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Brianna Falcone

Just leave the whiskey, I've got the gun. We are gonna have fun tonight.

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a character in “Guerra Famiglia: The Crucible”, as played by TheLittleWitch


Accessing FBI Criminal Data Base...
New York City Mafia Dossiers Uploading...
Password: Ness...
Access granted...


【More Than The Mugshot...】
β€œHoney, you better keep fighting, or else your gonna end up dead!”


☞Full name☜
Brianna. Truvel. Falcone.

Brick, bri, Anna.




☞Sexual Orientation☜

Born and raised in New York City.

Brick is the younger twin sister of Ric. She has spent the last seven years on active duty.

【Tale Of The Tape...】
Life doesn't get easier. You just get stronger.


☞Eye Color☜
Long, to just below her shoulders, and dark brown.

☞Body Type☜
Built, for a woman. Brick has strong arms and legs; hence the nickname.
She has moderate sized breasts and hips.
☞Special Markings☜
She has a tree of life tattoo the covers her back and scars the riddle her torso and arms from combat.

Brick has always been the wildest of her siblings and being away from them had been very hard on her mentally. She views family in the highest of regards.
"You always put family first. Even if it kills you."

【Behind The Mechanics...】
What doesn't kill me had better start running!


β€’ Her family.
β€’ Sex.
β€’ working out.
β€’ Popcorn.
β€’ Being in the sun.
β€’ Swimming.
β€’ Her big German Shepard named Bella.

β€’ Being lied to.
β€’ The lives of her siblings being threatened.
β€’ Being told to calm down.
β€’ Birds.
β€’ People who don't fight for their beliefs.

β€’ Working out, whenever a chance comes up.
β€’ Biting her nails.
β€’ Jumping to conclusions.

β€’ Losing her siblings.
β€’ Not being strong enough.

β€’ To prove to her family that even though she's a woman, she is just as strong as a man.
β€’ To find the perfect pizza recipe.

β€’ She loves to cook.
β€’ She had a baby at 18 that only her brother Ric knows about. He was given up for adoption.

β€’ ADHD.
β€’ Trichotillomania: An impulse disorder characterized by the compulsive urge to pull out one's hair.


Brick is not shy what so ever, she will tell you exactly what she is thinking. If she doesn't like you she will tell you. She is very blunt.
Because of being in a war zone for so long she has trouble coping with reality at times. Sometimes if something triggers her she can be pushed into flashbacks. It's always been hard for Brick to show her emotions, even to her own family.
She has never been one for showing love.
She can be very secretive when it comes to her personal life. Brick doesn't like to burden others with her problems. She would rather find her own solution, then ask for help.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
Stay low, go fast
Kill first, die last
One shot, one kill
No luck, all skill.


Clean, and silent.
Brick favors the sniper riffle, that way she doesn't have to get her hands dirty.
But in any case without one she can just kick box you to a pulp. That's always fun.

☞Load Out☜
When she's not packing her sniper riffle she most likely has a knife or two on her. Or a nice pistol with a silencer.

Combat, and cooking are Bricks specialties.

Brick has a thing for cars and trucks.
Her favorite is her black Ford F150.

Her family is her weakness.

【Rap Sheet...】
Not everything is given to those who wait. Sometimes you have to take it.



Brianna grew up the wild child, she always seemed to be getting into trouble. She and her brother were closer than a pair of Siamese twins. But at some point Brianna grew distant. She started hanging out with girls and being more girly. One day when she was a senior in high school she pulled Ric aside. She had something important to tell him. She was pregnant.
They came up with a plan, they would tell their parents she was going to Europe to study abroad, in reality she would be staying with their old nanny in upstate New York until the baby came.
She had the baby in the house, they couldn't risk going to a hospital and someone finding out who Brianna was.
She named him Jonathan and made sure he was taken care of by the old woman's daughter who was barren.
When Brianna turned 22 she decided to enlist in the Marines. She knew what her family's business was but she still wanted to help people, after serving for seven years though, that all changed. When she returned home she was cold and hard from everything she had seen and done.
Now all she wants to do is make sure her family is safe an help her brother with what ever he needs.

【Just A Little Extra...】

*All Optional*
☞Theme Song☜
Human by Daughter
Brianna is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. But she always seems to make it so much sexier then just denim and cotton. When she has to dress up she always opts for a black or red dress.

So begins...

