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Arianna Hunt

"Things are about to get interesting."

0 · 1,668 views · located in Point View City, Washington

a character in “Gem Power”, as played by Surfergirl


Angel with a shotgunImmortalsHurry up and Save meFightningWelcome to the showFighter
{"Let's go have some fun!"}

Image| N A M E | Arianna

| N I C K N A M E |
Aria- A shortened version of her name, one in which she prefers to be called.
Princess- A name that her father has called her since a young age.

| A G E |

| G E N D E R |

| R O L E |
The Rich Girl

| E T H N I C I T Y |

| B I R T H D A T E |
May; 2; Taurus

| S E X U A L I T Y |

{"No I don't wrestle kangaroo's"}

| H E I G H T |

| W E I G H T |

| E Y E C O L O R |

| H A I R C O L O R |

| A P P E A R A N C E |
Aria is of average build for her age not overly athletic but still slightly toned. She is also known to have a complex regarding her chest, feeling inferior when compared to girls with bigger bust sizes. Her usual attire does consist of her school uniform, sporting white loose/slouch socks and brown loafers with a light brown vest sweater over a white blouse and a grey skirt. Although on a few occasions she has been seen in more casual wear consisting of dark denim shorts, a plain black t-shirt with little yellow hearts on and a simple plain of laced converse.

Aria also wears a silver locket that she inherited from her mother. Her emerald ring is on her right ring finger.

| O D D I T I E S |
Has a slight Australian accent, She also has a rather large scar traveling up her back from a car crash

{"I wont change who I am."}

Image| P E R S O N A L I T Y |
✦Confident ✧ Stubborn ✦ Childish ✧ Friendly
Many expect Aria to hold herself as a lady, looking down upon the lower class civilians. Whilst it is true that when at formal events she does act this way. But behind closed doors and when she is out with her friends she's the complete opposite she's short-tempered, prideful, and has an improper attitude with some slight tomboyish tendencies. Despite this, she is generally friendly and easygoing, which shocks a lot of people when they find out.

Aria can come across rather childish she has an inclination towards cute things, especially teddy bears and animals.

While generally amicable and humble, Aria is highly individualistic. She often prefers to be solitary and dislikes the idea of being restricted by rules and duties such of those of her family and school. She is shown to have a keen sense of justice and has been known on many occasions to stick up for those that are being bullied, Especially her best friend Mich.

Aria is open and loves to talk to people. She is friendly and has no issues telling people about herself or trying to make friends with people. She loves meeting new people and talking to them, finding out what she can and learning what she can from as many people as possible. She loves when she gets to meet new people and interact with them.

Aria is a firm believer that people should be treated the way the treat others. She is stubborn and though friendly and open, will rarely change her mind about anything. She knows what's best and it takes a lot of trust for her to actually change her mind for any reason. Aria is loyal and would never betray anyone she cares for and is a true friend, always there for someone even if she doesn't know the reason why.

{"Time to cause some Chaos!"}


| G E M |
Arianna's gem is the Emerald. When Aria uses it, she tends to create a bladed glaive that allows her to shoot concentrated blasts of electricity. The weapon allows her to fight a large group of enemies at once in close combat, whilst also allowing her to fight log grange with the electricity blasts.

| E L E M E N T |
Electricity- Arianna's gem enables her to manipulate and generate electricity.
By using her electricity she is capable of using electromagnetism to attract and repel metallic materials and use it to her advantage. Examples include creating a make-shift shield out of scrap metal, walking on walls and ceilings, as well as attracting iron particles in the ground around her.
She can fire metal objects by forming parallel currents on both sides of her arm with her electricity.

| S T R E N G T H S |
✦Confident -She's not afraid of meeting new meeting and is happy to talk in front of people in public.
✧Gymnastics - Arianna is a skilled gymnast having had training since a young age, she has been able to use her skills whilst facing an opponent.
✦Tactical - Is capable of coming up with plans of actions on a whim.
✧Well mannered - Coming from a highly respected family she has been taught manners from a young age, in result has caused her to use them daily.
✦Her family name- Coming from a well respected family has many perks, and just by saying her last name can get her out of trouble.

