to make it look at her, but it refused to turn its head. Haven sighed and looked around. She couldn’t see why the puppy was barking. Her eyes didn’t even notice the smoke. A sigh escaped her lips as the puppy continued to bark. She grabbed her black book bag and pulled out a doggie cookie. Haven held the small red cookie in front of the pup. He didn’t go for the yummy treat.


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Haven gave up and put the treat away as Blue was acting if she was invisible. She stood and slid her bag on. Now Blue was growling at her. She picked up the puppy and walked to her car. She owned a small red hatchback. She flinched when the puppy nipped her ring finger. “Hey, stop it,” she snapped and just put the puppy in the cage. She looked at her finger and still saw the ring was on. [i/]What the hell is wrong with this puppy?[/i] She took the ring off and slid it on her right ring finger. Her left one now had two small red dots and those dots stung.

Once in the car, she put her seatbelt on and began to drive. She had to drive back to the shelter to put Blue in a cage. It wouldn’t be safe if she kept him with her. He was actually hostile. It wasn’t much better at the shelter. Every animal seemed to be losing its mind when Haven walked by. I don’t have time for this. She put Blue in a cage and quickly left the shelter. It only took her a few minutes to drive home. She greeted her parents before entering her room. In her room she changed into a white t-shirt and gray sweats. Then she sat at her desk, and opened a book to read. It was a fictional book about a dragon.


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Oblivious. It was what Haven was as she continued to read. She only began aware of the smoke when it spread over the page she was reading. Annoyance filled her only for a season before confusion filled her mind. She stared at the book perplexed. What the hell? Why was smoke covering her book? She stared at the book somewhat in shock when words began to appear in the smoke. What the hell is going on? She read the words and took a deep breath. This was weird, but she’d go with it. Maybe she was dreaming anyways.

“Umm, hello. What is your tale and what do you need help with?” she asked.