Brianna Falcone's Story


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Brianna sat in her apartment looking at he dress that lay on the bed. She was planning on surprising her brother at their party tonight, she was thankful Claudia could keep the secret of her return from Ric.
Slowly she stood and began to get dressed. Slipping into the black dress that she hadn't worn in years was like putting on a glove. The open back showed off her tattoo perfectly and she smiled a little at how much better she looked in it now then years ago.
After she finished putting on some makeup she slipped on her shoes, a pair of black pumps and then looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't mind how she looked, in fact she liked the way she looked.
Laughing a bit to herself she walked to the door, grabbed her small Smith and Wesson 38 Revolver and tucked it into her leg holster and then walked out the door. She locked the door tightly behind her and made her way down to the street and to her car.
She hopped into her truck and began her drive to her brothers house.
When Brianna finally got to the house she chuckled to herself at the site of all the nice cars pulling up to the house.
She revved her engine and smiled and waved at all the people that shot her dirty looks. Little did they know she was the princess of this castle!
She pulled up and quickly pulled her hair out of the loose bun it was in and hopped out throwing the keys to the valet.
She walked into the house and as soon as a couple of big men came up to her she stopped and smiled at them,
"Hello boys! Tell Rickey he's got a surprise waiting for him up here."
As they turned and began to walk back to get Ric, Brianna smiled and shouted after them,
"And be quick about it boys!"
She smiled and watched the guests file into the big house, it had been so long since she's seen her brother... She was starting to get a little nervous, quickly she shook it off and chuckled to herself for being so silly.


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The mansion was quickly filling up. Guests from the top one percent of the city seemed to fill Ricardo's home like water from a rushing dam. A part of him hated this. All the faces, all the names, people he had to pretend to be happy to see. In truth there was maybe a dozen at best he was actually happy to see and most of them were related to him. Carrie hadn't gotten there yet, he'd told Wesley to alert him the moment she arrived, if she arrived. Then there was Hiroshi, the only man of honor in the den of thieves they called a profession. Ric admired and respected Hiroshi immensely. He wasn't like anyone else Ric had ever done business with let alone met. He felt almost like a relic, a hold over from a long forgotten time hidden in mist where samurai walked down the street with their fabled katanas hanging from their hip. Just, honorable, fair and loyal, all things Ric wished he could be. It was Hiroshi that showed Ric that there was a way to live this life and not be a monster, he showed him he could be a killer when he needed to if it meant saving his family.

As Ric spotted Hiroshi he wondered what he'd think, of what he had in mind. He wanted to bring him in but he needed to be sure, he couldn't risk losing a friend and ally like Hiroshi Yukimura. Beside him was a beautiful young woman, of japanese decent. It wasn't difficult for Ric to discern who she was. Hiroshi brought his daughter which was a surprise to say the least. He'd heard about her in great length, Hiroshi being a very proud father enjoyed talking about her, but he'd never actually met her. As proud as Hiroshi was, he was twice as cautious. Her being here was a great sign of respect and trust shown to him.


Ric said in polite greeting as he approached. Hiroshi had been quietly speaking with his daughter but turned at his approach. Ric gave a short, polite bow as was custom before raising and shaking his hand. A bow for the east and a shake of hands for the west, the union of two great men from opposite sides of the world.

"Doa de anata o mitashite inai tame no shazai wa, watashi wa anata ga kon'nani hayaku tōchaku suru yotei shite inakatta."

Ric apologized politely, in perfect Japanese. Ric remembered the day the two men shared tea shortly after Ric took power. Hiroshi was impressed he spoke his native tongue so well. Ricardo knew several languages but was proud Hiroshi approved of his pronunciation, he had never used it in conversation before that first night. Since then he had gotten plenty of practice working so closely with Hiroshi and his men.

"And this must be Momoe, your daughter?"

Ric said, turning to the young woman at Hiroshi's right. Hiroshi had told him many times how his daughter was the most beautiful woman in the world, like her late mother had been. On this night Ric would have been inclined to agree. He offered her his hand and she shook it politely.

"It's nice to finally meet you Momoe, your father talks about you often. I've been told many times how beautiful you were, words don't do you justice Yukimura-san."

Releasing her hand Ric turned back to her father with a grateful smile.

"Thank you both for coming. Since I'm being honest Hiroshi, you were probably the only person I was looking forward to seeing tonight. I hate these sort of parties but with you two here maybe we might have a good time after all."

"Excuse me, Sir?"

Ric paused as his assistant approached with a tablet in one hand and his finger to his ear piece.

"Yes, what is it?"

Ric asked, somewhat perturbed for the interruption.

"Sorry sir but there is someone at the door for you."

Ric blinked somewhat dumbfounded at what the usually so intelligent man just said.

"Yes Wesley, it's a party. There's a lot of people at the door."

"Yes sir but this one asked for you by name."


Ricardo asked, hopeful his sister had decided to come. Wesley shook his head, aware of how desperate his boss was to see his little sister.

"No sir, I'm sorry."

Ric took a slow breath but nodded.

"Alright, thank you. I'll be right there."

Wesley took his leave as Ric turned back to the Yukimuras

"I'm sorry, please excuse me. If either of you are hungry or would like something to drink just let one of my people know. My home is yours."

With a polite nod Ric left Hiroshi and his daughter to mingle on their own for the moment while he saw to whoever was calling for him at his front door. As Ric reached the door he had to wade through the greetings of every guest in attendance his eyes lit up when he saw who was waiting for him. Long, shoulder length brown hair like a lot of the women in his family. Hazel eyes, his mothers, so different from his or Carrie's. Her body was different, so changed from when he'd last seen her, she had a fighters build now.


He said in shock.

"Brianna, holy shit is that you?..."

He broke out into a wide smiled and ran the last few steps to her before scooping her up in a big hug. The first truly good surprise he'd had in a very long time. She laughed before he put her down, his smile seeming to be glued to his face now.