| W E A K N E S S E S |
✦Childish - Aria has a love for anything cute and cuddly especially stuffed dolls. Whenever she see's one she tends to fan girl over it.
✧Anger - She has a habit of letting her anger get the better of her, causing her to blow her top on occasions.
✦ Opinionated- Before thinking of repercussions Aria has a habit of saying what's on her mind instead of thinking about it first.
✧Talkative - She is known for talking a lot, but once she get's started she finds it hard to stop and ends up going on about random stuff.
✦Mischievous- Trouble always seems to follow her, even when she doesn't mean for it.

{"Yes! High score accomplished!"]}

ImageImage| H O B B I E S |
✦Video games - "With no one at home, I need to do something"
✧Reading - "The Imagination is a persons best weapon."
✦Painting - "It soothes me"

| H A B I T S |
✧Lip Biting - "I get nervous."
✦Walking on tiptoes -"I don't even realize I'm doing it."
✧Tea - "I always have a flask on me"

| L I K E S |
✦Gymnastics - "Flips are fun"
✧Anime - "The feels.. They get me"
✦Video games -"Time alone leads to gaming "
✧Her powers - "I'm a human battery, It's awesome!"
✦Explosions - "Boom!"

| D I S L I K E S |
✦Being alone -"It get's boring being your own company"
✧Her parents - "They're never home"
✦Bullies - "If you want to get to Mich! You gotta go through me!"
✧Silence- "I can hear my heartbeat"
✦Tests - "They cause to much stress"

| G O A L S |
✦Take over the family business - "Maybe they'll be proud of me"
✧Fall in love - "Every girl wants a prince"
✦Travel- "Life's an adventure"

| F E A R S |
✧Failure - "I'll make my family proud"
✦Water - "I'll stay over here where it's dry"
✧Tight spaces - "It get's cramped and sweaty and just eww.

{"Everyone has a past.. Some are just more colourful"}

Arianna grew up in southern Australia,
from a young age she was given everything she ever asked for.
And since her family had money they gave it to
her no matter what it was.
For the start of her life Aria would describe herself as spoilt,
no matter what she asked to have and no matter
how hard it was to get it, she got it.
Especially when she threw a tantrum
if she was not allowed it.
So in the end she always got what she wanted.
During her time in Australia
Aria attended a private school for girls since
she believed she
deserved the best education money could buy,
and considering her parents were never home
it suited them just fine.

Both of Aria's parents were born into money,
her mothers side of the family owned multiple hotels,
and Aria's mother
worked as a model from a young age.
Whilst her fathers side of the family were more
into medicine so the majority
of them were doctors as well as owning a few Hospitals.

So all though Aria was spoilt,
her parents had no time for her.
So which ended up causing her to be a
rather bratty child looking
down upon those who she didn't deem worthy
enough to speak to her.
A year before they were meant to be moving to the US,
Aria and her mother were involved
in a major car accident which ended up
paralyzing her mother from the waist down.
Whilst it nearly paralyzed Arianna leaving a rather large
scar along her back from where she had spinal surgery.
During that year Aria completely changed,
she became more open to
others and taking an interest in people daily lives.
She also ended up being a lot nice towards people
and not taking everything she got for granted.

When they first moved to the US Aria hated it,
she hated the thought of having to
leave her home and all her friends
behind but at the time she knew
it would be her only chance at fully
recuperating from her spinal injury
it was also a great opportunity for her parents
as they were buying into a bunch of Hotel's
in the US her father was also
working as a politician on a few occasions.

When they first moved to the US Aria
had a hard time trying to adapt, everything
was different from back home.
And not many people knew her,
she also didn't really have any friends.
But she had no choice, her parents were
both from well respected families
and everyone in the town loved them so
she couldn't exactly ask to move back to Australia,
plus she was attending physiotherapy sessions
with one of the best Spinal surgeons across the world.

