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Generation of Miracles

Generation of Miracles


The basketball team, the Generation of Miracles, has come back, but this time, the players are completely different.

2,447 readers have visited Generation of Miracles since FuyuHana created it.

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In the past, the Generation of Miracles was made of six players; Kuroko Tetsuya, Ryouta Kise, Shintarou Midorima, Daiki Aomine, Atsushi Murasakibara, and Seijurou Akashi. They all went to a school named Teikou High and had made it into the school nationals because of their amazing skills in the sport, basketball. But one day they all banned and split to all sorts of schools.

Of course, their schools competed against each other, so, somewhat, they did get back together in some way. But other than that, nothing was much left known, or, that is, important enough to be mentioned. Perhaps, but that is the general idea of the past Generation of Miracles. Yes, the past Generation of Miracles.

When the word past comes into play, then it is obvious that there is one in future time, or current time. That's where this story begins. The story of the new Generation of Miracles.



We're a team.

Those were the words that sealed the deal for the new Generation of Miracles. Its true that they may not be as good as the past Generation of Miracles, which finally disbanded twenty years ago and finally retired to their adult lives. But honestly, this basketball team has skills that are very close to the last Generation of Miracles, and that definitely says something about this basketball team.

Its unknown about how they met, the reason why they became a team, and even why two of the players are females. Thats right, this team has two females that play equally as good as the males do. The team definitely isn't sexist, and most people underestimate them because of this. Rumors go around spitting at this new team because its said they 'cheat' during each game, which leads them to their win. They're said to be nothing like the last Generation of Miracles, and because of that, they're often hated upon and despised.

But that's the team's goal; to become the most known, best playing, and favored team above all. Perhaps its just a group of talented basketball high school kids, but to them, they're all going to be in the finals, together.


*Two more players may be added once filled, only if I'm given a good layout for them though!

- Sleepy | Lazy | Plays Hard When Needed | Male | Taken by Leej10100 | Basketball Player

- Ambitious | Optimistic | Cheerful | Male | Open | Basketball Player

- Flirty | Laid Back | Over Confident | Male | Open | Basketball Player

- Serious | Strict | Demanding | Female | Open | Manager

- Diligent | Academic | Inept | Male | Taken by MaxStokes | Bench Warmer/Assistant Manager

- Quiet | Shy | Dead Serious in a Game/Bipolar | Taken by FuyuHana | Basket Ball Player

- Immature | Teasing | Casual | Female | Open | Basketball Player


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[font=avenir light][center][img]Try to use 1001 Fonts please! If not, please delete this~[/img]


[quote][color=COLOR OF CHOICE] QUOTE HERE [/color][/quote]


Normal || [url=URL]THEME SONG | ARTIST[/url] ||
Angry || [url=URL] THEME SONG | ARTIST[/url] ||
Emotional || [url=URL]THEME SONG | ARTIST[/url] ||

*May add more theme songs if wanted. Oh, and delete this message too, btw

[right][img]URL[/img][/right][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Full Name ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Nicknames/Titles ♔:[/color] Who knows, your character could be known for something!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Age ♔:[/color] 14-18

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Gender ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Romantic Interest ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Sexuality ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Nationality ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Face Claim ♔:[/color]

[left][img]URL[/img][/left][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Personality ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Position ♔:[/color] See [url=]this[/url] and scroll down to positions to find one you may be interested in!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Special Talent ♔:[/color] All characters apart of the Generation of Miracles (From before/anime and in the rp) have a sort of special talent that allows them to play basketball insanely well. For an example, see [url=]this![/url] Look for members, and find Special Talent section to understand about it! May use the same talents from the anime, or make up your own!

[right][img]URL[/img][/right][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Likes ♔:[/color] Keep small along with the other traits below!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Dislikes ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Talents ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Flaws ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Fears ♔:[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Secrets ♔:[/color]

[left][img]URL[/img][/left][color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔Bio ♔:[/color] Brief! We'll learn more about them during the rp!

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]♔ Other ♔:[/color]


1 - Please Reserve ; Reservations are going to be taken in the OOC or by PMs! Unfortunately, I won't be accepting anything other than that such as someone just randomly submitting a character sheet. Even if it's well done, I'm afraid I'll just have to ignore it! (´;д;`)

2Only lasts 42 hours ; Yup, only two days for you to get a character in, unless you ask for more time. I’ll give you more, but if you don’t say anything, your name will be taken off the character and free for anyone else to take. Just like that! (´A`。)

3Literacy ; Hey, I don’t really care about this rule very much, but that doesn’t mean you should try typing in another language to us! Seriously, try to write decent English, yeah? Oh, and also that means at least 7+ sentences per post. You can go under a few times, but you know the saying, three strikes and you’re out!

4Romance, Gore, Etc ; Romance is encouraged, Gore can be included, Drama is encouraged, Swearing is allowed only in character, but all has to be PG-13 or slightly R rated. I’m sure we all know what that means. ┐(‘~`;)┌

5Anime ; You weren’t expecting this were you? Maybe you were. I don’t know. But yeah. Use anime pictures please? And stick to using the same character. It doesn’t matter how many pictures as long as there is one. (ノ-ω-)ノ

6Sticking To Story ; I made this story so try your best to stick with their story and the whole rp in general! If you do, I’ll love you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7Effort ; School’s started (sucks, I know) but try your hardest to do a nice job on your character, posts, and try to post at least twice or three times a week, please? (✌゚∀゚)

8Don’t Be A Butt ; Exactly as its put. Don’t be a butt. Don’t fight in OOC, seriously, just don’t. It makes me feel sad. You don’t want me sad. (;へ:)

9Creativity ; Make your characters different from others! Sure, a few things in common are alright, but what I don’t want to see is a super nice character and another super nice character, or a rebel and another rebel. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

10Random Words ; Wow, you read to this rule? I'm impressed. Jk. You probably skipped them all~ (;゙°´ω°´) Moving along! To reserve a character, please tell me your favorite character from the anime Kuroko no Basket! If you don't know, tell me you'll watch it xD

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Character Portrait: Maya Onikawa


Character Portrait: Maya Onikawa
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Character Portrait: Maya Onikawa
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Character Portrait: Maya Onikawa
Maya Onikawa

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Re: Generation of Miracles

I've got you both down! Feel free to make you characters when ready!

Re: Generation of Miracles

I'd like to reserve the slot for Diligent | Academic | Inept | Male | Bench Warmer/Assistant Manager

I really like the sound of tha........what do you mean there's no such slot? But who is gonna design the three scoring option plays and come up with asinine names for the player's signature techniques?

Bah, I guess I'll just wait till the slots are full and try again....

Btw, my favorite character is Mitsuhiro Hayakawa, with Papa as a close second.

Re: Generation of Miracles

May I reserve Sleepy | Lazy | Plays Hard When Needed Basketball Player?

And my favorite character as if you don't now Murasakibara Atsushi.

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