"When did you get back? I didn't know you were home? Are you on leave?"

*Apologies for not meeting you at the door, I had not expected you to arrive so soon.


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Claudia had quickly applied some red lipstick and scampered on in front of Ricardo. It sounded as if guests were arriving early. Coming down the stairs she put on her black high heels, fluffed her hair, and put on that show stopping smile of hers. Before reaching any of the guests she noticed a red headed maid serving champagne. Claudia looked her over quickly, spotting a price tag sticking out of the girls outfit. The white piece of paper stuck out like a sore thumb against the girls black shirt. Claudia approached the woman. Something was familiar about the red head but Claudia did't want to bother to have small talk with the help. The brunette grabbed a glass of champagne, giving the girl an obvious look over.

"You must be new," she said suspiciously. Claudia had no real suspicions of the woman but that didn't mean she couldn't have a little fun. Though she wasn't suspicious she did think it a little odd. Olga rarely added anyone to the regular party crew, something must of happened. Claudia's hazel eyes searched the girl. Funny looking glasses. Poor child, unable to afford something better. She waited a moment before pointing at the white price tag. "Better fix that," she said cooly before turning around. Claudia would keep her eye on this new maid. She always kept her eyes on the newcomers.

Sipping on her champagne as she watched Ricardo speak with Hiroshi. Next to the Japanese man was a much younger woman but the way that they interacted had Claudia believing that this girl was the much talked about Dragon Princess. Ricardo's words with them were brief because of an interruption from his assistant. Ah, there it was. Claudia had known that Brianna would be surprising Ricardo tonight, Claudia had just hoped that this heart warming reunion would have taken place well before the guests arrived. That was fine though, not everything went according to plan with these sort of things. Claudia slowly walked up behind Ricardo and his dazzling smiling face. His happiness made everything perfectly okay. A small smile crooked her lips as she rubbed his shoulders lightly before lightly saying "I tried to get her here earlier, but you know, Brianna always likes to make an entrance."

Claudia gave Brianna a little wink, then she gave Ric a peck on the neck and a pat on the back. "I'll leave you two to catch up," she said as she trotted off to her next endeavor. Claudia counted all of her ducks. There were quite a few missing, but one that she had expected at least an hour early to the party. Alyssa. With a sigh Claudia asked one of the help if they had seen Miss Mancini. She was in Ricardo's study. Half out of duty and half because she was curious Claudia went to find her. Leaving the part wasn't something too uncommon for the hostess, just as long as everyone else at the party had something to do.

Entering the study quietly Claudia spoke first, taking the first jab at Alyssa. Claudia looked down at her nails almost as if disinterested as she said, "Planning on having a quick fuck up here before the party?" Claudia smiled viciously, "well, he's already downstairs," she said. There was no confirmed information that Alyssa had feelings for Ricardo but Claudia liked to poke sadistically.


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He smiled at the strength and amount of care in daughter even as horrible of a father he had been towards her. He contiued to dance as he looked her in the eyes, and in the sternest voice, "No my daughter promise me. I will be fine." He turned to her two female guards, "You two if things go wrong level omega code red and get my daughter out of here. And don't let her out of your sight for a second." The guards nod as he stopped dancing and bowed to Momoe. "Thank you for the dance." Hiroshi and his two male guards walked over to Ric.

In the polities and most respectful voice possible, "Pardon me." He bows, "I am sorry to interrupt but Mr. Falcon I was hopping that we could talk... In private." He looked at Brianna, clearly a close friend... No family, this must be his sister, the soldier. "I'm sorry, were are my manners. I am Hiroshi Yukimura. It is an honor to meet you ma'am." he bows to her.


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As they talked Brianna couldn't help but take in everything around them. Ric had done well, he and Claudia seemed to have everything going just the way they wanted. She was pulled from her thoughts when a man - the guest of honer, she presumed. He bowed and she bowed her her head in turn.
"Brianna.. Brianna Falcone. It's very nice to meet you. Sorry I've not heard of you before now, I've... Been away, for a while."
As Brianna spoke she glanced at her brother, hoping she was doing a good job. This was odd for her, after so many years of fighting, staking out buildings, and hunting down terrorists, Brianna was not used to talking her way through, well, anything! She was a fighter.
It was true what her buddy's used to call her; Brick.
She was cold and packed a mean punch.
Brianna glanced around the room and, as she took in all the faces, she began to feel a slight buzzing sensation at the base of her skull, almost like a sugar rush!
She looked back at the two men and smiled sweetly and bowed her head,
"If you two will excuse me, I think I need some air."
She backed away from the two and made her way through the crowd of well dressed men and women.
She walked around until she found a door leading do a balcony over a garden. Brianna sighed with relief as she quickly shut the door behind her and breathed in the night air deeply. She hadn't really counted on their being so many people here. She walked to a small stone bench and sat for a while. Looking up she half expected to see a clear night sky full of start but instead she saw clouds and planes and helecoptors flying back and fowrth through the sky. Another thing she had forgotten; how alive the sky was here. She hadn't missed it.