Months flew by and Aria had finally recovered
physically from the car accident,
so she was finally able to attend school.
At first she worried that she would struggle
to make friends or that nobody would like her.
But by this point in time the whole town knew who
she was along with her family,
so when she joined the school everyone was trying
to become friends with her.
She hated it, she hated the idea of people using her
to get to her parents.
So Aria blocked herself off from the
majority of the school.
But she did make friends with a small group and they
were all from different backgrounds
so they each had a past.
Thanks to her friends and the
encouragement of her parents
Aria join the Gymnastics team once more.

Overall the initial move from
Australia worked out for the better,
minus the fact that her parents still
spent zero time with her
let alone spent time at home.
So the majority of the time
Aria spent her evening
locked up in her room either
reading or watching some kind of anime but on
a few occasions she did play video games.
Even though she knew her parents cared about her,
she still resented them since she felt they never wanted
to spend time with her and that
they're jobs were more important.

Though things started to get easier after she met Mich,
she met her by accident of course,
It was when Mich was being bullied by some students,
Aria hates bullies with a passion so she couldn't help but stand
up for the girl and from that day the two became inseparable.

{"It's been fun.."}

[center| F C |
Misaka Mikoto
| C O L O R |

| P R O T R A Y E D B Y |

So begins...

Arianna Hunt's Story

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#, as written by CutUp
Save Me
Red, all of it was red. Mac rode his skateboard through the streets of Point View City, but it wasn't his hometown. The entire city was made of ruby, and glowed bright red, even the sky was ruby colored. Mac rode aimlessly around the empty city. Nothing to be seen, or heard except for the sound of his skateboard. Then the sky began to darken, a huge shadow was cast over the entire city, causing Mac to stop in his tracks. The once ruby city began to blacken, and crack as the darkness came towards him. Mac tensed up as he peered into the darkness to see many yellow eyes to look back at him.

The monster eyes began circling around him, like sharks circling their prey. He held up his right hand to only see that his ruby gem is no longer there. He backed away slowly before he bumped into something behind him. Behind him was a version of himself entirely made of ruby, and with burning eyes. This was the same entity that explained everything about the gems to him when the ring first attached to his finger nearly three weeks ago. Mac looked at his doppelganger with confusion.

"You have to fight. Or your world will turn to dust." The entity stated in a cold, and emotionless manner. The darkness behind it then began creeping up behind the entity, soon turning it's body completely black, and replacing it's fiery eyes with bright yellow ones. A sinister, and unsettling grin crept across it's face as it held it's hand out to Mac. "Or you can embrace the chaos. Revel in the madness." Mac stared at the hand, and before he could react a sword formed in it's other hand. It then proceeded to stab Mac right through his stomach.

Mac's eyes shot open as he quickly sat up in his bed. He looked down at his right arm to see it completely encased in ruby. It soon receded into it's normal ring form. Mac got out of bed, and ran his hands down his face. Another nightmare. He has had similar dreams for the past week, each one more intense than the last. It was decided among the group that they'd first learn how to control their new found abilities before they started hunting the monsters. And since then the ruby ring has become....restless would be the best word for it.

Mac can feel the ruby entity growing anxious. It wants them to fight the monsters. It's tired of waiting. And Mac can sympathize with that. Mac got himself dressed in his usual attire, and began to leave his room. He left the orphanage that he calls home as fast as he could, and kept his head down on the way out. He was not in the mood to deal with the jerks that run the damned place. He pulled out his phone, and sent out a mass text to his friends. It told them to meet up at the woods, where they first got the gems.

It was a Saturday, and school was about to start so he hoped that everybody would be free. Mac quickly rode his skateboard to the outskirts of the city, and had to hoof it to the meeting spot. Once he was there he stared at the crater that once held the gems. His gem slightly reacted to this, and grew slightly.

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Michiko Akasuki

It was early Saturday morning and, while most other kids were asleep, Michiko had been awake for hours.

Initially she'd been criticizing a summer reading assignment that would be due on the first day of school, but (like always) she'd gotten distracted. What normally hooked her attention were books (*cough*fan-fiction*cough*) or the fantasies of cute guys (*cough*Kenny*coughcough*) however this time it had been something different: the ring upon her right pinkie finger. At first she had simply ignored the strange pull from it - like a tiny magnet tugging at her attention - however over the course of an hour her curiosity had gotten the better of her and she soon found herself tucked into a ball on her chair, knees to her chest and eyes fixated upon the peculiar item.

Straying to the memory of how she'd come into possession of the ring, it was no question as to why she was so fascinated by it.

Just over a week ago she'd agreed to go out with her friends and watch the meteor shower outside Point View City, Washington. It was beautiful and she'd actually been able to sit back and enjoy it (likely because Aria had stolen her notebook to prevent her from taking any notes or do homework). However this simple pleasure had been cut short when Mich realized that a few meteors had not burned up in the atmosphere and seemed to be coming directly towards their little group. They had scattered in fear, regrouping around the smoldering rocks before (against Mich's better judgement) moving closer. Like the first episode of an awesome anime, something like liquid / sentient gemstones leaked out of the space rocks and attached themselves to all of their bodies - assuming the form of rings that could not be removed.

Naturally they'd panicked but these things revealed to them all that they were the only survivors of a brutal war where a great evil (whom they referred to as the "Mistake") had driven the rest of their species insane. But as cool / tragic as that sounded, it got much worse: many more meteors had landed on earth containing the crazed aliens, who would attached themselves to any living creature nearby and proceed to wreak havoc on the world. Of course they all thought they'd gotten hit by the space rocks and were dreaming everything... until out of nowhere (as if to prove the gems' story) a bunch of bedazzled, acid-spitting frogs attacked. In response their "rings" had kind of taken control of them all, and with unfathomable powers, the they'd managed to defeat the monsters before the "rings" warned them that they were now the protectors of their world and becoming almost completely unresponsive.

Starstruck (literally), they had all agreed to take a week and try to understand what had just happened. As far as Mich could tell it was like something out of an anime and she'd just spent almost six hours puzzling over this sentient-gemstone-magical-alien-ring-thing, discovering nothing. She had so many questions. How many were out there? How many of them were still sane? What'd happened to their planet and what was the "Mistake" they so feared? Yet aside from the occasional vague emotion and constant satisfaction to felt to/from the ring, she'd discovered nothing else aside from what they'd been told that fateful night.

But her efforts had not been entirely fruitless; it was almost immediately apparent that her topaz companion had the ability to manipulate air in addition to giving her a protective shield for melee combat, like it had during that first battle. She'd discovered this while playing her violin - needing to turn the paper at a particularly busy section, she'd been surprised by a gentle, source-less gust of wind did the work for her. She'd since been trying to learn more about this ability and discovered that she could create a bow that fired air-rows (yes that was a literal pun) because she was rather... unsuited, for melee.

Michiko was snapped out of her daze by the buzzing of her phone on her desk and she jumped as if she'd been shot before reaching over and picking it up. It was a mass text from Mac to herself and the others, telling them to meet him within the next hour at the place they'd found the gems. Mich felt a wave of excitement and fear as she responded "omw". Had her friends found anything else? Was something wrong? Had they all done their summer assignments? She wouldn't know until she got there, so she quickly threw a few important items into her backpack, pulled her fuzzy salmon sweater over her head and raced downstairs. Her dad was already at work but had left half a pot of coffee for her which she promptly poured into a thermos before hurrying out the door.

Hopping onto her bike, and with the cool wind to her back, Michiko was there perhaps 20 minutes after sending the text. Mac was already there of course and she offered him a warm smile as she leaned her bike against a tree. "Good morning Mac," she chirped happily, her somewhat quiet voice still quite cheerful as she addressed him, "How're you?"